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Various sexual phrases are said by the characters, and sexist comments are made at the girls, too many sex comments to count.

The killer in the movie is seen dressed in nothing but the torn remains of a shirt and g-string.

A college-aged girl and her boyfriend have sex graphically on-screen in a chemical factory in a scene lasting over two minutes. The girl starts screaming towards the end of the scene. A minute later, her friends walk by and see them together.

A man's crotch is grabbed by the bladed fingers of the killer.

A girl takes off her shirt and her entire frontal body is seen. They are interrupted by the killer as they grope each other.

A boy tells a girl that "he knows she doesn't like guys" and she threatens him with a knife.

Several of the characters, mainly the girls, dress in low-cut tank tops and short cut-offs.

A boy has his internal organs ripped out in a scene lasting over a minute. His girlfriend is forced to watch while he is slowly killed.

A drunk has his heart torn from his body by the killer.

A person's eyes are pressed into their brain and bleed out.

The disemboweled corpses of factory workers are seen in flashback shots.

The character Louisa constantly carries a knife around and picks fights with her friends. It later turns out that she set them up for death.

Several people are stabbed in various graphic ways, lots of blood is seen.

This movie has far too many instances to count, but some of the more commonly used examples in the movie are "asshole", "bastard", "dyke", "pervert", "horny", "bitch", "fuck", "shit", "dick", "cock" and "fatass".

Many sexual comments and sexist jokes are made by the main characters throughout the film.

The characters all drink. One girl is reluctant to but her friends pressure her to and she chugs a few beers.

A group of college kids party at an abandoned chemical factory. They smoke cigarettes, they take marijuana and a boy wearing a D.A.R.E. "say no to drugs" youth group t-shirt offers to do beer runs and drug runs.

Louisa is constantly smoking cigarettes.

A girl smokes a cigarette just before the killer drags her away. Her boyfriend goes to investigate and sees the lit cigarette on the ground.

A boy tells his friends a story about the chemical factory they are partying in. The factory turns out to be the Dyson Chemical Plant, where several years ago a woman was working and got infected with a virus. She was fired and left to die, so she took revenge by killing her co-workers in brutal, sadistic ways..

Several people are killed on-screen in cruel, horrible ways. It is low-budget but definitely not appropriate for children.

The sex scenes are almost pornographic and not appropriate at all.

The kids in this movie break into a chemical factory without considering who owns it or the legal consequences, only that it might be a good place to party.

Rated R for strong violence/gore, sexuality, language and drug use
Germany:18 (JK/SPIO) (cut) / UK:18 / USA:R

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