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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 2002 | 2003

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Truth or Dare

3 May 2002
Two couples are accidentally assigned to the same hotel room. As the night progresses they end playing a game of "Truth or Sexual Dare" with each other.
Jezebelle Bond ... Sondra

Micah May ... Chris

Monica Mayhem ... Nicki

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Danny Pape ... Ken

Season 1, Episode 2: Homework

10 May 2002
Veronica teaches a young man how to slow down and please his girlfriend in bed.
Lane Anderson ... Matt

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Ava Vincent ... Melissa

Season 1, Episode 3: Seeing Double

17 May 2002
Ben calls into the show to talk to Veronica about his constant fantasies and dreams of having a threesome. He has a girlfriend and he is faithful, but every time he makes love to her, in his mind she becomes two women.
Maya Divine ... Tina 2 (as Wendy Divine)
John Russell Hughes ... Ben (as Justin Hughes)
Isabella ... Lee
Dominica Leoni ... Tina

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Holly Sampson ... Tina 1

Season 1, Episode 4: The Peeping Thompsons

24 May 2002
Nick rents a guest house from a couple that are into voyeurism. They like being watched and they like to watch. They want to watch Nick.
Jezebelle Bond ... Coralynne
Frank Harper ... Nick
Burke Morgan ... Blaine

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Julia Parton ... Maggie (as Julie Parton)

Season 1, Episode 5: Not on the Menu

31 May 2002
Jason has a dinner meeting with his new boss Mr. Jenkins. At the dinner, his girlfriend Colette really wows the boss.

Nikita Cash ... Colette (as Nakita Kash)

Scott Anthony Gould ... Jason
Eddie Jay ... Blond Man (as Eddy Jay)

Richard Neil ... Mr. Jenkins (as Richard Bronson)

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Syren ... Waitress

Season 1, Episode 6: Private Eyes

7 June 2002
Guy, the private detective, is hired by a wealthy businessman to catch his wife cheating. Sparks fly between the wife and the Private Dick.

John Crown ... Steve
Julia Kruis ... Shannon

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Joel Polis ... Donald

Randy Spears ... Guy
Candace Washington ... Julie

Season 1, Episode 7: Nice and Easy

14 June 2002
A married couple who works so much that they speed through life learns how to use anticipation to slow down, delay gratification, and improve their love making.
Joseph Drogo ... Man in Cap (as Joe Drogo)

Mandy Fisher ... Monica (as Rebecca Davis)
T.J. Hart ... Rita

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Chris Prince ... Jimmy
Noah Shane ... Other Guy

Season 1, Episode 8: Class Act

21 June 2002
Margo has a thing for regular guys. The type of guys who sweat and get dirty for a living. She calls Veronica to tell the story of her fantasies with mechanics and construction workers.
Adajja ... Trashy Chick
Chloe ... Margo

Nick Manning ... Tony

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Rafe ... Plumber

Lexington Steele ... Mechanic

Season 1, Episode 9: Dressing Room

28 June 2002
Rory tells Veronica a story about how he had an incredible time in a lingerie store dressing room. Sometimes, fantasies are hotter than reality.
April Blossom ... Redheat
Chelsea Blue ... Lizzy (as Chelsea Bleu)

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Olivia Saint ... Nina
Jason Schnuit ... Rory

Season 1, Episode 10: Mystery Writer

5 July 2002
An assistant to an ad executive has an affair with her boss against corporate rules.
Susan Featherly ... Theresa

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Gina Ryder ... Madeline

Craig Stepp ... Neal (as Alan Craig)
David Usher ... Dave

Season 1, Episode 11: For Love of Art

12 July 2002
After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, a young woman reaches out to an old artist friend of hers. She becomes his canvas. Where the paint ends, the passion begins.
Dru Berrymore ... Other Woman (as Drew Barrymore)
Alex Ferro
Wendy Rice ... Lauren
Eddy Romio ... Michael
Todd Svoboda ... Husband

Season 1, Episode 12: Warrior Princess

19 July 2002
Jack loves women. He can get enough. He hunts as often as he can. When he meets the Warrior Princess, he meets his match. Now all he wants is to see her again.

Brad Bartram ... Jack
Summer Fields ... Bo Peep
Nadia Foster ... Sara

Belinda Gavin ... Kate
Angelica Sin ... Diana
John Tatum ... Jeff

Season 1, Episode 13: Housesitting

26 July 2002
While house sitting for a friend, Simone finds a sex video of that friend. When the man in the video shows up at her door, Simone has to decide to take a chance or crawl back in her shell.

