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Disney Got The Characters Right In This Sequel
terrigunmor13 September 2015
After more than four decades, Disney made a sequel to the original film. Years before the sequel was release, the franchise include a live-action film, and an animated TV series. For many years, although I see a lot of stuff related to the franchise, I hardly care. This was until I saw an ad about a blu-ray of the original film. From there, I begin to research the franchise.

When I read info about the first film, I noticed a lot of the male pups are played drag kings. I was kinda disappointed by that. Talk about stealing a guy's a job. But thankfully, Disney did the right thing in this sequel by using child actors for those pups. The studio should keep it that way.

I look forward to another sequel, perhaps a Christmas-themed one.

For a long time, I thought the live-action film was the only one that has a sequel. But then I found out the animated one has too.
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A one-of-a-kind pup, a canine superstar, a backstabbing sidekick mutt, and much, much more...
DanMat628820 August 2003
My opinion for the movie is funny and great! Patch "felt lost in a sea of spots". I know. That line is getting old, but SO WHAT!?

Patch soon meets his hero, Thunderbolt, in a contest. But, with his bad bark ("Who sat on a squeaky toy?") It's obvious he's not going to win.

Meanwhile, Lil. Lightning, Thunderbolts spunky (and, I must say, kinda cute) sidekick has turned dark in the lead dog's shadow. Good pun, huh? Anyway, he tricks Thunderbolt into thinking he's going to be killed off the show and replaced. And that the only way to remain on the show would be to do something heroic in the real world. Thunderbolt falls for it.

As for Cruella de Vil? She's being kept out of every fur shop in London, as part of her parole. She soon meets up with pop-artist, Lars, who works on painting spots. She decides to give him an inspiration by re-stealing the puppies and giving them to him as a gift. But Lars quickly rejects when he learns what Cruella plans to do with them.

As the trailer says, this movie shows the difference between acting like a hero and being one. It also shows that you can be a one-of-a-kind if you put your mind to it. One minor lesson is that if at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again.

Patch is a good-hearted adventurous pup, Thunderbolt is the fame-loving canine superstar, Lil. Lightning is his spunky and cute backstabbing sidekick mutt, Cruella is not allowed to buy furs, Jasper and Horace are scared of her, her car is still broken down from what happened in the first movie, Pongo has a bad habit of loosing count of the dalmations... it's hard to write down in one review every piece I like about this movie.
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One of my new favorite Disney sequels
Kristine11 January 2008
The only sequel that really stood out to me that was up to the same level as the first was the Lion King sequels. Now, I've seen some good Disney sequels, but normally they're not that much fun. But I just watched 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, and I have to say that I had so much fun watching this movie. It was cute, fun, and just a pleasure to watch. I know the story is kind of lame, but I thought it was almost right up there with the original 101 Dalmations film. I loved watching Thunderbolt, Patch's hero, try to save the day and he ends up ruining it, but he just thinks he's doing a good job. It's a typical story, but this wonderful Disney movie makes it work.

In a huge family of 101 dalmations, Patch is looking to stand out amongst his 99 brothers and sisters. The family moves to a farm, but accidentally leaves Patch behind, Patch goes to London to meet his favorite TV hero dog, Thunderbolt. When Thunderbolt's jealous sidekick, Lightening, tells him a lie saying that Thunderbolt is getting killed off the show, he freaks out and wants to save the day to get his press back, and with the help of Patch who knows every episode of his show on what he should do, he takes advantage. But Cruella DeVille is back and is helping a starving artist find his inspiration with the puppies she wants back so badly.

101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is seriously one of the better Disney sequels. I really do not get the rating of 5.3 here on IMDb, because this was just a fun film to watch. If you are honestly telling me you did not laugh when Thunderbolt fakes his death with Lightening to prove that he's still "got it", Lightening's reaction was just priceless. This is a terrific family film and just a fun Disney movie together if you are just looking for a Disney movie to watch. I loved 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, please give it a look, it's very cute.

