Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (TV Movie 2003) Poster


The series' first Catwoman, Julie Newmar, appears in the movie. Ironically, Lee Meriwether's (Catwoman in the Batman: The Movie (1966) feature film) daughter was Julie's stunt-woman in 'Return to the Batcave'.
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Actual footage of Lyle Waggoner's screen test for "Batman" is featured.
The scene where young Robin drives up to the gate and the car stalls was not scripted. Apparently, Jason Marsden didn't know how to drive a stick shift! It was so funny that the producers decided to leave it in the movie.
Owing to legal complications, the archive footage come from the spin-off feature film, not from the TV series.
Yvonne Craig turned down a role.
The Batmobile show in this reunion is NOT the one used in the series. It is one of many knock offs of the original car that George Barris modified for the show.
Adam West and Burt Ward had input on who was cast to play them as Batman and Robin in flashbacks in 'Return to the Batcave'. Jack Brewer (Batman) and Jason Marsden (Robin) were the lucky winners. Adam and Burt helped the actors research the roles and worked with them on their mannerisms.
Frank Gorshin, the Riddler, stirred up trouble again with fellow "Batman" villain Julie Newmar in 'Return to the Batcave'. The movie was a reunion of sorts not only for the cast, but the crew as well. The Director of Photography for 'Return to the Batcave', Jim Glennon, was the assistant cameraman on the 1966 series. And Casey O. Rohrs served as the Editor for the movie because his father edited the original series.
Adam's daughter, Nina West, also appears in 'Return to the Batcave'. Nina plays the actress who has a one-night stand with Burt and then tries to stab him!
The desert scenes in 'Return to the Batcave' were shot in Palmdale, California when it was 115 degrees!
The rear flame on the Batmobile was CGI (computer-generated imagery).
The oil slick that shoots from the Batmobile and covers the crowd was really chocolate sauce. 10 gallons of it was used to paint the extras!
Some scenes were filmed at Bronson Canyon Cave where the original series shot the Batmobile driving out of the cave. While filming inside of the cave, production was halted because of a real bat that was flying around!

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