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A brilliant little exercise. As a horror movie, it packs one genuine scare after another, right up to the moment of its inconceivably ghastly end. As a mystery, it unfolds with an almost supernatural elegance. And as a metaphor for the movies themselves, it's truly exceptional.
Entertainment Weekly
Part supernatural thriller, part Oliver Sacks-style meditation on the neurological mysteries of perception, and part Buddhist treatise on reincarnation, the story luxuriates in shadows.
The Pangs deliver enough shivery scares to keep you up nights. Eyes wide shut.
New York Post
Its "I see dead people" premise is shopworn, but Hong Kong brothers Oxide and Danny Pang manage to deliver real skin-prickling jolts with their minimalist horror film.
Steadily, stealthily, The Eye works its way into your psyche, playing with your mind and always keeping a surprise or two up its sleeve.
Chicago Sun-Times
This is the kind of movie you happen across on TV, and linger to watch out of curiosity, but its inspired moments serve only to point out how routine, and occasionally how slow and wordy, the rest of it is.
New York Daily News
It's unabashedly derivative and spooky enough to keep you up at night.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Conventional and erratic in tone as The Eye is, the film has some real visual (and auditory) style going for it.
Wall Street Journal
Much of the action is interesting, and surprisingly well grounded in science...Yet the script works few variations on its basic idea until the climax, which is crazily out of scale -- the urban-traffic equivalent of a nuclear holocaust.
Chicago Tribune
The Eye is a feast to behold, but it lacks substance and will leave most viewers wholly unsatisfied.
Like the horror-flick hacks who infest Hollywood like termites, the Pangs don't build suspense, they assault the senses with twitchy photography and Danny's editing.

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