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Hotly hilarious.
Busch combines French absurdist theater and American performance art with a drag queen's flamboyant wit.
Entertainment Weekly
Busch, looking like a depressed Stockard Channing, throws his tantrums with breathy ''aristocratic'' hauteur. Yet the movie winds up walking a line between put-on pastiche and kitsch passion, and Jason Priestley is perfect as a brooding lunkhead of Tab Hunter gigolo-osity.
New York Daily News
A brilliantly pitch-perfect sendup of a particular type of cheesy movie.
New York Post
Occasionally stagy and flat, "Die" is worth seeing for Busch's grand performance, which won him a Special Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival.
Taken together, the sum of so many parts is too schizophrenic to be wholeheartedly embraced -- the movie is played for parody, but with a veneer of respectability that leaves the whole endeavor betwixt and between.
But fabulous though the allusions, sets and costumes are, Busch's performance is the movie's heart, and like the screen idols whose every gesture he's lovingly absorbed, Busch can pack a world of meaning into an arched eyebrow and a slight crack of the voice.
Chicago Sun-Times
The problem with Die, Mommie, Die, a drag send-up of the genre, is that it spoils the fun by making it obvious.
Neither hilarious nor a credible spoof.
Chicago Tribune
It's a screen adaptation of Busch's stage play of the same name, which never really went anywhere after its 1999 Los Angeles debut -- and doesn't go anywhere here.
Seems more like an amateur revue, perfectly all right for what it is, but not meant to be seen beyond an audience of friends and family.

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