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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and battle sequences

Sex & Nudity

  • The main protagonist and a Japanese woman begin to have a romantic relationship throughout the film; on occasions, the man would stare into her eyes while she stared back into his, contemplating a 'deep' affectionate passion for one another. They kiss once as well.
  • A man has his shirt off in a couple of scenes.
  • A woman is seen partially nude in a hot spring, her bare shoulders and legs being visible. Nothing explicit is seen. The main protagonist sees her as she is wrapping a towel around her body. His expression and demeanor implies that he is smitten by her beauty and is falling in love with her.
  • Other minor sexual references may be hinted through various lines of dialogue.

Violence & Gore

  • Realistic and bloody swordplay violence. During a suicide ritual, a man stabs himself in a stomach while another beheads him (The beheading is shown mostly off-screen).
  • A man battles three other men with swords (We see the scene once; it then replays in slow-motion); we see blood spraying as he cuts and stabs them. One of the injured men attempts to attack the other man; the latter wounds him again before beheading him. A man on a horse is shot multiple times by a Gatling gun; we see blood spurt from his body and some of his limbs are severed.
  • A wounded man commits suicide by stabbing himself. A man (Wielding swords) charges at a group of soldiers who shoot him to death (Blood sprays briefly as mist). A man kills various men with arrows. A man is prepped for a suicide ritual.
  • Two violent battle sequences are shown; both depict graphic scenes where men are impaled by spears and are decpaciated by swords. A group of men are killed by arrows; various soldiers are set aflame and burn to death. Many warriors are shot and killed; soldiers are stabbed violently (We see blood). A soldier attempts to block a sword blow with a rifle; the sword cuts through the rifle and slices the front of his face. A group of warriors on horses are slaughtered (We see limbs flying off their bodies and blood spraying) in slow-motion by machine gun fire. A character jumps in the way of a bullet to save another and is killed.
  • A man offers another a sword to commit suicide. A duel is shown between two men with wooden swords; one of them beats the other violently, repeatedly knocking him down (Blood is seen leaking from the latter). There are several scenes where warriors spar with wooden swords. A character is impaled with a spear and dies. A man battles other men off with a spear.
  • While on the ground, a warrior attempts to kill a man; the man stabs the warrior through the neck with a spear (We see blood leak from the latter's wound), killing him.
  • A man graphically describes "scalping" to another man; in an extended flashback sequences, soldiers are shown murdering innocent Native American men, women and children. A man describes rotting bodies.
  • All battle scenes are realistic and necassary to the Japanese culture of the fim. Sepaku, or suicide ritual, is an important part to the Samurai history, this is explained in the film.


  • There are mild-strong language present throughout; some are in Japanese subtitles... S**t, ass, bastard, God damit.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are seen smoking in a few scenes. Various characters are shown drinking. It is implied that the main character is drunk in one scene. It's also clear that the main character is an alcoholic. (He quits at one point of the story.)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for battle sequences and strong violence.

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