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As the shows budget increased to avoid studio interference Stephen King paid for all the overages himself.
In the episode where the Robins lose the World Series, the broadcaster says, "It seems like something from a Stephen King horror story."
The scene where Peter Rickman is hit by a car happens almost exactly how Stephen King described the time he was hit by a car in his memoir, "On Writing". The only difference is that the man who hit King in real life was older, sober and stopped to see if he was all right.
Sony pictures wanted the show shot on HD video. The director wanted to shoot on 35mm film. Stephen King agreed with his director and paid for the additional expenses out of his own pocket.
Unhappy with the lack of network advertising, Stephen King paid several hundred thousand dollars for full page color print ads in major US newspapers advertising the show. The very next week ABC changed the shows time slot to go against CSI.
In one of the episodes, Peter's wife is reading "Misery" by Stephen King.
In one of the episodes, one of the staff members is reading "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King.
In episode 12, one character is making a potion using a recipe from a book called "Love potions, charms and spells", written by Barlow and Straker. Those are the names of villains from Stephen King's "Salem's Lot".
Jack Coleman is wearing a "Little Tall" sweatshirt. Little Tall is an island that is the setting for Stephen King's Storm of the Century and Dolores Claiborne.
The truck driver that stops to help Peter Rickman is driving a truck hauling "Nozz-o-la" which is a soda mentioned in the Dark Tower Books, specifically book IV, "Wizard and Glass".
The commercial that Johnny B. Goode - Stephen King - is watching, is the same Stephen King cameo commercial that appeared in _"Storm of the Century" (1999) (mini)_.
In the episode "Shoulda' Stood In Bed", the name of the lawyer that found Mona Klingerman's anesthesiology report is Stephen Dooling. Stephen Dooling is made up of parts of the names of the producers of Kingdom Hospital, Stephen King and Richard Dooling.
The exteriors of Kingdom Hospital is actually the Workers Compensation Board building in Richmond, British Columbia, and isn't actually a hospital. However, just across the road from the WCB building is the Richmond Hospital, a real hospital. (The location of both buildings: intersection of Wesminster Highway & Gilbert Road.)
The names of some of the characters carry a tribute to the original Danish series, _"Riget" (1994) (mini)_. Hook was in Danish Krogshøj (krog meaning hook), Mrs Druse was originally Drusse, the character Carrie Von Trier shares surname with author of the original series, Lars von Trier, and Otto's name in the Danish series was Hansen where he was played by Danish actor, Otto Brandenburg.

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