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A convicted felon, some aliens and a snowed in airport, let the games begin!

Author: Animus from United States
14 September 2002

Ok this movie will never win an award, it will never have a sequel and it will never be a cult classic, but it was a pretty good trapped with monsters formula movie. The basic plot involves aliens who are disguised as humans who are here for some reason you really won't care about, at an airport that has been caught in a blizzard. Enter Bruce "If Chins Could Kill" Campbell as our anti-hero, a convict who's trip up has been sidetracked by a cup of coffee. We quickly get down and dirty with aliens killing people and people killing aliens and people who don't trust people having to rely on those they don't trust when the people they did trust try to kill them. Got that? Good. If you follow that you'll have no trouble here. The action is fairly fast, except when it's not and I suggest that if you and your buddies haven't seen it, have a betting pool on who's what and who lives, it's not always who you think. My scores on a 1-10 scale: Action = 7, Acting = 7, Plot = 5, Tension = 7, Surprises = 7, Fun Factor = 7.

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Not bad at all...

Author: jagddeth (JackDeth1985) from Indianapolis, USA
15 September 2002

Bruce Campbell stars as Jack, a convict who is being transported during a blizzard, unfortunately the car crashes and the police and him must hike to a nearby private airport that is shut down because of the blizzard and has a handful of angry customers who want to get out of there. Things go awry when people start disappearing and who is blamed? Of course Jack is, he is a convicted murder after all, but was it him?

The movie is basically borrows most of its originality from John Carpenter's the Thing but it really doesn't do that bad of a job of it. One redeeming quality of the movie was that the director, who directed the original Friday the 13th by the way, doesn't show the "creature" very much, which a lot of directors of todays big-budget horror movies could really learn something from.

Overall, this movie is a lot better then most of Sci-Fi's premiere movies and nearly all made-for-tv movies. Fans of Bruce Campbell should really enjoy this movie, as some of his humor of previous appearances play through in his character in this one.

Overall : 7/10

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Flawed but Entertaining B-Movie

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19 July 2008

In a stormy night, while transporting the criminal Jack (Bruce Campbell) to the death corridor, the officers have a car accident nearby a private airport. They bring the prisoner to the place where clients are arguing the owner of the charter services and pilot Cathy Garrett (Chase Masterson) because she refuses to take off with the bad weather and the communications are down due to the snow storm. Jack asks to go to the toilet being escorted by the guards; however, in the bathroom, a preacher attacks and kills the guards and when Jack kills him, his body vanishes. Jack returns to the lobby and when the security guard holds him, he accidentally shots a passenger, but the woman does not die until Jack shots her head and her body also disappears. The survivors conclude that they are trapped in a place with aliens and nobody is trustful.

"Terminal Invasion" has a good concept, where the viewer shall guess who are the aliens among humans, but there are many flaws in the story. But considering the extremely low-budget of this movie, with few locations, special effects and unknown cast (with the exception of Bruce Campbell), the result is an entertaining B-movie. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Ataque Alienígena" ("Alien Attack")

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Better than much of what passes for entertainment.

Author: uscmd from United States
14 January 2006

Lets be honest.....this movie isn't Gone with the wind, or Ghandi....its not even Alien or Independence day. But its clever, well written and an alien movie with a unique storyline. Reminiscent of the paranoia in the best of the sci-fi movies of the 50's. Are they or aren't they. Bunch of folks in a confined area....unable to tell who's who. I recorded it...because of my fondness for Army of Darkness, fully expecting to bail out after 15 or 20 minutes. Instead I watched it all...and enjoyed it enough to encourage others to give it a try. I gave it a 7. I would have preferred to end this review a line above, but apparently I was too concise for my own good, falling short of the content minimum

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Nothing great but it's Fun

Author: sludgehound from NYC, NY
16 November 2002

With the "near-great" Brucie, how can ya miss. Ok maybe he doesn't crack wise enough (Big Way my fave from another dud Navy spoof) but the scene near beginning in the men's room -- oh yes. Especially the religious slant. Gotta love it. Had this had an Aliens 2 style budget it would have kicked people better. But for FREE on Sci-Fi channel, what's to barf. Couple nifty twists offer a pleasant little ride. Grade: Gentleman's C. (C for Campbell)

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My thoughts after seeing Terminal Invasion

Author: Eric from Calif, USA
14 September 2002

Mostly predictable with a few surprises. Not a bad film, but not a great film. Acting was ok, aliens looked fairly real, would have looked better on a big screen. The way the aliens died looked a lot like they did on that TV show about the alien invasion called First Wave. Good surprise ending. But still a B type movie, but quite watchable.

