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3 Jan. 2005
Still Bonding
Lauren wants to go to a under-21 club but Judy won't let her go. There is a picture of Lauren and her father on the newspaper, except that the man in picture is actually Becca's dad. Judy concludes that Bill isn't spending enough time (or, more precisely, no time at all) with Lauren and Bill agrees to do something with Lauren. Not surprisingly, they find they have nothing to talk about, so they hatch a plan to make Judy think they have spent time together. Meanwhile, Judy can't resist trying out Linda's wedding gown.
17 Jan. 2005
Still Advising
Brian has a crush on a girl called Carrie at school, but to her, he is invisible. Lauren encourages Brian by saying that he has a lot of potential - with a little bit of work, he "could actually be... a pretty good-looking guy". She then offers to give Brian a whole new look, because that would be a challenge to her. It all goes well, until a slight accident happens... Meanwhile, Bill wants to buy a muscle car of his dreams. Judy does not approve. Linda stops by with Perry, who is about to start making a music video of his dreams - but he hasn't even written the song ...
31 Jan. 2005
Still Drinking
Bill and Judy return home after a romantic date night and hear noise from the basement. Bill goes to investigate and returns to report that "Brian and Lauren's friends are down there" and adds: "I told a joke and cracked them up". Judy finds it odd, because "normal girls don't like Brian's friends" and, she points out, "no kids like your jokes". So she goes down with Bill in tow, looks around and sniffs the kids, but finds nothing. Then she accidentally bumps into one of the boys and hears bottles rattle inside his jacket. Lauren claims that the bottles are needed for...
7 Feb. 2005
Still Single
Fitz is having trouble not to think about his divorce while watching football with Bill and Mack. Bill is having trouble enjoying the game. Then Fitz leaves and the guys rejoice. Judy, however, finds that sad and decides that she and Bill should visit Fitz to cheer him up. They are amazed when they find out that Fitz has a pretty sweet apartment - and there's even a bar on the ground floor. Bill and Judy go there with Fitz and Judy gets the idea that she and Bill should pretend to be single and help "sell" Fitz to a single woman. Judy finds an attractive woman, Denise...
14 Feb. 2005
Still Not the One
Louise and Johnny are getting married. They set the date in two weeks on Valentine's Day and she wants the family to take part. Lauren and Tina will be the bridesmaids, Brian will play the guitar, Bill will give her away and Judy will be her matron of honor. However, Judy is less than thrilled but if she doesn't accept, Louise said the wedding will be postponed indefinitely. Louise has Judy running ragged and she is wants to quit, but Bill tells her she only has 3 days left and things will be great after that. Al, meanwhile, has flown in from Florida and he says he ...
21 Feb. 2005
Still Helping Out
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7 Mar. 2005
Still Admiring
Brian is getting anonymous instant messages from a girl and believes it is Lauren's tutor, Sarah. Unbeknown to him Lauren is the person sending the messages just to play with Brian.
21 Mar. 2005
Still the Boss
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18 Apr. 2005
Still Holding
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2 May 2005
Still Mother's Day
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23 May 2005
Still Getting Married
Linda and Perry are finally getting married. The main reason being, Perry's Foghat Cover band, that was supposed to go on tour, got canceled. The wedding will be at the local VFW Hall and will have a rock n roll theme. Although Judy is happy for Linda, she's skeptical about the whole thing. She wonders if this wedding is what Linda wants and if Perry is the right man for her. To Linda, all that matters is that she's marrying Perry. In addition, Judy wonders how Perry will support Linda and a family since he's unemployed. Bill says that he and his band will have steady...
23 May 2005
Still Exchanging
Brian has the chance to go to Italy for three months as an exchange student and he couldn't be more excited, until Linda tells him about her misadventures in France. Reluctant to go, he tries to sabotage the trip by breaking the rules at home. Bill and Judy are wondering why he's acting this way and they figure that he may be afraid of going and doesn't want to admit it. Brian, now more enthusiastic about going, looks foward to camping, hiking and fishing in the country. This bothers Bill, because he always promised Brian they would go camping and he has yet to do it....
21 Sep. 2005
Still Losin' It
Brian is back from Italy from the summer abroad program and while there, he has met a girl named Monica. He says that he's fallen in love with her. Bill and Judy are trying to tell Brian that long distance relationships don't work and that he should meet a girl here. Brian finds out that Monica can come to Chicago and asks his parents for the money to fly her here. They tell them they can't afford to, so Brian says he'll use the money he would've used for homecoming. Bill once again tries to tell Brian that he should meet a girl here in Chicago. Brian says that he ...