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Hilarious movie, fun for kids!
Heather Beery25 May 2005
I loved this movie, it was great! I loved the characters in it, especially Lil. Lightning and Thunderbolt! They were awesome!

My favorite character in the entire movie was probably Lightning. He's one of my favorite, recent Disney villains, mainly because he has that evil way going on, and he also has a comical side (with some help from Thunderbolt) Observe;


Thunderbolt: They suck all the blood out of ya'! Do ya' hear me, they suck all the blood out of you!

He is face to face with Lightning the entire time and when he finishes, Lightning falls on his back to the ground! Ha! Love the expressions on both their faces during the quote!

I especially love the last scene Lightning's in at the end of the movie where Thunderbolt is distracting him! It was hilarious! You need to see this movie!
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Not Bad....
hendmik25 January 2004
Coming from a parent who cringed and groaned all the way through Little Mermaid II, Cinderella II, and just about ever "II" Disney has inflicted on the public, this one wasn't bad. It kept the spirit and fun of the first, didn't get too sticky sweet, and just had a good time with itself.

Although the animation is on par with other direct-to-video releases (read: poor), had Dinsey put a little more into its development, they could've had a nice theater release on their hands. How the potential films like this are ignored, but the embarrassing Jungle Book 2 was release in theaters, I'll never figure out.

My daughter loves this one and, while it's no Toy Story, I can gladly sit through it to keep her attention away from Care Bears: The Movie.
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young kids will love it
disdressed1210 November 2008
while i didn't think this was a bad movie,i don't think it holds a candle to the first 101 Dalmatians movie.i found it much slower for the first half or so,and then it piked up.there's quite a bit of slapstick,once again involving Cruella de vil and her henchmen Horace and Jasper.this movie is certainly much more colourful than number 1.however,Cruella is a pale shadow of herself in this one.she's is much less evil,more of a parody of herself from the first movie.The Patch referred to in the title is one of the Dalmatian Puppies.older children and adults may think it a bit slow,(there is less excitement or thrills))and lacking much in the way of story, but young children will love this movie.for me,i Give 101 Dalmatians II:Patch's London Adventure a 5.5/10
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The Legacy of Lil Lightning
blacktailmon18 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Lil Lightning is sooooooooooooooo cool...he's a cool Corgi who tries to take Thunderbolt's place on the show... It all starts when Patch is watching the usual show with Thunderbolt and his sidekick, lil Lightning, and wants to go to the auditions the next day. He asks his dad, but Pongo's busy counting the kids!! When the pups are asleep, Patch creeps up to Pongo and asks, "Dad, am I one of a kind, or just one of 101?" Pongo is dreaming so he says, as a mistake, "101!! Yes, 101!!" So Patch crawls into the kibble bag sadly. Next day, the family leave Patch behind. At first he misses them but then he jumps onto the back of the Kanine Krunchies truck... At the show, the Announcer calls on Thunderbolt, who stuns the audience with a grand entrance, and Lil Lightning, who stuns the audience with his clumsiness as he topples off the stage (So cyuute and hilarious!!)! Lightning gets jealous because Thunderbolt tells him that "No one cares about the SIDEKICK!! They want a hero!!!" And the girls all swoon... Later, Lil Lightning lies to Thunderbolt to get him back. He kind of over does it...he tells Thunder that in a later episode Thunderbolt will be replaced by a younger dog. Thunderbolt goes demented and is obsessed with proving himself to the photographers. That's where Patch comes in. Patch helps Thunderbolt because he knows what happens in every episode...Thunderbolt keeps attempting heroic rescues with the obvious disastrous results!! Then Lil Lightning comes along and tells them he'll help them rescue Patch's brothers and sisters because Cruella has kidnapped them along with Jasper and Horace (Again!) and is tying up her new ex-friend Lars the eccentric artist to a wall. Roger and Anita, meanwhile, are searching for Patch... Patch saves the day after Lightning's purposeful bad advice causes them to be locked up. After arguing with Thunderbolt because he thought that Thunderbolt was a REAL hero, Patch kicks open the cage and sets the others free. Thunderbolt is still moping. The pups manage to hitch a ride on a bus and they drive towards the Thunderbolt show with Cruella in hot pursuit. As they arrive, Lightning gets hit by the bus and is now stuck to the front. At one point the bus nearly crashes but Patch pulls the brake. Thunderbolt uses his acting talent to distract Lightning and Cruella as the pups escape. The bus chases them to the river where they jump off the edge. Stupid Blunderbolt!!! I totally support Lightning!! I wonder what happened to him when those big dogs took him away anyway?? If he's in the pound, I'll adopt him!!:)
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I find this movie very interesting!
richard-mcghie8 December 2007
I think "101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure" is a very, very impressive sequel to the original. My favourite character is Patch, because that's who this movie is about. It's about him finally getting the chance to meet his TV idol, Thunderbolt, for the first time, and also him becoming Thunderbolt's sidekick. Finally, he does become a one-of-a-kind wonder dog after rescuing his 98 brothers and sisters from Cruella De Vil and her henchmen. They also have to deal with another villain as well, Lil' Lightning, who is Thunderbolt's on-screen sidekick. It's a real good film and I really enjoyed watching it.

