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4 Jun. 2002
Pecola's Penguin Special/Bot and Switch
Pecola is taking over for Cori at the café while she goes to watch a movie. All he asks in exchange is a free sandwich, and Pecola invents his own. It's called Pecola's Penguin Special, a delectable combination of peanuts, black jellybeans, blueberries and whipped cream between two slices of bread. But as soon as he goes to eat it, the café fills with customers, all wanting something to eat. This presents a bit of a problem, since Pecola's not allowed to use the stove - but Robo-Pecola can. Robo-Pecola serves up the orders, but they're not quite edible since they were...
5 Jun. 2002
Golagola/Operation Papazoni
Pecola can?t swim, so thank goodness he is rescued when his inflatable seahorse loses its plug. But who is this rescuer? Golagola is a sea creature, lost a long way from home and in need of a friend. So Pecola decides to take him home and show him Cube Town. Unfortunately the rest of the town sees Golagola as more of curiosity to be shown off and celebrated. This is not the life Golagola wants, he just wants to go back to his home. Good thing Dr. Chu is such a brilliant mouse. In no time he?s figured out where Golagola is from and is set to take him there in his ...
7 Jun. 2002
Double Troubles/Detective Pecola
Dr. Chu has invented a robot that he hopes will teach Pecola a lesson about how to behave. Robo-Pecola looks exactly like his penguin counterpart, problem is he?s not quite perfect yet. So when Pecola accidentally turns him on, he?s off through Cube Town, wreaking havoc and leaving Pecola to take the blame. It?s now up to Chewy and Pecola to catch the robot and clear Pecola?s name (at least for the time being).;A suspicious character appears in Cube Town. Who is this foreign alligator? Catching this spy is the perfect job for Detective Pecola and Secret Agent Chewy. ...
3 Sep. 2002
Cool It/Yeti or Not
During a heat wave in Cube Town, Pecola, Coco and Chewy decide to head for the snow-filled Glacier Valley to cool off. Things heat up though due to Coco and Pecola?s constant ?one-upmanship? and competitive natures. It is only when their snowman-building competition nearly causes a disaster in Cube Town that the two friends realize that while some competition is a good thing, too much can be disastrous.;Pecola and his pals set out on an expedition to locate a prize that has eluded his grandfather Pecolius for an entire encounter with the legendary Yeti of ...
31 Oct. 2002
Runaway Pecola/Pecola's Island
Little Chu and Pecola incorrectly suspect that they are being ignored by everyone in Cube Town, so they decide to keep to themselves from now on. They don?t need anyone! The boys hole up in Pecola?s tree house, but soon find that without their friends things get pretty boring, pretty fast. Upon their return to town they find that they wrong about being ignored, as the whole town is frantic because they couldn?t find them! Pecola and Chewy learn a lesson about jumping to conclusions.;Pecola, Little Chu and Gazelle end up stranded on a desert island as a direct result ...
5 Nov. 2002
A Career Day/Power Pecola
Pecola?s favourite TV super hero is a cartoon character called ?Power Chum.? Pecola decides that Cube Town needs a super hero of its own and he is just the penguin to fill the job. Donning a mask, he turns himself into ?Power Pecola? and sets out to save Cube Town...but from what? It turns out that what the town really needs to be saved from is ...Power Pecola himself!;Pecola helps organize a ?Career Day? at Town Hall where various members of the adult community come to talk to the kids about their interesting careers. However once they begin speaking, each of the ...
6 Nov. 2002
Robo Rudy/Lights, Camera, Pecola
Rudy is Pecola?s friend but he can be a handful. He brags constantly, he?s kind of rude and very self-centered. But when his personality traits are copied by Dr. Chu?s robot, Robo-Pecola, Rudy gets to see first-hand just how annoying he can be!;Pecola finds Pecolius? old movie camera and with Miss Lucky?s help decides to make his own movie! Everyone in town wants in on the act, but they soon find out that the glamour of film making isn?t all that it?s cracked up to hard work!
7 Nov. 2002
Prince Puggalski/Painting Pecola
Pecolius? research in the library leads him to believe that humble Mr. Puggalski is actually descended from royalty and is a Prince! Pecola thinks this is great news and soon the town is celebrating and somewhat exploiting their native son?s new found fame. Humble no more, ?Prince Puggalski? soon develops a swelled head that threatens to take over the whole town.;Mayor Papazoni decides that a new paint job on Town Hall would help attract more citizens to listen to his glorious speeches. When the painter fails to show up, Pecola takes the job upon himself and although ...
8 Nov. 2002
Pecola and the Pirates/Mysterious Pecola
Pecola and his pals find what they believe is an old pirate?s treasure map buried on the beach and they are off on a treasure hunt. As the search intensifies the group comes to realize that finding the prize is secondary in importance to actually enjoying the search together as friends and as a team.;The mysterious Al A Gator shows up in town and suddenly everyone in Cube Town is talking about this intriguing fellow...and ignoring Pecola. Pecola wants the spotlight back, so he decides to don a raincoat and carry a briefcase just like Al A Gator and put a little ?...
11 Nov. 2002
Gazelle's Goof/Pecola in a Yacht of Trouble
Hillary leaves Cube Town for a business trip and Gazelle is upset about being left behind. He tries to lose himself in some fun at the beach, but manages to alienate everyone in town in doing so. Now he?s really all by himself!;It?s Dr. Chu vs. Pecolius in Cube Town?s first Yacht Race, with Little Chu as Dr. Chu?s first mate and Pecola helping out Pecolius! The boys get swept up in the competition, so much so that they lose focus on what?s really important, having fun and respecting your friends.
2 Apr. 2007
Ode to Pecola/Laundry Quandary
Pecola decides that Cube Town?s melancholy poet, Mr. Lonely, is too somber and needs to have some fun. The feisty penguin takes Mr. Lonely to every fun spot he knows in Cube Town but the poet seems to be getting grumpier. In the end Pecola realizes that his idea of fun may not work for everyone. Mr. Lonely likes his peace and quiet just as much as Pecola likes his noise and perpetual motion.;When Pecola decides to use Dr. Chu?s super vacuum to remove stains from some of his pals? clothing, he inadvertently manages to vacuum out their personalities too! Things get even...
14 Apr. 2007
Spring Cleaning/Monster Moth
It?s spring-cleaning day in Cube Town and Pecola wants to help. Never mind that Pecola?s ?help? isn?t exactly wanted. But there goes a butterfly! It catches Pecola?s attention and he follows the butterfly through Cube Town. But he?s paying little attention to what?s on the ground and causing even more of a mess. Paint splattered everywhere, watermelons smashed on the streets, and lots of dirty sheets for Aunty Yorkshire. Pecola promises to clean up the mess he?s caused, starting with Aunty Yorkshire?s sheets. He puts them all in the machine with ?oops- the whole box ...

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