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Not the best, but fun for a few days...
Jdc1029 July 2002
This game is fun, but not one I would buy, mainly because its fun but can get a little old. I played this game for PS2 and I found that the graphics were good, but cartoonish type good not realistic good. Probably the best part of playing Simpsons Road Rage was all the characters' voices, pretty much all major simpsons characters are here (except I couldn't find- Cletus, Lenny and Carl, Jimbo Jones, Patty or Selma, but pretty much all of Springfield is there..)All in all, this is a great rental game for any Simpsons fan..
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Really captured the TV show
PlayerSS5 July 2003
This game followed close the the TV show. You basically have to do Taxi missions with the Simpson cast. It has most of the original cast and some funny parts. I really got a good idea what springfield looked like from the game. The rewards were a little outrageous to get, but other than that it was great. What would have made it better was if you was able to get out of the cars. Of course that will be in Hit and Run.
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Short lifespan
Shawn Watson7 May 2004
The novelty of this game wears off very quickly. At first it was fun to play as several of the Simpsons characters but when they started repeating their dialogue for the 50th time it became mighty tedious and tiresome.

The gameplay is very simple. If GTA: Vice City is the Lego Technic of road rage games then Simpsons: Road Rage is, without a doubt the Lego Duplo. It is SOOO aimed at kids. No one over the age of 13 will be particularly impressed with this. It's just far to 'safe'. The Simpsons TV show is full of satirical humor and intelligence but this game is just a cheap spin-off aimed at a much younger audience.
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Fun to pick up and play but no lasting appeal
bob the moo4 April 2003
When heartless millionaire Montgomery Burns develops a nuclear bus the public begin to show signs of being irradiated. Always one to cash in on a get rich scheme, Homer paints `taxi for hire' on the side of his car and sets out into Springfield to collect passengers.

Basically Crazy Taxi set in the world of The Simpsons, this game sees you able to play as one of several different characters driving round several well known locations from the series, picking up characters and getting them to their destination as quickly as possible before your time runs out. The controls are very easy to get to grips with and the cars are easy to drive. The problem with the game is that it doesn't really go anywhere. After a few days it has little new to play for except unlocking the next character or area.

Because each game is only ever a few minutes long it becomes fun while it lasts but doesn't feel like a longer game. The best part is not the game play but the real feel of the Simpsons it has to it. The animation is good and the opening cartoon manages to capture the sense of humour of the series. Better than this are the voices and dialogue of the characters during the game, although this too gets a bit repetitive after while.

Overall this is a god rent for most people as it is picked up easily and fun to play for a short time. Big Simpsons fans might want to own it but for the most part it is a little too shallow to justify buying. Fun to pick up and play though.
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A great look at arcade classic Crazy Taxi
Dr_Death6668 May 2009
The Simpsons: Road Rage is a quite good game. It has some flaws, but redeeming qualities as well.

Characters- Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, the whole enchilada of characters from classic animated show The Simpsons

Plot- Basically Crazy Taxi, Simpsons style.

Animation- Good for 2001, not that special looking for today's standards.

Sound- Average. Not bad, not good.

If you like The Simpsons and/or Crazy Taxi, definitely play this game. You will most certainly like it. Otherwise, give it a whirl if you can find it cheap, but other than that don't play it.

8.5/10 or: B
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good, but needs improvement
davies-1319 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
a lot like 'crazy taxi', this game is enjoyable for neutral and die-hard Simpson fans and for any body who likes car games. Mr. Burns has bought out the Springfield buses and it's up to the citizens of Springfield to turn their everyday cars into taxi's and raise $1,000,000 to buy them back. Not a bad little game for rainy days or if you're bored but it wears a bit thin in the end but multi-player has a better life-span, as you have to gett away from your opponent as they can steal your passengers by bumping into you, also you can set a limit for you and your friend in the menu of the multi-player mode, also you can take a tour around Springfield without any pressure in 'Sunday Drive'. A lot better than 'The Simpsons: Skateboarding' but there is room for improvement as you can't get out of the car and the missions have no relation to the main game and are too easy. If you're a simpson or a 'crazy taxi' fan, then check this out.
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Not a Bad Game
General_G30 August 2005
I played The Simpsons: Road Rage on a Gameboy a few times and I really like it! Great Simpsons game! It ties as my favorite Simpsons game along with that old Simpsons game you see in some arcades where you beat up people. In this game you pick up people and get them to there destination in time and get as many people as you can. There are also several different levels in the game. Remember your password so you can continue later. It has all the classic characters in it like Apu, Snake, Krusty, Smithers, Moe, Barney and others including Marge, Bart and Lisa. I have only played the Gameboy Advance version so I don't know if the other versions are better, but I'd love to know.
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Funny in an ironic way
welchrock8 August 2003
This game is awful. I bought it with a gift certificate and I must say, it was barely worth the trip to the store. I played it 5 or 6 times the first week I had it to give it a chance, and have not played it since. Just as with all Simpsons products, the game feels like it was put together overnight. There's even a repeated bit of audio that should be Krusty's voice but it is someone totally different. Thank god the show is still going somewhat strong. Spend your money on the DVD's, not this.
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