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Season 1

3 May 2002
Truth or Dare
Two couples are accidentally assigned to the same hotel room. As the night progresses they end playing a game of "Truth or Sexual Dare" with each other.
10 May 2002
Veronica teaches a young man how to slow down and please his girlfriend in bed.
17 May 2002
Seeing Double
Ben calls into the show to talk to Veronica about his constant fantasies and dreams of having a threesome. He has a girlfriend and he is faithful, but every time he makes love to her, in his mind she becomes two women.
24 May 2002
The Peeping Thompsons
Nick rents a guest house from a couple that are into voyeurism. They like being watched and they like to watch. They want to watch Nick.
31 May 2002
Not on the Menu
Jason has a dinner meeting with his new boss Mr. Jenkins. At the dinner, his girlfriend Colette really wows the boss.
7 Jun. 2002
Private Eyes
Guy, the private detective, is hired by a wealthy businessman to catch his wife cheating. Sparks fly between the wife and the Private Dick.
14 Jun. 2002
Nice and Easy
A married couple who works so much that they speed through life learns how to use anticipation to slow down, delay gratification, and improve their love making.
21 Jun. 2002
Class Act
Margo has a thing for regular guys. The type of guys who sweat and get dirty for a living. She calls Veronica to tell the story of her fantasies with mechanics and construction workers.
28 Jun. 2002
Dressing Room
Rory tells Veronica a story about how he had an incredible time in a lingerie store dressing room. Sometimes, fantasies are hotter than reality.
5 Jul. 2002
Mystery Writer
An assistant to an ad executive has an affair with her boss against corporate rules.
12 Jul. 2002
For Love of Art
After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, a young woman reaches out to an old artist friend of hers. She becomes his canvas. Where the paint ends, the passion begins.
19 Jul. 2002
Warrior Princess
Jack loves women. He can get enough. He hunts as often as he can. When he meets the Warrior Princess, he meets his match. Now all he wants is to see her again.
26 Jul. 2002
While house sitting for a friend, Simone finds a sex video of that friend. When the man in the video shows up at her door, Simone has to decide to take a chance or crawl back in her shell.

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