NOTE: I'm planning to make 101 Dalmatians III in order to turn this animated genre of 101 Dalmatians into a trilogy. At the moment, I had just subtitled it "Tornado's Revenge", which means that I'm creating a new main villain to replace Cruella for the whole film.
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A Fine Sequel, But Not-So-Fine Animation
scamp455330 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first 101 Dalmatians is a great movie. The second movie however, is a fine film, but nothing like the first. In my opinion, Disney sequels based on films from Walt's era seemed to work much better because the stories were much better and thicker in those films (LATT2, Bambi 2). Here, the story is certainly a good part of the film, but the magic is not present in large amounts like in the predecessor.

As always, let's kick things off with the good aspects of the film. The dog characters are very well written characters, especially Patch and Thunderbolt. Patch is probably the best character in the film, and Bobby Lockwood does a very good job at giving a believable performance. The story, like I said, is also a well-written story, and flows very well.

But the one big flaw that ruins all the magic is the animation. The animation with the dogs is fine, but the rest of the animation is honestly terrible, especially on the people. Any moment in the film where it shows Jasper and Horace, it feels like a Saturday-morning cartoon. I know that most Disney sequels look like this, but not to the extent that this film does. At the end, when Cruella, Jasper, and Horace get knocked into the river, and are seen drowning, they flop around like they are Ed Edd and Eddy characters. This takes me completely out of the movie entirely, and it makes me think that this is catered to a four-year old rather than to people who like decent animation values, which this film barely has.

Overall, I think that this film is OK. The film has some good moments in it, but the animation here DEFINITELY feels more like a DTV release, and disrupts the story quality of the movie. I know I've been recommending this following movie too much in my reviews, but seriously, watch LATT2 instead if you want a film that works on all levels of quality, not just on some. If you're a fan of all things 101 Dalmatians, I suggest you take this in with caution.
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Much better than I had expected
Arthur Ribeiro6 April 2007
Man, I am not a big fan of Disney sequels of the old classics, but today I watched the DVD feature of this "101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure", and I was amazed! The first quality of the film is its storyline. Great. Concrete and funny facts makes it easy to understand and enjoy. The animation is not as brilliant as Disney's best, but it is nice, beautiful and comfortable for your eyes. And the voice work! Wow, one of the best voice work ever in my opinion! Bostwick does a great work as Thunderbolt, and Martin Short as Lars is just hilarious. The film has some songs, too: "Seeing Spots" with a touch of "Dalmation Plantation" (the end song of the first film, remember?) and "Try Again". "Seeing Spots" is just OK, but "Try Again" is totally great! It freaks you out, give you an anxious of singing together while you laugh with the movie scenes. Laugh! If there is a thing that you can't stop doing during the film is laughing! You laugh of Bostwick and Short great voices and you laugh of the jokes, great and lots of jokes. They play with the situations and also do some play with English lifestyle. The film is great. Watch it and you'll like..."and if at first you don't succeed, TRY AGAIN"!
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Grreat sequel to a 1960s classic
jack-smales29 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
***minor spoilers***

With the exception of the fact that the puppies get caught,this film is not the same as the original.It is funnier and more delightful than the the first film. This goes just well with the first film to,I think it was saved by going direct to video and not in the cinema. Recommended to fans of 101 Dalmations.

