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In today's digital bog of empty light and marketing deceptions, this is what early-millennium Euro art-film masterpieces feel like--lean, qualmish, abstracted to the point of parable but as grounded as a gravedigging.
Entertainment Weekly
There are no zombies out of ''28 Days Later'' to alleviate the slow creep of realistic doom in this chilly, tense corker.
Haneke has become known as a dour modern master of cinematic pain, and in this movie he scrubs civilization down to the root level.
New York Daily News
Time of the Wolf is grounded so deeply in the reality of society gone awry that the anxiety faced by Isabelle Huppert's character as she struggles to keep her family together transfers onto the audience and never leaves.
This is one of Haneke's least powerful films, although the excellent cast is interesting to watch.
New York Post
Haneke's images are so bold and riveting and the characters' emotions are so raw that the lack of a few details doesn't matter.
Moviegoers expecting a conventional sci-fi fantasy will be disappointed; Haneke never explains the vague disaster, nor does he offer any definitive solution.
In the somewhat muted lead role, Huppert really is a marvel.
It's a much more interesting and engrossing film than its somewhat nefarious reputation may indicate -- though, granted, elements of it are very hard to take, and it finally leaves you feeling pretty down and out.

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