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Pretty decent modern slasher
mvario23 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a sucker for the slasher genre, so take my comments with that in mind.

It's a no-budget slasher, but one of the better no-budget slashers I've seen. The acting is decent. The dialog is pretty realistic. And there is very little of the really stupid character behavior you usually get in slashers. There's a little bit of gore and a nice smattering of nudity.

On the down side the Ranger Rogers character is a little over-the-top. The one thing I really didn't like about this was that it played it with the killer being a mystery, but it was just way too obvious almost as soon as the killing started who the killer was. I don't know if maybe they ran out of money for cast or what, but they should have thrown in one or two red herrings to at least try and keep us guessing.

But all in all, if you enjoy the slasher genre, and you're not turned off by no-budget productions then I'd say give this a try.
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horror and exploitation fans will not be disappointed
fla_filmdog2 June 2005
For such a low budget film the production value was a lot higher than most in this genre. The writing and dialogue were better than you expect from teenage slasher films. I loved the play on words "Camp Utopia" and the film had a campy feel to it almost making fun at the genre. There some really good performances from a good looking young cast. Could have used Pearcy more. I like a lot of blood, so it could have been bloodier. Ranger Rogers gets a bad rap. Dudes, he's the classic comic relief. All in all I'd say definitely worth a watch if you love the genre for what it is and actually understand what makes horror great. Give it a look.
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I smell a RATT
movieman_kev9 June 2005
In the summer of 1969, a cult leader (RATT's own, Stephen Pearcy) of a hippie commune known simply as Camp Utopia, goes nuts (well he's a hippie, so let's just say he goes crazier) and starts killing his followers. Cut to present day, 5 annoying college students decide to go camping at the same spot as the murders. They meet one of the Ranger's of the forest. And soon start being picked off by an unseen killer.The massacre scene is very badly done, however it DOES set the mood for the crappy effects to come later. All the actors and actresses are uniformly bad. And I wasn't invested in any of them. Furthermore, the rant of one character towards the end is one of the stupidest things I've heard, and let's not get started on the lack of real motivation on the part of the killer.

My Grade: D-

Eye Candy: Athena Demos, Rachel Newman, Jessica Jordan, and Sarah White get topless; an extra shows tits and ass
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Let's be very generous and call it a mixed bag
mark-50619 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
A bunch of college kids go to a remote mountain area, the scene of a legendary mass murder staged by a Manson-like guru (Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy, who's in the film for all of 5 minutes in a flashback), so the boys can scare the girls.

You gets what you expects from a movie like this: Some slashing, some blood - and some T&A, of course - but no suspense, surprise or originality.

Jessica Jordan is actually quite appealing as Gretchen, the girl who inadvertently winds up the heroine. But the jokes are lame, the rest of the cast forgettable, the production values low and uncreative.
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Oh My God
Iceke25 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie definitely does not deserve the 5.2 it got! Where did that come from anyway? I gave it a one. I only saw the first ten or fifteen minutes of this movie, but it sucked like big time.

There's the crappy dialogs, the stupid camera shots and angles, dumb-ass characters and absolutely no suspense at all!

I love horror movies, but when I see one start off like that one did, I just know it's gonna be all boobs, little blood, and absolutely none of that good old goose-dumb suspense.

There's on other thing though, and I know I'm not gonna be loved for this, but Jessica Jordan? Sorry dudes, but she just isn't all that! Alexandra Westmore (DeeDee), that's more like it! A lot more!

Wanna see a good movie? Definitely not rent this one!

Greetz to ya'll
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...interesting little film
barthudson597 June 2005
This is a really interesting little film. A Manson-like cult leader disappears after freaking out and hacking up a bunch of his followers with a machete. Thirty something years later some kids come and camp out on the site of the killings. Of course, bad stuff happens. Camp Utopia is odd in that it's a slasher movie with very little slashing. It's sort of a cerebral horror film. That's not necessarily a bad thing but may tick off the more blood thirsty viewers. Camp Utopia's biggest problem may be that it's a little to hip for the room. A lot of ideas and themes thrown around in this film. What are the differences between world views from 1969 and now? The cast range in ability from pretty good to outstanding. Alexandra Westmore gives a performance way beyond what one would expect from a film like this. Stephen Pearcy (of RATT fame)appears briefly as the crazed hippie, Timmothy Bach, and also contributes some music. This will not be everyone's cup of tea but I liked it a lot.
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Brainless fun
ameliajay2121 March 2006
It's really not that bad! Let's not delude ourselves into believing that it will inspire you, or impact your life in any way, shape or form, but it was fun. The cast is young and talented but fell victim to low budget film-making. The production team used them for cheap labor, and managed to get some good performances. It's really not their fault the movie doesn't have a better impact. The scariest thing about this movie is that it is advertised as a horror movie and not a comedy. Although, that guy from RATT is pretty scary. If you are a young actor in LA, unfortunately, this is the sort of preliminary work offered to you. The saddest thing would be if the cast never broke away from this genre and remained in the B-movie section at Blockbuster forever. That would be a punishment worse than having this one movie, or mistake, on their resume.
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...rejuvinates our love for horror!
ameliajay26 July 2002
With it's unique ability to cause reactional schizophrenia, you'll laughter will suddenly turn to a scream. Incorporating a complex plot with teen rhetoric, took an outstanding writer together with an amazing director, and team of producers, making this movie a taut psychological thriller that will make horror maniacs proud of their passion. The cast deliver's stellar realism, reminding us of a time when horror was just another genre, not an excuse for horrible acting. Mark my words, these kids have a huge future! Expect more and Camp Utopia will deliver.
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