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A poor sequel
jenkinsr6288 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I disliked this movie because when i was aged 2- 6 i always watched the original and loved it but when i saw this version in my mind it spoilt the joy of the original. The animation in this film i thought was fantastic and the replacements of the voices i thought were very alike as well apart from Cruella who did sound to me much like the Betty Lou Gerson version. The songs were enjoyable and good fun but there was no reprise of Cruella Devil which was the part of the original's big success in theatre and on video. I thought the timing of the film was very good but but not as long as the original. The merchandise with the movie's original release in 2003 was really great fun and the movie was very popular at the time. In total the film had it's fare share so i rate it 7/10
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Cute yet exciting - probably my favourite Disney sequel! :)
Mightyzebra20 February 2007
There are two sequels to Disney classics that I prefer to the original. This is one of them (The other one is Jungle Book 2).

This film is mainly about Patch and how he is left behind when his family moves. Poor Patch! :( However, that same minute, he jumps onto a Kanine Krunchies van and goes to see Thunderbolt visiting in London! Meanwhile, the other 103 people and dogs are settling into their new home. When do they realise that Patch is missing? And how will Patch get home?

I think this is a good film and it beats the original in my opinion, due to the fact that the original is based on a MUCH better book and this isn't. This is also more exciting and has better animation for me.

So, if you like Disney sequels, or weren't so keen on the original, I suggest you watch this! Enjoy! :) ;) :()
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Extremely Sweet~
Taylor Chesney20 November 2009
It is sweet, really.

Patch was always my favourite Dalmation pup, and he is just too cute in this movie.

It's funny in parts, too. I think the voice-work is really well done, as well as the animation.

It's predictable in some parts, but hey, so was the original which was great! So, I think this was a really well done sequel.

I gave it 7/10. It's not as good as the original. But it's not bad y'know. Not bad.

It's a film I'd recommend 'dog-film' fans for sure. Total puppy cute.
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TheLittleSongbird16 April 2009
I was very unimpressed with Cinderella 2 and Jungle Book 2, but this is possibly worse than both titles. First of all, I didn't like the animation, very Saturday-morning-cartoon, only worse in some scenes. I liked some of the characters, namely Thunderbolt and Patch, but the other characters, like Cruella were mediocre. Cruella was truly villainous in the original, but she lost her quality in the sequel. What she said was nothing at all to write home about and her animation was kind of ugly. Also her artist companion Lars was a joke to be honest with you, and Roger seemed to have quit smoking overnight. The voice talents were very good though especially Barry Bostwick as Thunderbolt, with the exception of Jodi Benson, the accent ruined it for me. There were some good moments, but the whole plot seemed bloated for me, and highly suggestive of an extended TV episode. All in all, a hugely disappointing sequel to the most memorable of the 60s Disney movies along with Jungle Book. Sorry, I can only give this a 3/10, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Bethany Cox
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A bland and boring film, but since it's another Disney direct-to-video sequel, that's not surprising
Electrified_Voltage11 October 2010
1961's "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", an adaptation of a book by Dodie Smith, is one of the animated classics produced by Walt Disney, before he died in 1966 and his company went on without him. It's also one of the Disney features I remember seeing as a kid in the '90s. The last time I watched it was earlier this year, and I still found it very impressive, but certainly wasn't in a hurry to see its sequel too soon after that. "101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure" was made over forty years after that movie and is another one of Disney's direct-to-video sequels from the past sixteen years. I finally decided to watch this 2003 sequel this month, but when it turned out that I wasn't impressed with it, I was not surprised.

