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Highest & Most Consistent Quality of the Late Night Shows
rbelkin80004 November 2006
Yes, I know they don't want to be too subtle so people know what the listing is for but I think the name is a little blatant and not creative enough - especially since it's one of the better and higher quality late night cable series.

Angela Davies is a sex psychologist who answer calls - which shocking all involve gorgeous babes - and unlike a lot of other series which featured a lot of tattooed women you might see on a street corner - Best Sex Ever featured the girl-next-door look.

In additional to problem with their men, the girls would almost always find solace in another woman who would show them or their boyfriends the proper way to be a lady ... naked, of course.

Sometimes Angela would join in also. An excellent series of the genre and well worth catching.
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Angela Davies. The perfect older woman.
BlackJack_B25 August 2005
The Best Sex Ever is one of several erotic programs that TQS-Gatineau (the self-proclaimed "Mouton Noir Du Tele") airs after hours dubbed in French.

Amgela Davies plays Veronica, the host of a radio sex show. She appears at the start and takes a call from somebody who tells his/her tale of sexual pleasure and we see it re-enacted.

We see some of the best from softcore and hardcore films having their "philosophical discussions" in grand fashion. Like I've said before, I feel the sex here is of a middlecore style similar to Voyeur. You'll definitely recognize the cast of people they bring in.

Still, Ms. Davies, who doesn't shed her clothes, dominates the show. She is a very sexy older woman. I love her hairstyle and taste in clothes. Sadly, she is voiced by a French woman with a somewhat deep voice. Otherwise, she is fine! A good time-waster before bed.
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Hot and Steamy
Elliott Hudson3 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The best sex ever TV show is just that. It's the best softcore your gonna find anywhere. The women they had on this show were amazingly beautiful. My favorite being Jezelbelle Bond. This woman is brunette with a nice booty and breast that aren't too bad. I think they should have made more of these shows. I love the way it comes on, "It's eleven 'o clock and all the good boys and girls have gone to bed." I guess it's something about hot women getting naked that I like. If you get a chance you should tune in you won't regret it. Now the acting isn't all that but it's probably the best eye candy you can see and that's what I'm into.
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Something rated R
zzmale1 April 2005
This television series is something that should be rated R due to its strong erotic contents, however, you would be disappointed if you are expecting something hard core.

Due to the federal and local law, there are restrictions imposed on cable television programming, where this television series is aired, namely, late night on Cinemax.

The girls appear in this television series are fine, and offer everything they can, yet the same does not apply for men, a rather peculiar fine line defined by FCC. The same rule also applies to Playboy channel, so it's might be better suited for female audience who loves erotica.
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A Skinemax Favorite
FloatingOpera718 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Best Sex Ever (2002-2003): Angela Davies, Jezebelle Bond, Dru Berrymore, Chloe, Monique Alexander, Frank Harper, Mandy Fisher, Randy Spears, Brad Bartram, James Bonn, Summer Fields, Isabella, Alex Ferro, Dan Anderson, Matt Dalpiaz, Evan Stone, Ken Burke, Frank Mercuri, Belinda Gavin, Wendy Rice, Syren, Jewel Valmont, Keri Windsor, Monica Mayhem, Alexa Rae.....Director Chris Tudor, Valerie Landsburg, Lucas Riley....Teleplay/Series Writers Karen O'Hara, A.G. Lawrence, Anthony L. Green, Daryl Haney, April White, Edward Gorsuch, Denise Monroe.

A popular late night Cinemax or "skinemax" adult erotic series, "The Best Sex Ever" enjoyed two seasons and it was produced and written by many of the same folks from "Hotel Erotica" and "Sex Games". Like those, "Best Sex Ever" was softcore in its erotic style and although there are no shots of full frontal male nudity or anything the least bit hardcore (you won't see any cum shots, bulging erections or actual sex), instead they presented beautiful women in the nude and simulated sex that nevertheless looks realistic. The premise of the show was nothing original. "Hot Lines" which date from a few years earlier in the 1990's starred Tonya Roberts as a radio show hostess who openly discussed sexual desires with callers. Before that in the late 80's and early 90's, "Miami Hot Talk" dealt with the same premise of a radio show that encouraged callers to confess their sexcapades. "The Best Sex Ever" stars adult film actress Angela Davies. She is the hostess of a nightly radio show that opens the lines for anonymous callers to be on the air with her and reveal their sexual fantasies and talk about the best sexual experiences they've ever had. Too many hot episodes. "For Love Of Art" dealt with artists, models and art-lovers meeting for sexual and romantic affairs, "Truth of Dare" dealt with a couple who accidentally find that a sexually adventurous couple have booked the same room at a hotel, which in turn leads to "swinging", "Sexy Pictures" was about a couple, bored in the bedroom, who spice things up by filming their own amateur yet professionally made adult film, "Bump and Grind" was about a shy office assistant who lusts after her boss and after taking stripping lessons finally gets him, "Bad Boys", like the title implies, was about a good girl's sexual awakening with a bad boy - long hair, sexually wild, drives a Harley - but who chooses a nicer guy after the said bad boy cheats on her. In "Fantasy Nights" host Veronica (Davies) discusses sexual fantasies and a caller phones in and relates his tale of how he got his girlfriend to get back with a lesbian girlfriend for a threesome. "Hearts On Fire" explored the relationship between a playboy type of firefighter and his therapist. In "Naughty By Nature" four people discover outdoor sex in the woods and in "Homework" a bored girlfriend decides to teach her boyfriend how to truly satisfy her sexually by having him take sex lessons from his own teacher, portrayed by Angela Davies herself. Davies, a long-time adult film star, is also a skilled actress and is able to really get into character which is nice to watch. The best part of this series other than the sex, is the terrific writing. Episode after episode had great scripts and often felt as if these stories were drawn from life.Steamy, tantalizing and character-driven, this was a wonderful and stimulating show sure to get couples in the mood before bed. Check out reruns on Cinemax After Dark.
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