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1 Mar. 2008
A Map for Saturday
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5 Apr. 2008
I'm a Southern Belle
The term "Southern Belle" suggests visions of mint juleps, impeccable coiffeurs, and lives of leisure.
6 Dec. 2008
I'm Competitive with my Best Friend
Most of us enjoy having some good-natured competitions in our lives, but what happens if you're so combative that you turn even casual activities into cut-throat contests, and constantly make your friends your foes.
1 Nov. 2008
I'm in a Summer Share 2
JR and Karley move to the beach during the summer months in hopes of escaping the stresses of life.
I Have Schizophrenia
What if you couldn't tell the difference between reality and a scary hallucination?
3 Jan. 2008
I'm the Black Sheep
Every family has its differences, but what if you actually feel like an alien among your own flesh and blood?
5 Jan. 2008
I Panic
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5 Jan. 2008
I'm an Alcoholic
What if every time you took a sip of alcohol you couldn't stop drinking until it was hard to walk, talk, or even think? That's the grim reality for the estimated five and a half million Americans under 25 who are alcoholics. This episode introduces you to two young women struggling to overcome this relentless addiction that's destroying their lives.
14 Jan. 2008
I'm Getting Out of Prison
What's it like to be locked up in prison for months or even years - and then be set free into a stressful and sometimes hostile outside world?
26 Jan. 2008
I'm Happy to be Fat
Does being overweight mean you have to be miserable? Not to the three young people you'll meet on this episode of True Life, who all feel they're better off being fat.
27 Feb. 2008
I Work in the Sex Industry
The adult entertainment industry is more popular and more mainstream than ever, but working in such a sexually charged field still greatly affects the personal lives of those who make it a career.
4 Apr. 2008
I'm Under Peer Pressure
What's it like being pressured to change who you are in order to be accepted by your friends?
5 Apr. 2008
I'm Going to Fashion Week
Twice a year, the biggest event in fashion comes to New York City. It's fashion week--where designers from all over the world show off their latest collections. If you want your hemlines in the headlines, its the only week that matters. This episode of True Life, you meet three young people with big dreams hoping that fashion week will provide the lift that gets their careers soaring.
12 Apr. 2008
I Don't Trust My Partner
What happens when you fall in love with someone you don't trust? And every moment spent apart or every phone call that goes unanswered is cause for alarm?
3 May 2008
I Have Embarrassing Parents 2
Being embarrassed by your parents can be a rite of passage for many teenagers.
22 May 2008
I Have Schiophrenia
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29 May 2008
I Live Another Life on the Web
Tens of millions of us love to socialize online, but in the virtual world where you can become almost anyone you want with a few strokes of a keyboard, some people take it to the extremes.
20 Jul. 2008
I'm Deaf
Sixteen year old Chris, who was born deaf, has made the decision to get a cochlear implant. If successful, it will allow him to hear for the first time. Amanda, who was also born deaf, discovered how to dance by the vibrations of music. Now she has the opportunity to compete for a spot on an NFL dance team, but is afraid that her deafness will keep her from making the cut.
20 Jul. 2008
I'm a Compulsive Shopper
Gabby's excessive use of her parent's credit cards has put her family in $10,000 in debt. Ali would sooner spend her money on clothes than pay her bills. These two young women's compulsive shopping has become such a serious addiction that they can not lead healthy lives. Can these woman get the help they need to finally over come their compulsive shopping?
3 Aug. 2008
I Can't Stay Thin
What if every time you shed unwanted pounds you immediately gained them right back?
5 Aug. 2008
I'm Getting Married 2
It starts with a simple heartfelt question, and ends with a kiss. But all bets are off during the months in between.
Sep. 2008
I Have Acne
No one wants to go out into the world with a big pimple on their face. But for people who suffer from severe cystic acne, even the simplest social interactions can be torture.
13 Sep. 2008
I'm Looking for My Mother
Man of us feel fortunate to have a strong bond with our mother. But how would it feel if your mom left you as a child, and never returned.
5 Oct. 2008
I'm Living Off the Grid
Imagine being so self-sufficient that you don't need public utilities for electricity or water.
5 Oct. 2008
I'm a Mixed Martial Artist
With a hit TV series and Pay-Per-View extravaganzas that rival viewership of pro wrestling, mixed martial arts has rapidly become one of America's most popular combat sports.
5 Oct. 2008
I'm a Single Parent
Raising a child is a difficult challenge even with a trusted partner, but when you're young and single, it can be overwhelming
13 Nov. 2008
I'm in a Love Triangle
Making a relationship work is hard enough, but what's it like if the person you're seeing is also in love with someone else?
6 Dec. 2008
I Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
What's it like to survive the nightmare of war, but still be haunted by your experiences after returning to the US?
31 Dec. 2008
True Life Resolutions: Made and Kept
They went to extremes and battled their demons, stared down their fears and chased their dreams.

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