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Bookmark the Schedule for the Upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon

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As Zenon would say, "Zetus lapetus!" Get excited, millennials, because the Disney Channel is set to air every single Disney Channel original movie this weekend! The movies will air in celebration of its 100th original movie, a reimagining of Adventures in Babysitting, and the festivities will kick off on May 27 with a four-day marathon of the most popular original movies. After the weekend marathon, the Disney Channel will continue to air those popular flicks - plus All the others - throughout June. Worried that your DVR can't handle it? Don't stress, because all 100 Disney Channel original movies will be available for sale throughout the Summer on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Google Play. Check out the complete four-day marathon schedule below, then relive the Disney Channel original movie moments you'll never forget and see 20 stars you didn't realize were in the original movies. May 27 10 a.m. - Disney's Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
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Disney Channel to Air Every Original Movie Ever (!), From A to Zenon

Johnny Tsunami. Halloweentown. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

If those titles mean anything to you, you’re going to want to read on.

In celebration of its 100th original movie — an upcoming reimagining of the 1987 comedy Adventures in BabysittingDisney Channel will air every single one of its original flicks from May through June.

VideosAdventures in Babysitting Trailer: Disney Duo Has a Wild Night Out

The nostalgia trip will kick off Memorial Day Weekend, with a marathon of the 51 most popular DCOMs, and will continue throughout the next month with every other original film presented at various times.
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Brie Larson: Oscar Winner and ... Pop Star? Inside the Actress's Early Career in Music

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Long before she was a Best Actress Oscar winner, Brie Larson had a different title: wannabe pop starlet. Joining the ranks of early 2000s teen queens Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, Larson nabbed a record deal, releasing tracks like "She Said" in 2005 at only 16. In the music video for "She Said," her highest-charting single from first album Finally Out Of P.E., Larson rocked out on a green guitar while donning the fashions of the day: a zebra-print shirt and frayed miniskirt. Larson even hit the road, joining Teen People's 2005 Rock in Shop mall tour with the likes of Jesse McCartney.
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Brie Larson Opens Up on the ‘Emotional Marathon’ of ‘Room’

Brie Larson Opens Up on the ‘Emotional Marathon’ of ‘Room’
Brie Larson got an early break co-starring in the Disney Channel movie “Right on Track.” But even at the age of 13, she knew that saying yes to subsequent offers from the kids’ network would mean her acting ambitions would veer off track.

“I just couldn’t do it. I always had this attraction to holding up a mirror to the world, and this didn’t feel like real life,” recalls the actress. “I wondered what would be the point.”

Now, at age 26, after a busy but largely unheralded career, Larson is suddenly breaking out as one of Hollywood’s latest discoveries for what is her most difficult — and personal — role yet. Her emotionally wrenching portrayal as a young mother (Ma) held prisoner in a shed with her 5-year-old son (Jacob Tremblay) in the upcoming film “Room” is already catapulting her to the forefront of the Oscar race. Debuting in Los
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Exclusive: The Griswolds are 'Right On Track' in this new tour video

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Exclusive: The Griswolds are 'Right On Track' in this new tour video
Following their biggest headlining tour in their homeland Australia this fall, pop-rock crew The Griswolds are headed to American shores this spring with newly announced tour dates with Walk The Moon. In an exclusive premiere here on HitFix, the quartet also unveils their brand new tour video, soundtracked by the song "Right on Track," so you'll get some idea of what fun to expect on the road. "We are absolutely frothing to be heading back to America and Canada with Walk The Moon. We have been fans of the band for a while and we are certain that every show is gonna be a raging party,” The Griswolds said. "Right on Track" is off of the Wind-Up artist's new album "Be Impressive," released in August and produced by Tony Hoffer. You may have also heard their sing "Beware the Dog," streaming below. Walk The Moon is releasing its new album "Talking Is Hard" on Dec.
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American Idol: What Should the Top 4 Sing for One-Hit Wonders/Contestant's Choice?

American Idol: What Should the Top 4 Sing for One-Hit Wonders/Contestant's Choice?
Fox hasn’t officially confirmed it, but sources close to American Idol are buzzing that Season 12 Top 4 week will be a two-theme kind of party: One-Hit Wonders and Contestant’s Choice.

The former — which topped an At&T “fan’s choice” vote — has the potential to be fantastic, as long as producers don’t try to force the contestants toward novelty hits or tired old songs that have been covered on Idol a million times before (and simply happen to qualify under the one-hit wonder header).

Related Video | Idol‘s Lazaro Arbos on Sassing the Judges, Smuggled Whitney CDs, and ‘Courage’ Critiques!
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‘Fringe’ Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Nothing as It Seems

Whenever an episode of a J.J. Abram’s show begins on a plane, you know it’s going to be good. Last night, we were given a monster and we haven’t seen a monster in a very long time. But if we’re in for deja vu moments until everyone’s memories catch up to Peter’s and Olivia’s… well, it had better be as enthralling as this week. Still, we’re getting back on track with the present and preparing for the future with the final handful of season four episodes and what a delight it has been to get back to our time line, especially with so many season one references. Great work!

Peter was in for quite a surprise when he learned of the case the Fringe division was taking on this week, as it was a different version of a case from his time line…
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Disney Channel Original Movies: A look back at the Golden Era

Disney Channel Original Movies: A look back at the Golden Era
I happened to catch the High School Musical spin-off Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure while watching a friend’s kid sister last weekend, and I have to say, once and for all, that I’m totally and completely over Disney Channel Original Movies… and it’s about time. Even toward the end of what I consider the Golden Era of Disney Originals — starting in 1999 with Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and coming to a screeching halt in 2003 with The Even Stevens Movie — I was probably a little too old to be watching them. I remember joking about the latest cheesy Domp (Disney Original Motion Picture…
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Thriller Right On Track

An atmospheric, Hitchcockian thriller set aboard a famed train route, Brad Anderson's "Transsiberian" is a genuine sleeper that jump-starts an almost extinct genre.

A restrained Woody Harrelson plays Roy, a good-natured American rail buff who has just completed a church-sponsored mission with his wife, Jessie (Emily Mortimer). They embark on a weeklong train trip from Beijing to Moscow, where they plan to do some sightseeing before heading home to Iowa.

After crossing by train into Siberia, they share a compartment with a sexy Spaniard, Carlos
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SoapNet series profiles daytime stars

SoapNet series profiles daytime stars
SoapNet has greenlighted a new original series to begin in June. Back-to-back half-hour episodes of Soapography, which profiles leading soap opera actors, will begin running weekends between 6-7 p.m. The Walt Disney Co.-owned channel has yet to decide how many episodes will be ordered or which production company will produce them. Susan Lucci, Deidre Hall, Rebecca Budig and Peter Bergman are among the soap stars expected to get Soapography treatment. SoapNet has launched only two original series in its four-year history: the Emmy-nominated talk show Soap Talk and Soap Center, which no longer produces new episodes. The channel, which is in 37 million homes, subsists largely on rebroadcasts of ABC daytime programming. Sister cable network Disney Channel has greenlighted a third installment to its original movie franchise Halloweentown to air in the fall. Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, Joey Zimmerman and Judith Hoag will return for Halloweentown 3, which goes into production next week. Writer Dan Berendsen (The Scream Team) and director Mark Dippe (Pixel Perfect) are working on Halloweentown 3. The film will be executive produced by Sheri Singer (Right on Track).

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