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Entertainment Weekly
Little is asked of talking-animal movies, save charm, heart, and at least one scene where said animal wears a lampshade. Good Boy! has all those things, plus a winning story line.
Chicago Tribune
A tearily adorable canine valentine.
This furry family comedy about a boy and his border terrier is irresistible, if not exactly in the league of "Babe."
Mostly, Good Boy! exists for the middle section where youngsters and dogs speak the same language. These escapades, all taking place under the adults' radar, generate many sound laughs.
L.A. Weekly
This latest offering from the Jim Henson stable puts a cheerfully broad new spin on the boy-and-his-dog franchise.
When it comes right down to it, the talking animal thing is sort of secondary to what is, at heart, just a simple but perfectly satisfying little story about a boy who wants to keep his dog.
Miami Herald
No, this isn't the stuff of a kiddie classic like "Holes." But, to quote from another movie with a vocal four-legged protagonist, it'll do.
Passable kiddy fare that, although it strenuously underscores its message of friendship and loyalty, doesn't revitalize the genre.
Dallas Observer
Yes it's a "family film," of the sort we've become increasingly accustomed to these days; cute dogs for the kids to coo over, and a plot just complex enough to keep the parents who've accompanied them to the theater from dozing off.
The A.V. Club
Includes a few half-hearted ironies about how people are really serving dogs, not the other way around, but even those gags are cribbed from a retired Seinfeld routine.

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