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22 Apr. 2003
Constellation Pecola/Good Deeds
Life in Cube Town is getting a little tiresome for everyone, except for Pecola of course. He?s visiting Professor Hornbender, learning all about the Cubic Solar System. With a few clicks and keystrokes, the computer image of the galaxy takes on a striking likeness to Pecola?s own face. And with this new order of the universe, Cube Town is doomed, headed straight for a collision with Planet Quad. The impending end has everyone expressing their regrets and last wishes. If only? They huddle close together as Professor Hornbender counts down to the calculated collision. ...
23 Apr. 2003
Fire Drill Frenzy/Hurricane Pecola
Jabatt and Bashatt are very good at running their weekly fire drill, even if they?ve never actually been called to a real fire. Pecola thinks it would be very cool to be a firefighter. And when he goes to visit the station, Jabatt and Bashatt give him a very important job. He is posted on the roof with a pair of binoculars, assigned to keep an eye out for any emergency and given instructions to sound the siren if he spots one. But Cube Town is a pretty dull place, no emergencies happening here- that is until Pecola starts creating them. Jabatt and Bashatt are busier ...
24 Apr. 2003
Robo-Rocket/Mayor Muddle
Pecola and Little Chu head over to Cactus Railway Station with Robo-Pecola to introduce him to the lovely Steamer. She?s almost done working on her train, just needs one last gadget. While she?s gone to town for it, Pecola and Little Chu are so busy arguing with each other over Steamer?s attention that they don?t notice Robo-Pecola. He?s completely dismantled Steamer?s train and built a rocket instead! Blastoff!! How to get Steamer?s train (rocket) back? Dr. Chu?s satellite to the rescue. Little Chu reprograms the satellite ? for a direct collision course with the ...
25 Apr. 2003
Your Wish Is My Command/Robbie to the Rescue
Aunty Yorkshire always works so hard, it?s no wonder she wishes for a little time to herself ? maybe a makeover or a poetry reading. When Pecola hears this, he?s determined to help. He enlists the help of Papazoni, Hillary and Mr. Lonely to entertain Aunty Yorkshire and promises to take care of her chores. Except Hillary?s new look doesn?t really suit Aunty Yorkshire and Mr. Lonely?s poem only makes her sad. And as usual, Pecola has managed to create more of a mess, even though he did try to clean up. But the mess only makes Aunty Yorkshire happy. After all, working ...
28 Apr. 2003
One Lonely Night/Miss Lucky's Bloopers
Professor Hornbender is having trouble staying awake to study the night sky, so Pecola offers to keep him on his toes. In the middle of the night, Pecola notices an eerie howl accompanied by a ghostly apparition down on the beach. Flappin? flippers, a ghost! The next night he?s got Coco, Rudy and Little Chu to help him look for the ghost. It?s kinda spooky down there on the beach. Will the group find this mystery ghost before they?re too scared to keep on looking?;Pecola?s favourite TV show is Bloopers, people just make such goofballs out of themselves. But most of ...
30 Apr. 2003
Cube Town Tri-Brag-A-Thon/Wild Ride
After Pecola and Little Chu see a scary movie at the Cube Town Cinema, Pecola really lets his imagination run away with him. He feels that a statue which Pecolius has unearthed is actually cursed just like the one in the thriller movie that he and Chewy saw! Pecola decides to save Cube Town by getting rid of the statue and creates a thriller of his own...although some people are less thrilled with his actions that he is...;When Rory, Cube Town's dedicated postman, catches a cold, Pecola volunteers to take over his route. Rory agrees but insists that Pecola follow his ...
5 Jan. 2003
Half Baked/Hide n' Go Sleep
Mrs. Bernard has finally had enough of her sleeping husband never doing any work. She?s leaving and never coming back. Pecola and Coco decide to help Mr. Bernard by making a batch of cookies. Except they didn?t quite follow the recipe and the cookies explode out of the oven, putting a hole in the wall of the bakery. Never mind that they?re hard as rocks. But Pecola and Coco don?t give up so easily. Baking bread is next. There?s just one little problem. The bag of flour they bring up is actually cement. So the bread looks great but it?s as heavy as bricks. Hey, that?s ...
5 Apr. 2001
Not Seeing Is Disbelieving
Pecola accidentally touches a switch in Dr. Chu?s Lab and makes himself invisible. And while Dr. Chu adjusts the machine to reverse the process, Pecola is off to have some fun with the residents of Cube Town. And it is fun until he causes a lovers? spat between Hillary and Gazelle. Now he?s got to try and fix the situation. Not so easy when no one can see you, and it?s not until Dr. Chu?s machine materializes Pecola that everyone believes him.;Pecola just isn?t his usual self he seems a little sullen. But why? As the citizens of Cube Town think back, they realize they...
15 May 2001
High N' Dry
Pecola has a new friend, thanks to Pecolius? rain box. It lets out a cloud when Pecola wishes for rain. And everyone is glad to see the cloud because it?s been hot and sunny in Cube Town for weeks. Pecola and the cloud help all the citizens, giving them water to wash the cars and water the gardens. And after that?s done, time to play. They join in a game of soccer, but the cloud plays rough, and pretty soon the others don?t want to play anymore. In fact the cloud seems to be getting out of hand. Pecola encourages him to go join the storm clouds and be free, not cooped...
9 Sep. 2002
Coco's Concert/Spaceman Pecola
When Professor Hornbender, the local astronomer, mistakes a voice from Pecola?s walkie talkie as a signal from visitors from outer space, Pecola decides to let him believe it. He even convinces his pal Chewy to dress up like a Spaceman and pay Cube Town a visit, with very bizarre results.;Everyone in Cube Town is painfully aware that Coco loves to sing, because unfortunately... she sings really badly. When she auditions for Pecola?s band, he has to reject her but he also encourages her to keep practicing. She does but to the point of getting so hoarse she develops a ...

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