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The movie works fairly well as a pitch-dark comedy, and very well as a dead-on satire of upward mobility and its discontents.
Quirky and enjoyable.
Envy is in the unenviable position of saddling two of Hollywood's most talented comic actors with a script that doesn't do them justice.
New York Daily News
Envy is such an ugly emotion, perhaps it deserves an ugly movie. Barry Levinson's Envy fills the bill - a mean-spirited black comedy saturated with dog-poo jokes and only intermittent yowls of mirth.
The Hollywood Reporter
The laughs tend to come in fits and starts, built around individual set pieces rather than being generated organically out of the storytelling.
Chicago Sun-Times
Black somehow feels reigned in; shaved and barbered, he's lost his anarchic passion and is merely playing a comic role instead of transforming it into a personal mission.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
[Walken's] every minute on screen is filled with that level of jittery invention, and, watching him at play, not even the flintiest temper could resist a wide grin. Envy can surely be a trial, but Saint Christopher is there to ease our troubled journey and see us smilingly home.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Envy makes a pretty entertaining three-minute trailer. If only they'd left it at that.
Entertainment Weekly
Leaves you with the dismaying sensation that Levinson, who should probably be off making his own version of ''The Player,'' has instead crafted a comedy of self-loathing, burying himself in a movie that deserves to be Vapoorized.
Environmentalists are up in arms. "Where did the shit go?" they want to know. The answer is painfully obvious: into the screenplay.
San Francisco Chronicle
The film is neither fish nor fowl nor some arresting new entity, but a lumpish coagulation of conflicting impulses and unrealized gestures.

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