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Jan. 1993
Belligerent as a Badger
Even those as bold as the Bobcat know it's not very bright to pick a fight with a Badger. The quarrelsome Badger remains ready to challenge any opponent, whether to defend itself or to steal a meal. Come meet the pugnacious Badger, and see how its enormous curved claws and array of sharp teeth help it to frighten away potential predators and also to excavate its elaborate den.
Jan. 1993
Billion Dollar Bass
The aptly-named Largemouth Bass is the top game fish in America and, as a result, Big Business to fishermen. Marty Stouffer takes us on an exciting excursion into the bizarre world of Bass fishing. Along the way, we also examine the complete life history of this fascinating member of the Perch family. Ultimately, we also see its enormous economic importance.
Jan. 1993
The Beauty of Butterflies
Few of Nature's creatures thrill us more than the short-lived Butterfly. During the warm spring and summer months, Butterflies multiply miraculously. Even so, some species live but a fortnight. We'll follow the Monarch's thousand-mile trek to its huge wintering colonies. We'll also show you how easy it is to attract these fragile beauties to your very own backyard.
Mar. 1993
Colors in Nature
From rich reds to bright yellows, cool blues to velvet blacks, the many colors we perceive in Nature evolved because they have survival value for living creatures. Certain hues aid reproduction or serve as protective camouflage. Some signal danger. This pretty program reveals practical aspects of beauty, and shows how it enhances our enjoyment of Nature.
Mar. 1993
Horns are permanent, while antlers are shed annually. The forked horns of the Pronghorn Antelope may prove to be the missing link between these two types of beautiful bony crown. Since prehistoric times, man has displayed these trophies. We'll share this ancient human fascination with horns and antlers as we explore their vital, and often unusual, roles in Nature.
Mar. 1993
Some Feet Have Noses
Did you know that feet do much more than just move animals from place to place? They are fascinating in their wide diversity. Some feet can smell and some can even taste; a few feet are as dexterous as the most skillful hands and others move their owners at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour! We focus on Nature's fantastic feat in creating such an amazing array of fascinating feet.
Mar. 1993
The Eyes Have It
Did you ever wonder why a predator's eyes are right in the front of its head, while its prey's eyes are on either side? How can an Insect have as many as 30,000 separate eyes? How do a Frog's eyes help it swallow? Why are some animals color-blind? Come along as we look at how Nature has given each species its own unique way of looking at the world.
Apr. 1993
Home Is Where There's Habitat
Whether it's the gnarled old Scrub Oak that hosts an intricate web of a Spider, or a raging river filled with Trout, a creature's habitat is as varied as the thousands of species that live here in North America. In this program, we'll uncover some of the many interesting places Mammals and Birds dwell, and learn why habitat is so important in their fight for survival.
Apr. 1993
Wild Wyoming
Wyoming has more wildlife -- both in broad diversity of species and also in sheer numbers -- than any other state south of the Canadian border. It is also blessed with more exploitable resources than any state except Alaska. Conflicts between the two are developing. Wyoming's untamed beauty is seen to be all the more precious in light of the controversy it raises.

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