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Good effort. A little more thought would be better.

Author: Andrew Hernandez ( from Phoenix, AZ
19 July 2003

It was a great idea to have a DVD with a bunch of fight scenes in it. However, that was the only thing wrong with this DVD. It seems as if the makers just picked out fight scenes from random films. Granted, they chose some great scenes, but I don't think they truly took the time to come up with the best movie fights. DRUNKEN MASTER 2 and FIST OF LEGEND definately belong here. But it was a shame that they only show a few minutes of these two fight scenes. Even BLACK MASK and the awesome THE KILLER suffer from this. It was embarassing to include that so called fight in "The Player's Club." That was a waste of space. Plus all the fight scenes except CROUCHING TIGER were in full frame, so they weren't even presented in their full glory. It would have been nice too if FIST OF LEGEND, DM2, BLACK MASK, THE KILLER, and RUMBLE IN THE BRONX could be presented in their original soundtracks.

The rest of the DVD is great. The audio commentary by James Lew and Tsui Hark (What was he doing here) was interesting to listen to. I also welcomed the documentary on "How to make a fight scene." One of these days, a better compilation DVD will be made.

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What? No Sequel? More. More. Give Me Something To Break!

Author: JWashburn1 from United States
1 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This tape or DVD requires a series. I hate having to type for hours on end with websites to get the same product. My "old school" designed memory was built for remembering Phone Numbers, Dates, Eye color, music and shows that don't suck. Not an endless stream of nouns that I am forced to spell correctly to enjoy a few good minutes of my free time. !!!Bonus!!! This feature did lend a helping hand with my "rent a flick date nights" when it was the chick's turn to pick the flix. Just go to the bathroom and pop it into your portable player and view a scene or two and return to the date. Save yourself from a chick flick. This is just one of many devices. That aside. This show is good. Great for watching if you only have a couple of minutes to yourself. "Thumbs up". Good stuff.

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Extended Periods of Violence

Author: Josh Butler ( from Wisbech, UK
28 July 2004

I cannot deny it; I did find this DVD mildly entertaining. Perhaps not the hardest confession of my life, nor will it be the critic's quote they put on the box but believe me, if you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself watching this you'll know that that's more than it deserves.

As a fan of a good fight scene and (although I am ashamed to admit it) an avid watcher of all '100 Best' film collections I must admit I expected a bit more from a DVD entitled 'Ultimate Fights from the Movies'. The moment the first fight begins it becomes evident that there is nothing 'Ultimate' in these fights. A more suitable title would be 'A bunch of fights that we could obtain for the lowest price featuring some guys who have done some good fights in other films.' Admittedly, not the most flattering of titles but at least it would be guaranteed to avoid the type of disappointment that I was faced with while watching this. The fights are, as I previously mentioned, from deservedly lesser known titles or films where the rights could be easily obtained. The fights are usually too short and when they do actually show a decent film they don't show the best sequences from it.

Most of the world's more famous martial artists are included (Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Jean Claude Van Damme all make an appearance.) and even Bruce Lee appears in the form of a Lee look-a-like making funny Lee faces. But, despite the some-star cast, all of these stars have done far better work in far better films. Flix Mix knows this, I know this, all the fight fans who would be interested in watching this know this so who exactly are Flix Mix trying to fool?

There were some almost acceptable bonus features including a commentary by James Lew, who manages to keep some interest while prattling on about a film he didn't actually work on. He also treats us to a cinema Kung Fu master-class so we too can make films as bad as the ones we were just subjected to. I have patchy memories of a Trivia pop-up that might have interested me with some pieces of useless info at the time, but none stayed with me long enough to tell you now.

With a bit of care this could have been a well thought out collection of brilliant fights. But even then you'd be far better off just watching the actual films. A fight sequence might look pretty, but without the context it's nothing more than an extended period of violence.

2 out of 10

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This IS the ultimate....

Author: songmaster2002 ( from Colorado Springs
26 September 2002

This DVD is the bomb! Granted, it is just a compilation of fights from various movies. Some of the fights were weak (like Liam Neeson from "Crossing the Line [1990]"), but the DVD makes up for it.

By including great fight scenes like Maximus vs. Tigris from "Gladiator", Tsui vs. Commander from "Black Mask", and Bruce Lee vs. Luke Sun from "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", the producers of this compilation made this a big hit.

I recommend this for anybody just looking for a film with hard-hitting fight-scenes and no teary-eyed drama.

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Superficial dollarcrap!

Author: Svante (schante) from Sweden
13 April 2003

This collection really sucks!

I rented it, thinking I´d really would enjoy some good fighting. Man this sucked! Quick flashy cuts, an extremely annoying speaker, and the fights them selves were heavily edited and shortened (I´m thinking especially of Jet Li´s fight in Fists of legend and Jackie Chan´s fight from drunken master 2).

And what´s the deal with those brawling streetfighters?! What´s so "cool" about that? I´ve seen more interesting fights on Martial Law!

This a stupid collection of cuts for stupid people.

Do not ever buy this film! Do not encourage the people who made this crap to make more of this crap!

Instead, go buy the movies the fights were from and wath the fights in their uncut glory!

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Got some right, some not

Author: bth2004 from United States
29 August 2006

Most of the fights here were good. However: Liam Neeson's fight--huh? Fight Club--why? Drunken Master--not really, just Jackie getting kicked repeatedly by the guy who never puts his right foot down Jet Li's two--not enough of either

Some they should have considered: Lethal Weapon--Riggs vs Mr. Joshua (great street fight) Who Am I?--Jackie Chan vs the two guys on the skyscraper roof Predator--US commandos vs the Columbians (serious bullet spraying and explosions) Men of War--Dolph Lungren vs the English/Aussie prick Return of the Dragon--Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Just my personal opinion.

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