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Entertainment Weekly
Rock and Mac exult in the kind of highly charged verbal and physical antics that are star-turn rewards for performers currently at the tops of their games.
Chicago Sun-Times
An imperfect movie, but not a boring one and not lacking in intelligence.
The key term here is "fairy tale," because, although the movie occasionally tries for dramatic moments, they're overplayed, undercooked, and divorced from reality.
In Head of State, Rock may be verging on becoming a heart-warmer.
Wall Street Journal
This is silliness of such a special grade, performed with such zest, that it makes you forgive and even forget the movie's foolishness and borderline incoherence.
Doesn't seem directed at all; you half expect the actors to crash into each other. Still, give me the attempted satire of Head of State over the racial stereotyping of "Bringing Down the House" anyday. You can feel a mind at work when you watch Rock.
Pleasing and occasionally very funny movie that maintains a mild but consistent hold on its audience.
Chris Rock was busy directing, producing, co-writing and starring in this light comedy. Given his hilarious stand-up routines, one wishes he had spent a little more time on the script.
New York Daily News
A tepid amalgam of other, similarly themed movies.
I'd like Head of State better if it had less cartoonish violence, and if its gags weren't so predictable. Rock is in fine comic form, though, and his directing debut shows real promise.
Miami Herald
Right now, this goofy film is the best candidate for mindless, enjoyable laughs.

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