Sunrise Adams ... Angela
Dru Berrymore ... Woman (as Dru Barrymore)
James Bonn ... Scott
Jonathan Gray ... Chad (as Jonathan Grey)

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Keri Windsor ... Simone

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Bump and Grind

4 April 2003
Lia, a temp worker at an office, has designs on the boss the Account Manager. after a slow start, she finds a way to turn her intense fantasies into reality.
Dru Berrymore ... Leah
Summer Fields ... Dancer #2
Missy Garland ... Glynis
Frank Harper ... Bob
Jodie Moore ... Marci

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Terri Poch ... Dancer #1 (as Tori)
Voodoo ... Armie

Season 2, Episode 2: Sexy Pictures

11 April 2003
A married couple who always do something special on their wedding anniversary decide to make a steamy sex video this year.
Chris Gustafson ... Chad
Frank Mercuri ... Barry

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Taylor St. Clair ... Tama (as Taylor St. Claire)

Lezley Zen ... Leslie

Season 2, Episode 3: Hearts on Fire

18 April 2003
A fireman whose relationships have been a string of highly intense and short lived sexual encounters wants to find Miss Right. He starts seeing a therapist to help him work out his issues.

Monique Alexander ... Sherry
Dru Berrymore ... Sonya
Glen Meadows ... Kevin

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Mary Shannon ... Dr. Reese (as Greta Dolan)

Season 2, Episode 4: The Seduction of Veronica

25 April 2003
A thirty-something woman who always dates younger, gorgeous, uncomplicated men is wooed by an older, suave, cultured art dealer.

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Brad Bartram ... Jack Mayes
Chris Evans ... Ben

Season 2, Episode 5: Bad Boys

2 May 2003
A woman who has always dated bad boy bikers gets fed up with her boyfriend and ponders dating the nice guy across the hall.

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Chloe ... Stephanie
Ken Burke ... Mike

Evan Stone ... Alex
Alexa Rae ... Amber

Season 2, Episode 6: Fantasy Nights

9 May 2003
A married couple act out each other's sexual fantasies one night a week, but the husband hesitates to request his number one fantasy.

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Keri Windsor ... Jenny
Frank Harper ... Jason
Wendy Rice ... Heather

Season 2, Episode 7: Touch Me

16 May 2003
A beautiful bi-sexual woman ignites the curiosity of the girlfriend of her boss. Over time, they both learn what they really want out of life and love.
James Bonn ... Dan

Monica Mayhem ... Suzanne (as Monica Mayham)

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Carolina Pop ... Julia

Syren ... Sonia

Season 2, Episode 8: Lights, Camera, Action

23 May 2003
A soap opera star is sent to an acting class because he really needs the lessons. His assigned acting partner uses a video camera to bring out the passion in the performance.
Michael Aranda ... Bennet
Jonathon Grey ... Alec

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Julian Wells ... Gwen

Season 2, Episode 9: Boy Toy

30 May 2003
A book editor loses her inhibitions after connecting with one of her fantasies.

Monique Alexander ... Sandrine
Massimo Avidano ... Ben
Dino Bravo

Amy Lindsay

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Alexa Rae ... Chelsea


Lezley Zen

Season 2, Episode 10: Love Lessons

6 June 2003
Two couples attend a Kama Sutra retreat in an effect to learn to love more deeply.

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)
Dino Bravo ... Larry

Lezley Zen ... Pauline

Syren ... Shiva
Frank Mercuri ... John

Amy Lindsay ... Julie (as Leah Riley)

Season 2, Episode 11: Dirty Dancing

13 June 2003
A silly woman uses Dirty Dance lesson as an excuse to cheat on her boyfriend and then blame him for her behavior.
Jezebelle Bond ... Diane
Alex Ferro ... Ray

Nichole Hiltz ... Crystal (as Nichole)

Nichole McAuley ... Crystal (as Nichole)

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Season 2, Episode 12: Naughty by Nature

20 June 2003
Jim and Amy, a couple on a camping trip run into another couple who have no sexual inhibitions. That care-free lifestyle inspires them.

Mandy Fisher ... Amy

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Joe Souza ... Jim (as Matt Dalpiaz)

Randy Spears ... Ned
Ava Vincent ... Valerie

Season 2, Episode 13: Hot Salsa

27 June 2003
Newlyweds start seeing an a therapist shortly after getting married. Robert is always working. Carmen is alone and frustrated.
Felony ... Fiona

Belinda Gavin ... Brianna (as Kylie Wyote)
Isabella ... Carmen
Ed Johnson ... Gary

Angela Nicholas ... Veronica (as Angela Davies)

Steven St. Croix ... Roberto

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