Roger, Anita, and all the Dalmatians they live with are about to move out of their London flat and into the Dalmatian Plantation in the countryside, where they will have much more room. Patch, one of the puppies in the massive Dalmatian litter, feels he's just another dog and wishes to be more like Thunderbolt, his one-of-a-kind television hero. On the day of the move, Patch is accidentally left behind, but having recently heard that "The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour" is about to be filmed in London, he now has an opportunity to appear on the show. While the rest of the litter, their parents Pongo and Perdita, and the two humans all go to their new rural home not realizing they've left someone behind, Patch sets out to audition for the guest spot but fails miserably. After Thunderbolt's sidekick, Lightning tells him they're killing off his character on the show, the dog star sets out to try and prove himself a true hero, and Patch follows him. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil is once again up to no good!

Two things I can usually expect from theatrically released animated Disney features, whether Walt Disney was around to produce them or they were made after his death, are an exciting story and some good humour to go with it. Unfortunately, this direct-to-video feature doesn't really have either of those. The story as a whole is boring and might make the film seem a bit tedious, even at just an hour and ten minutes long! It also sometimes seems a little too much like the original "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", even though it does have some new elements. Cruella isn't quite the same as she is in the 1961 film, and certainly isn't as well crafted, which shows in such scenes as the ones featuring her and the Lars character, who paints spots. When it comes to the humour, I only smiled occasionally, and barely ever laughed if at all, which is certainly not something I can say about the original. Horace and Jasper certainly aren't as funny as they are in the 1961 Disney hit, and they're not the only ones, so the humour here also fails. The new characters don't contribute much to the entertainment, either.

This animated sequel was made after both the live action "101 Dalmatians" remake from the '90s and that film's sequel, "102 Dalmatians". Shortly after I last watched the 1961 Disney cartoon, I saw the first of the two live action films for the first time in over a decade, but did not like it, so I do not intend to watch the sequel it spawned, especially since it seems to be even less popular than its predecessor. Some fans may like this sequel to the original "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" and consider it to be better than the two live action films, but personally, while I haven't seen the second live action movie, I think "101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure" is pretty much the same as the first live action movie in terms of quality. I think this is the worst Disney direct-to-video sequel I've seen (haven't seen them all), which is really saying something, and I don't think there was really much point in it being made.
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Drab and un-spectacular...
dwpollar2 February 2003
1st watched 2/2/2003 - 4 out of 10(Dir-Jim Kammerud & Brian Smith): Drab and un-spectacular supposed sequel to the original classic animated `101 Dalmatians.' Yes, the movie continues where it ended in the first one, but the problem is that it plays out much like the original. One of the great things about the original was the pacing of the story, which this one doesn't have. The animation is also very un-spectacular for Disney and all we get is the same characters going thru the same kind of story all over again. When is Disney going to stop boring us with sequels and re-do's etc.. etc. Probably when we stop renting or buying this mediocre fare that they have put out.
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Grrr-reat! One-hundred and one percent perfect!
doggylhasalova25 January 2003
Great. I think that Patch's story tells the story of anyone in the world who's wanted to be special. Cruella was at her best here in "London Adventure", just as she was in the original One-Hundred and One Dalmatians and the '96 remake. Lars was purely golden. When I saw this movie, it was awesome. Thunderbolt was unique, and Little Lightning was hilarious.
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Better than the live films and the TV show....
SSJAniFan1 February 2004
....but that's about it. Yeah, it's funny at times, and it's decent I guess. Still, I don't really have much to say about it. On the bright side, as I said before, at least it's not as bad as the live action movie and that awful TV series.
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Fun...But That's About It
Ron Broadfoot14 May 2003
This direct-to-video sequel to Disney's 1961 animated classic is fun for a boring day and can be watched more than once, but it's probably better that it went right to video and not the theater. The good thing is that in the movie Patch proves just how brave he can be and shows that windbag wonderdog Thunderbolt what a real hero is. At the end, I wonder what will happen to Cruella DeVill in the mental asylum? Also, what became of Thunderbolt's slimeball sidekick Little Lightning? Maybe he got fired from Thunderbolt's TV show and got reduced to doing pooper-scooper commercials!
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