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New York Daily News
If you want old-school cool, you go to Laurence Fishburne.
Entertainment Weekly
A blatant re-spin of ''The Fast and the Furious'' that also happens to be a far better movie.
Washington Post
It will all look pretty ridiculous to grown-ups, but to 13-year-old boys (and adults with well-tended inner versions thereof), Biker Boyz will be the perfect testosterone-fueled, flash-edited, music-driven joy ride.
Neither the riveting boy band documentary nor the riveted gay porn its title seems to suggest, Biker Boyz is instead a late-model knockoff of 2001’s outlaw auto racing epic The Fast and the Furious, reconfigured with a predominantly black cast and a whole lotta two-wheeled saké.
There's more than a little Oedipal melodrama tossed into the mix. But the movie rarely gets as sappy or as contrived as one keeps expecting.
Though it's only 90 minutes, the film drags, making these not-so-easy riders pretty tough to watch.
Baltimore Sun
However you pronounce Bythewood -- I assume it's by-the-wood -- his work here is strictly by the numbers.
Washington Post
Has the stink of man-musk all over it.
New York Post
More "the mild one" than "The Wild One."
Village Voice
Too bad that when the filmmakers aren't busy accommodating cameo models and comedians, they seem to be dozing off at the handlebars. Luckily, we're watching from a different side of the highway.

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