28 Sep. 2005
Still Using
The Miller's neighbors, Terry and Shelly, have a favor to ask. The cable guy is coming while they are away and they need someone to let him in, so they give Bill and Judy the keys to their house. However, when they return and ask for the key back, they suspect Bill of using their shower and Judy of taking some of Shelly's perfume. And when the cable guy came, nobody answered the door! In their defense, Judy tells them she's been waiting three weeks for Bill to fix their upstairs bathroom. All of this loses importance when Terry and Shelly discover that their son Chris...
5 Oct. 2005
Still Selling Out
There's a new guy moving in next door to Bill and Judy. Bill couldn't be less interested but Judy invites him over to say hello. Then it turns out that their new neighbor Kyle is part of the Polsky Beer family whose successful business was started by Kyle's grandfather. Kyle isn't the brightest of the bunch so his brothers run the company and Kyle stays home, enjoying the free beer. And just like that, Bill has a new best buddy. When spending time with Kyle becomes Bill's priority and Kyle erects a full-size scoreboard just by the Millers' fence, Judy realizes she's ...
12 Oct. 2005
Still Beauty and the Geek
Lauren says she should start thinking about college and that she'd like to participate on a tour in Loyola on Friday evening. Judy doesn't buy the cover story, of what is obviously a frat party, and forbids Lauren from going. Bill requests Brian to help him insulate the attic. Judy and Linda are forced to attend traffic school because of tickets. Unlike in high school, Linda becomes popular with everyone while Judy is left out and left to hang with an intellectual sitting in the back corner. Despite having been told not to go, Lauren goes to the party anyway but is ...
19 Oct. 2005
Still Irresponsible
Bill doesn't notice that Fitz is behind him and makes the mistake of calling Kyle "the best friend" he's ever had. Bill had invited Fitz to watch the game, but forgot all about it while in paint ball war with Kyle. The game is over, but Fitz has recorded it and Bill makes amends by watching it with him. Judy is worried because she has a lot of chores for Bill to do while she's at work, but Bill assured that he can do them all. But when Kyle shows up and invites Bill, Fitz and Brian to see his new 70" big screen TV, Bill's priorities get mixed. And that's not all Kyle ...
2 Nov. 2005
Still Aging
Judy is turning forty and says she has absolutely no problem with it. Her mother, Helen, is in town to celebrate it and Judy is very insistent that her mom should have her eyes checked, going so far as not letting her drive until she does. Everyone is starting to wonder if Judy really has a problem with turning forty. Helen is doing what she can to avoid the optometrist. She convinces Bill, who is driving her, to go to the casino so she can shoot craps instead of going to her appointment. Judy is more than annoyed with Bill when she finds out Helen was a no show to ...
9 Nov. 2005
Still Bill Vol.1
Bill's dad Al is coming for a visit and the girls are temporarily accommodated in the basement. Bill tells Judy that Al has changed for better since meeting his fiancée, Joy. And Al has promised to be a better father. Turns out that Joy has a son an Al is going to be a better father to him. Oh, and Bill's new step-brother's name is also Bill, so the original Bill (vol. 1) has to change his name. Unless he can sort out this terrible mess.
23 Nov. 2005
Still the Fun One
Bill and Judy have agreed to meet Tina's classmate Timmy Clark's parents over a dinner and are reluctant to go - until they discover that the Clarks too hate their own kids! Later, Bill is shocked to find out that Judy has already had other activity with the Clarks - without him. And the Clarks have invited Judy exclusively to dinner at a restaurant with them. Bill decides to crash the dinner. Linda and Brian buy matching cell phones and later they accidentally get switched. To Brian and his friend Douglas's shock, Linda's cell phone contains a video of Linda spanking...
14 Dec. 2005
Still Avoiding Christmas
"Christmas Hell" is causing Judy stress and she proposes that this Christmas, she and Bill reduce the workload, like, for example, by not getting presents for each other. Bill takes this seriously, but luckily for him, his pal Kyle, on basis of experience from three divorces, advises him to get Judy a present. Brian loses his job as a Christmas carol singer at the mall and has to help Judy decorating the house. That job was supposed to belong to Lauren, but she doesn't have to do it since she has a job at a restaurant - or so she claims. Brian finds out that Lauren is...

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