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It's great fun!
daria8414 March 2003
Ok, so if you are the kind of people who didn't enjoy "the Mummy" movies, or any Indiana Jones movie, or thought that "Tomb Raider" was stupid, then you must skip this show; but if you did, I can assure you, you will like this one a lot!!

The plot is about an archeological group called "Veritas" who seek the truth about mankind in ancient artifacts and that kind of stuff, and are lead by rebellious teenager Nikko Zond (Ryan Merriman) and his dad Solomon Zond (Alex Carter). The chemistry between the actors is great, they have good lines and have improved a lot since the pilot episode. And the supporting cast is excellent! I mean come on, Arnold "The Mummy" Vosloo is there! we all know that guy can't offer anything less than a great performance, and in this role he is just awesome, as the mysterious Vincent.

This show is kinda like "Johnny Quest", Johnny is Nikko, Dr Quest is Solomon, and Race is Vincent, all the rest of the cast add the fun :) Bottom line: If you are an adventurer, this is a "must-see" show!
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It should NEVER have been canceled!
salemchic26 June 2005
I so agree! It was a fascinating show with insight into common ancient myths and legends! The actors were hot, the acting was good, and there was no reason to get rid of the show. I watched it every time it was on, and wish i had taped the three episodes that had aired. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode were enough to keep me coming back each week. I truly don't see why they decided to end the show. Granted the viewing audience wasn't very big, but they gave the show all of 3 weeks before they pulled it off the air...hardly enough time for people to be flipping through the channels and go, "Hey, here's something to watch." and then get sucked in.
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I think it's wonderful
lwcooper1 May 2003
I still don't see why ABC has decided not to continue this wonderful series. It's a very refreshing change from the idiot-level garbage that's been usurping prime televion for the past several years. There are intelligent viewers out here like me that appreciate the depth and intrigue that this series had to offer.
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Interesting show but never had a chance
kismit26 October 2003
I can't figure out why a network goes to the trouble of buying multiple episodes of a new show and plugging it into their lineup and then does almost nothing to advertise it. If an audience doesn't even know when a show is on how do they tune in? I caught one episode of this by accident but by then it was finished. This seems to be the way of television with a fantasy plotline(except cartoons like Zena the Warrior Princess). These kinds of series are dropped too quickly in my opinion. Once they actually catch on and the writing has time to mature they can become fixtures like the X Files and Buffy(not my cup of tea but it had a good run).The network execs would rather give us an endless stream of Friends clones and grasping at straws dating/reality TV.
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The Quest is 5x5
mayfair5x53 March 2003
I assume that people who criticize so harshly must be experts in acting, writing, etc., and perhaps have won an Academy Award or two. Well, I am no expert in acting, writing, etc., (and therefore have not won an Oscar), but I have to admit that "Veritas, The Quest" is just plain fun. And perhaps it's purpose is to poke a little fun at itself. I was really engrossed by the pilot episode, and felt the I was thrown into the thick of the action right off the bat. I got hooked. Then again, I watched "Joe Millionaire" so perhaps my credibility just flew off the monitor.

As with many first seasons, episodes tend to be self-contained, but we all know that once the mythology story arc is in full-swing, things get really interesting. So I'm up for giving this show a chance. :)
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Off to a great start!
bubbalou3328 January 2003
Last night I watched the premiere of Veritas. It was great!! Its about a rebellious teen, Nikko Zond, who ends up being taken under the wing of his father after being kicked out of yet another prep school. He finds out that his father is not a professor (which he has believed for many years) but the head of a secret organization known as Veritas, which is Latin for the truth.

It was confusing at first to figure out what was going on, but thats the whole point. Its almost like its through the eyes of Nikko, unaware and confused. All he knows is that someone is after something of his fathers. I really enjoyed watching it and will definitely tune in next week!! And not just because Ryan Merriman (Nikko) is in it!!! But...he certainly does add to one of the best parts about it!!
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Great Show
Powerseeker9 February 2003
This show is definately a success. I, along with many other people like this series. It is very interesting and very exciting to watch. I love the characters, they are very creative. The writers are brilliant. Thank you so much for making a series like this. Don't listen to other people who say it isn't a good show. It is a wonderful series. Don't take their word, watch it yourself.
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I agree ... why cancel this show?
HarryC133 May 2003
This was an interesting, intelligent series -- something to look forward to on Monday nights. But the network kept pre-empting it for any number of excuses, and I only got to see three episodes. Now it's being canceled? Morons!
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Love It!!
Brigid38219 March 2003
I love this show! It's just pure fun and excitement. Each show is better than the last and I wait all week for the new one! Great acting and great story lines! I love the whole idea of the series. Ryan Merriman is a true star in this show and it shows how great an actor he truly is!
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Keeps getting better
wuffern25 February 2003
I have watched the 3 aired episodes so far and it just keeps getting better. I think the pilot was a bit short though, could maybe have made it last a bit longer and made us a bit more familiar with the characters. Nothing they cant fix as the series continues, hope people get their eyes up and start watching the show so it don`t get canceled.
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