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boblipton18 June 2015
An organ grinder is plying his trade, to the delight of Happy Hooligan and the annoyance of the woman whose window he is playing under.

This is a bog standard bit of slapstick for the period, eked out a bit by attaching Happy Hooligan to it. Happy Hooligan was the first big comic strip from the Hearst newspapers, and the bedrock upon which they based King Features. Biograph was making a lot of money and thought they'd hitch their wagon to a starring character, and doubtless they paid Hearst a pretty penny for the rights. However, even though studio Head J. Sturart Blackton played the comic tramp and Billy Bitzer shot it, there's nothing in here of much interest. Hooligan is a bystander and the composition is that of the proscenium arch.
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