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I Hate My Butt

To what lengths would you go to for a bootylicious behind? On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young adults that are going to extremes to get the butt of their dreams.


8 Mar. 2010
I'm Ex Amish
When you grow up devoutly Amish, embracing modernity usually means being cut off from your family forever. In this episode three young people deal with the harsh consequences of breaking away from their Amish communities.
3 May 2010
I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury
Adam can't retain information and sometimes thinks the world around him is an illusion. Donnie's short term memory problems may derail his ability to regain independence. Neil can't recognize faces or read emotions in others.
9 Jan. 2010
I'm Homeschooled
There are two million Americans educated at home every year. Stevie prefers the Christian education he's getting at home. He dreams of playing college football and fears his homeschooling will hinder him being recruited to play.
10 Jan. 2010
I'm a Gambler
Whether betting on sports, blackjack, or online poker, many of us enjoy the chance to turn loose change into big money. On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young people whose gambling habits have become an obsession.
25 Jan. 2010
I'm Addicted to Video Games
Videogames are a hobby, but for Barry & Charisse they are an obsession. Can Barry beat his addiction, raise his GPA & win his fiance back? Charise, a college dropout, is getting a 2nd chance, but will gaming prevent her success
1 Feb. 2010
I'm at a Crossroads in My Relationship
Every relationship has to come to a fateful decision: commit or separate. Jamilia is tired of supporting her broke boyfriend, Blair. Michele is engaged to Chris despite doubts that they're compatible. Will these couples survive?
22 Feb. 2010
I'm Looking for My Child
Two young men are desperate to find their long lost daughters and become fathers. Joey picks up the broken pieces of the life, to care of his child. John, happy to be a father, is blindsided by the problems teen parenthood.
8 Mar. 2010
I'm Ex-Amish
Growing up Amish can be tough: no phones, electricity, or cars, and your parents teach you to fear the "devil's playground" outside your door. So what happens when you want to move on, break free, and join the outside world? CORRA FILMS followed three young adults who have left the flock on their journey to find independence, a new life, and a new kind of family.
15 Mar. 2010
I Need a Transplant
Filmed from July to October on two young adults that needed a transplant of some sort. The first Craig Brandmeier needed and received a Bone Marrow Transplant from his half-matched brother Rick Brandmeier. Craig's transplant is a very risky one with a 50% chance of death in the first few days due to complications of a half-matches transplant. This transplant is Craig's only hope of staying in remission from Leukemia. Craig's fiancé and then wife sticks it out with Craig and is an amazing person. The other Morgan has her second Kidney transplant.
22 Mar. 2010
I Have Digital Drama
More & more young people are discovering that the very technology designed to bring them together, can just as easily tear them apart. Meet 2 couples whose obsessive digital habits are threatening to destroy their relationships.
29 Mar. 2010
I Have a Parent in Prison
Two young people are trying to forge new relationships with their parents who have been incarcerated for years.
5 Apr. 2010
I'm Relocating for Love
Three young people are torn between leaving behind everything they know -- and being with the one they love.
12 Apr. 2010
I Have NF
Imagine how hard it would be if you grew tumors that disfigured your face or impaired your ability to walk. That' the reality for young people with Neurofibromatosis, or NF, a genetic disorder that causes painful tumors to form throughout the body. On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young people struggling with NF, doing their best to lead normal lives.
19 Apr. 2010
I Hate My Face
Two young women who suffer from Body Dysmorphia (BDD) are desperate to overcome their distorted self-perceptions so they can move on with their lives.
19 Apr. 2010
The Wise Latina Movement
Three young Latina women are inspired by the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
26 Apr. 2010
I'm Hustling in the Hamptons
The Hamptons is a seaside community that caters to Manhattan's wealthiest elite but not everyone who summers there has a mansion to call home. Meet two young people hoping to infiltrate Hamptons high society from the outside .
10 May 2010
I Hate My Plastic Surgery
Two young women are struggling with the harsh consequences of cosmetic procedures gone awry. Nikki's rhinoplasty left her with a misshapen nose. Amanda's convinced that her breast implants are the cause of her health problems.
17 May 2010
I'm a Newlywed
Two couples are waiting to share their beds and their homes until after they've exchanged "I do's." They're getting married without the benefit of a test run. Will they accept each other for better or for worse?
24 May 2010
Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia
Four young Saudis tell their stories of risk and rebellion against the government and conservative institutes of their country.
6 Dec. 2010
I Cant Have Sex
On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young women who are desperately searching for solutions to the chronic medical conditions that make sexual intercourse unbearable. Will they find relief? Or be forever frustrated?
13 Dec. 2010
I Have a Paranormal Ability
On this episode of True Life, you'll meet young psychic mediums who must battle non-believers. Can they prove that their sixth sense is the real deal and not a joke? Find out on True Life: I Have Paranormal Ability.
20 Dec. 2010
I'm an Albino
How would it feel to look different from nearly everyone else-- including your own family? Or if the sun was your sworn enemy? And your vision was so bad that you couldn't read or drive without significant help? On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young people struggling to fit in because they were born with no pigment in their skin, hair, or eyes. Can they embrace the challenges of their condition and lead normal lives?
27 Dec. 2010
I'm Addicted to Food
On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two young women so fixated on food that it's now destroying their health and their future. Can they put an end to the gluttony before these addictions end up consuming them?

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