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Entertainment Weekly
A funny, shrewd, no-bull family comedy about the relationship between mothers and teenage daughters that allows Curtis the comedian to remember her days as a slinky starlet while making use of her wisdom as the mother of an adolescent girl herself.
Offers plenty of honest, good-natured laughs in the process. That's something young and old can appreciate equally.
Charlotte Observer
This is the first real family comedy I've seen in a long time: one honest enough to satisfy teens, wryly funny enough for adults and zany enough for little kids.
The Hollywood Reporter
The new "Freaky" plays the obvious gags in ways both surprising and imaginative.
Chicago Sun-Times
Body-switch plots are a license for adults to act like kids; probably nobody has had more fun at it than Tom Hanks did in "Big," but Curtis comes close.
San Francisco Chronicle
This is Curtis' film. Looking a little like a combination of Carol Burnett and Annie Lennox, Curtis has this character down.
It all adds up to belly laughs aplenty and a rollicking good time.
Deliciously acted and good-humored to its core, it's one of the summer's very best surprises.
New York Post
Disney's best comedy in years.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The performances, of a higher order than the film's cheesy script and double-cheese direction, are the reasons to see the picture. A reason not to: the means by which parent and child trade bodies.
New York Daily News
An unexpected delight.

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