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Pretty good

Author: David Lowie (saviovega) from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
16 October 2003

Anybody who's expecting unbelievable special effects, Oscar winning performances and a trendsetting storyline, you better skip this. However, if you just want to see an action-packed alien thriller featuring Bruce Campbell, you can't go wrong.

For a TV movie, I thought it was actually pretty good. Granted, at some points the storyline has some holes, but really, I didn't enjoy the movie any less because of them.

If you're a fan of alien movies or a fan of Bruce Campbell, you should check this one out.

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cheesy fun sci-fi semi comedy

Author: Samiam3 from Canada
9 May 2010

Terminal Invasion has the look of a home video movie, but it just goes to show that even with the most amateurish of film production values, one can still deliver an entertaining feature. It's always a pleasure to see Bruce Campbell, and though he's not all that funny here, I'd say he is one of Terminal Invasions saving graces.

I thing I have a pretty good idea what Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th) and Lewis Abernathy had in mind when they constructed Terminal Invasion. It has a fairly strong does of The Thing to it. An alien life form has found its way into a small airport (In one of the north western States, it doesn't say). Bruce Campbell is a prisoner, who escapes the custody of his escort there, and holds everyone at gun point. Unfortunately until the storm outside clears, he ain't gonna be able to fly outta this one, and it's a seventeen mile walk to the nearest town. He finds himself stuck with a dozen angry/confused/nervous (but quirky) folk. and some of them as he is about to find out may not be human.

Sean Cunningham is certainly not a name that I'd expect to see in the director's chair of something like this. Perhaps he needed a break from Hollywood and investing is all the crappy sequels to his classic. To say the film is played for laughs may be a slight overstatement. It is not a comedy but it has it's funnier bits. In one sequence the gang, use the luggage x-ray to determine who is alien and who is not. If nothing else I'll probably remember Terminal invasion for two things Bruce Campbell, and that scene.

To tell you the truth, I got a small kick out of the whole thing. It's not much of a movie, but it's good amateurish fun. If you catch it on the sci-fi channel, you may as well watch for a bit.

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I Bet It Wasn`t Originally Written As Sc-Fi

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
28 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I do have a soft spot for aliens disguised as humans infiltrating mankind movies with some of the best SF written like QUATERMASS 2 and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS having this plot . Unfortunately some of the worst SF shows and films I`ve seen like THE PUPPET MASTERS and the dismal WAR OF THE WORLDS series also share the same plot so I guess it`s all down to how the story is developed

***** MILD SPOILERS *****

Alas TERMINAL INVASION is one of the lesser movies to use this plot . It contains a ludicurous scene near the beginning where a convicted murderer called Jack is being transported to prison via a snowbound airfield uses the toilet at the airfield terminal . So far so good , but then a priest suddenly enters the toilet , kills the two guards with Jack and proclaims he`s an alien who is leading an invasion infiltration force against Earth because " We don`t like you " . I just couldn`t take this scene seriously , but then I couldn`t take the entire film seriously because it`s clumsily handled . The characters are bland stereotypes who either take an alien invasion in their stride or are totally cynical to the threat when ever the script demands it . Despite being very similar to THE THING in many ways there`s a nagging suspicion I felt that the original draft didn`t contain an alien invasion plot and was more akin to something like D-TOX with the baddies being escaped criminals or foreign terrorists .

Regardless of what happened between initial script stage and final shooting TERMINAL INVASION is a very silly totally unbelievable sci fi TVM

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They could all be aliens...

Author: Marcus Slabine ( from Massachutes
15 September 2002

That is a line the great Bruce Campbell says in this flick. This movie was awesome. Reminds you alot of John Carpenter's The Thing, but this film was terrific. I had alot of fun watching it and the film was good itself. It starts off with 2 cops transporting Jack(Bruce Campbell) to get the electric chair. On the way, they crash and have to take shelter due to the giant snow storm that is happening. At a airport, the pilot tells the customers that she can't take off because of the storm. Jack is brought inside and is handcuffed to a pipe in the men's room. One of the patrons was already inside and he turns into a alien. It ends up Jack breaks free and kills the alien but not before the alien kills the 2 officers.

Jack runs out and holds up the people and the film goes from there. The directing was very well done, and the acting is pretty good to. Besides, it stars BRUCE CAMPBELL! I mean come on! How can you go wrong?

I say, if you liked the Thing and really want to see a good movie, see Terminal Invasion. My only question is...WHERES THE SEQUEL!?!?

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