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The film is touchingly firm about leveling with children, drawing a careful, crucial line between fantasy and reality, without patronizing or haranguing them.
Entertainment Weekly
Little is asked of talking-animal movies, save charm, heart, and at least one scene where said animal wears a lampshade. Good Boy! has all those things, plus a winning story line.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This furry family comedy about a boy and his border terrier is irresistible, if not exactly in the league of "Babe."
Chicago Tribune
A tearily adorable canine valentine.
The Hollywood Reporter
Mostly, Good Boy! exists for the middle section where youngsters and dogs speak the same language. These escapades, all taking place under the adults' radar, generate many sound laughs.
No new ground is dug up in Good Boy, but the story is well-paced, sweet and lively, filling a void for very young filmgoers.
New York Daily News
A charming runt of a movie. It's not all it could be, but it's the best the pound had to offer this week.
Miami Herald
No, this isn't the stuff of a kiddie classic like "Holes." But, to quote from another movie with a vocal four-legged protagonist, it'll do.
Undeniably charming -- a dog movie that's more lovable mutt than stately pedigree.
A promising idea turns into nothing, and we're left with a painfully dull kids' picture.
New York Post
The movie is saved by its well-trained four-legged stars and the likable Liam Aiken ("Road to Perdition"), who plays 12-year-old loner Owen Baker.

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