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19 Jan. 2013
I'm Having Unusual Plastic Surgery
Louie and Salome are two young people who will brave the operating room to overhaul their appearances drastically.
3 Apr. 2013
I'm Questioning My Gender Again
Two young people who have already changed their gender once - but now may convert it back again as they search to find their true identities once and for all.
13 Jul. 2013
I'm Saving Detroit
On this episode of True Life: I'm Saving My Hood, we meet two people dedicated to preventing crime in their neighborhoods.
8 Dec. 2013
I'm Doing a Tough Mudder
Competing in the Tough Mudder is no easy feat, and these contestants are determined to complete it at any cost.
19 Jan. 2013
I Can't Control My Pet
Two young men try to tame their unruly pets. Brett B's piglet has ballooned into a 200 lb porker who humps everyone in sight. Brett P is going mad because his mother's coddled poodle barks at him incessantly.
27 Mar. 2013
I'm Addicted to Tanning
Two sun seekers put their lives on the line in search of the perfect tan. A man is concerned that his son's tanning obsession puts his health at risk; a young woman's tanning salon habit is straining her family finances.
19 Jan. 2013
I Hate the Government
Three people are obsessed with changing the American political system. Amelia wants to strengthen the militia movement. Andrew is fighting to outlaw abortion. Caleb organizes the nation's first high school Tea Party club.
19 Jan. 2013
I'm a Bridesmaid
Two women face the challenges of being bridesmaids. Ryann is helping her cousin plan her wedding with only $2500 to spend. Carissa is so stressed meeting her bride's demands that it's causing tension with her own boyfriend.
19 Jan. 2013
I'm a Surrogate
Two women want to have babies for childless couples. Amanda is battling intense nausea while pregnant with another couple's twins. Rhonda has agreed to use her own egg and inseminate at home for a couple she met on the internet.
19 Jan. 2013
True Life's Greatest Moments Ever
A compilation of the most obsessive, absurd, brave, shocking & uplifting moments from True Life history. Plus we catch up with some of our most unforgettable subjects and find out what they're up to now.
5 Mar. 2013
I Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend
Two guys struggle to stand up to their ultra-demanding girlfriends while still trying to keep their relationships intact.
Apr. 2013
I'm Dating a Mama's Boy
Two young people feel like they are the third wheel in their own relationship because their boyfriends that are exaggeratedly attached to their mothers.
10 Apr. 2013
I'm Living in My Sibling's Shadow
Two young people would do anything to be considered as accomplished as their older siblings.
24 Apr. 2013
I Need to Leave My Mom
Kaleem and Ka'Mari are two young people putting their own dreams on hold to be around for their dependent mothers. Both are frustrated but can't seem to stand up to their controlling moms.
1 May 2013
I Have Social Anxiety
What if the simple act of exchanging a few words with a stranger left you trembling with fear? Two young people struggle with severe social anxiety that hinders their ability to lead normal lives.
22 May 2013
Secrets, Lies & Sex
Relationships are hard enough, but what happens when you have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend? You'll meet two young men living on the down low who have reached an explosive crossroads where their secrets and lies can't be contained any longer.
1 Jun. 2013
I'm Addicted to the Internet
Three young people's Internet and social media obsession is threatening to ruin their lives.
1 Jun. 2013
I'm Too Beautiful
Two young knockouts are trying to overcome the resentments and jealousies that are making them miserable every day.
28 Jul. 2013
I Hate His Bromance
Alyssia, Angela, and Jaelyne all are trying to make a difference in their beloved city of Detroit. However, each one of them will deal with personal or financial issues they must overcome to accomplish their goals.
28 Jul. 2013
I'm Desperate to Have a Baby
Two women facing infertility trying to get pregnant through IVF in their quest to become parents of biological children.
13 Oct. 2013
True Life Presents: Bachata Nights
By day, these elite bachata scene dancers live normal lives, but when the sun goes down they transform into kings and queens on the dance floor. Watch as a group of friends and enemies compete for respect, love, and revenge.
Dec. 2013
I'm Famous Online
This episode explores the lives of two young people, an ambitous Youtube celebrity and an Instagram celebrity, whose lives are complicated by their massive internet popularity.
8 Dec. 2013
I'm Addicted to Pills
You'll meet two young people whose addiction to prescription meds is tearing their lives apart - one pill, line, and needle at a a time. Their drug use is out of control. Will they ever get the help that's so desperately needed?
8 Dec. 2013
Updates from the Road
On this special edition of True Life we'll crisscross the country checking in with some of our favorite former subjects to see how their lives have changed since they first shared their stories on MTV.

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