Time of the Wolf (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

stranger train
water teenage boy
intruder cabin
barn dysfunctional society
nude girl nude
female frontal nudity breasts
scantily clad female writing
woods wooden leg
watch vomit
van urination
trick torch
thief theft
teenage girl tears
tarp tape recorder
storytelling storm
squatter soda pop
sleeping sick child
shovel shooting
shooting a horse shepherd
sheep sex
search salvation
river razor blade
railroad track radio
pulley pride
praying prayer
post apocalypse one legged man
old woman old man
ointment murder
mother son relationship mirror
maggot love
livestock lantern
killing a horse jumping into a fire
illness husband wife relationship
hostage horse
horse riding hay
hand injury reference to god
garage forest
foreigner food
fog fight
fear father son relationship
father daughter relationship family relationships
face slap eyeglasses
eating a razor blade earphones
dressing a dead body dog
disappearance diesel
death death of pet
death of husband death of daughter
death of bird dead sheep
dead cow dead body
crying cross
contamination compassion
cigarette smoking cigarette lighter
children cattle
butchering horse burning a dead cow carcass
burial building fire
brothers of fire breaking and entering
break in bonfire
biting bird
birdcage barricade
baby rural setting
armageddon burial of pet
animal in title female nudity
actual animal killed rain
letter grave
blood environmental catastrophe
xenophobia violence
thirst suicide
slaughter self sacrifice
self destruction sacrificial fire
sacrifice ritual
ritual sacrifice rifle
religious delusion refugee
refugee camp parakeet
nudity nosebleed
night watchman murder of husband
murder of father mother daughter relationship
male nudity male frontal nudity
immolation immigrant
hunger house occupation
gun gun fire
goat food crisis
fire female head of household
environmental disaster end of civilization
dog eat dog disaster
disaster film brother sister relationship
boy animal catching a bird
bicycle barter
apocalypse nude sacrifice
goat thief confronting a thief
confronting a murderer barn burning
remake death of father
death of child

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