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i liked it
jelosamkr-13 February 2005
hi there~ i had the great pleasure of assisting to this film's "avant premiere" here in Strasbourg.. there were the actors and the director... it was nice and tender i guess the film.. and its way of showing us how to view the lives of those who do not have the means to live in a "standard" of living... well it touched me... and thanks to the presence of the director and the actors, i could later on, ask them bout the elements of the film... and some of the details and meanings... this is not though the super film that would become a milestone.... but its kind of a different thing.... different from the "marketing" movies... well... i 'd like to comment more on this, but I'm afraid i might say something i shouldn't.. cuz we are not supposed to tell the story... and i don't like to tell the story before others go to the cinemas... so~! au revoir~!
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