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6 Mar. 2005
Het begin van het einde
Daan bravely resists continuous torture by a huge, German-speaking goon. He nearly overpowers him, but is surprised to see his accomplice is none other but Evert. Fred bumps into Boudewijn Peuts, whom the sisters knew when they were all childish brats. After some abuse and false accusations from her, he shows more backbone and gets on kissing terms. Seeing Fred's infidelity, farmer Freek dumps her. Roy is finally released from prison and installs himself in a villa, with Evert as sidekick again. Beth is back from France and demands Elmma finally pays up as agreed fro ...
13 Mar. 2005
Slaap, kindje, slaap
Evert and the German's torture finally force Daan, who refused a deal, to record a fake confession to Yakov he 'helped himself to a business loan'. Fred finds Beth in the wood, bleeding to death after a fall from her horse and probably beaten. Police detective Hezemans investigates, concentrating on Roy. But Paula and Hugo, a hunky young cook she picked up hitchhiking and fell in love with, prove his alibi in the local supermarket is true.
20 Mar. 2005
No Milk Today
Daan is reported wanted in Germany on TV. In fact he's still tortured there, but escapes while Evert has a dumb fight over cigarettes with the German goon. Back in Holland, he is hidden in the stables. Fred gives Boudewijn a ride and has hot sex with him. The police fails to find Daan, but finds proof for Beth's murder during her funeral. De Witte's supermarket deliveries are sabotages thrice, as turns out by Roy's accomplices. Roos tells Gert about her adultery, and is wisely dumped.
27 Mar. 2005
Sleeping with the Enemy
Daan is finally happily home with Floor and baby Casper. He goes confront Roy, only to find the mastermind is none other then Yakov, who promises his suffering is over and makes Roy, who got 10% finders fee, cut off one of torturer Evert's fingers, ignoring Roy's son Hugo accidentally sees that. Roy claims Beth's estate. Emma's lie to have paid for half the family estate is found out. But also Roy having been married to Babette, with two daughters.
3 Apr. 2005
What's in a Name
Roy talks son Hugo out of moving out and insists to finance his restaurant dream, promising his crime life is over. Fred is jailed as an unrevealed witness claims to have seen her murdering Beth. After a jailer illegally shows her some document, she confesses. Daan decides to take some executive charge again. Emma is forging beth's signature, but the sisters don't act on their suspicions. Roos pretends to be Floor so she can meet US top executive of Dutch descent Nick Vandervoort.
16 Apr. 2005
U r Nt Alone
Daan's suggestions are ignored. Gert flirts with Cas's nanny and accepts Evert's invitation. Realizing that's at Roy's villa, he punches the host twice, then accepts his apologies for having caused Olivier's fall. Gert also finds out Hugo dates Paula but doesn't object. Fred confesses Beth's murder, but the police doubts her version how and she's incommunicado. Roy suggests to communicate by messages on her favorite TV music station. She doesn't know Morse, but Floor thinks of making her respond by blinking her cell lamp. Next they copy Lindner's lawyer's ID to visit ...
17 Apr. 2005
De baby en de bakfiets
Attorney Lindner feels all remains possible on the trial front. While Emma minds Casper, the baby-boy goes missing. Half of Negenhuizen goes looking for Cas, who is presumed kidnapped or drowned. Roos is meanwhile at Boudewijn's, to his surprise taking on his jamming invitation. Daan wasn't informed, so he's occupied with a foxy business contact. Yakov hard-handedly tests Roy. Evert gets the savior part, but it's staged.
24 Apr. 2005
Moederziel alleen
Hugo and Paula do a great job developing a low-fat cheese, but before De Witte can patent it, competitor Rijnland launches the formula. Hugo discovers his dad Roy owes that company, but is promised a generous solution. After the baby was kidnapped from her care, Emma plans to emigrate back to San Francisco. She offers her shares in the beauty farms to Yakov, but he refuses, so Roy expects to buy her De Witte shares. The sisters suspect the 'couple' which testified against Fred is Emma, Beth's heir and probable murderer, plus Chris Zuiderhof, who is in fact just her ...
1 May 2005
Storm in een glas melk
De Witte's plant is sabotaged, repeatedly. Floor still mistrusts Daan, but ultimately Gert overhears Evert confess he stole Daan's password and leaked the cheese formula. However the sisters still believe the fired fiend's incriminations concerning Daan's link with Yakov, a ploy, and Gert's flirting with Cas's babysit. Boudewijn makes love to Fred during a jail visit. Buniness relation Jelle Itserda declares his love to former college friend Floor, who fails to reciprocate. Exotic flowers on Beth's murder site are bought by Boudewijn's room-mate Wendy, who denies any ...
8 May 2005
Zo waarlijk helpe mij God almachtig
Despite a sweet gesture from Daan, who at least wants to recognize their baby legally, Floor coldly ignores him and accepts Jelle's proposal head over heels. Fred's trial chances look a lot better now Wendy ten Have has admitted she witnessed Beth's murder, but she's missing. Paula discovers Boudewijn carries a plain ticket to South America. Yakov promises to find Wendy within hours. His goons beat it out of Yourev. Lindner unmasks the false witnesses as Emma's lover Chris Zuiderhof and Roy's former employee Mus, both bribed by him. Fred still repeats her confession ...
15 May 2005
Boudewijn has fled and kidnapped Paula. She sneakily establishes phone-contact, so Ollie can trace them and 'Bou' leaves her behind. Roy wants revenge on the sisters by ratting to the insurance, but Hugo warns he'll leave home if that costs him Paula. Yakov buys Roy's bodyguard so she betrays where the recording is. Fred is home and feels useless, so Yakov's courting is irresistible- until he kisses her. When Emma accuses Yakov of masterminding everything, he shoots her, in front of Lidner.
22 May 2005
Het einde van het begin
While Emma is rushed to ER, Yakov calls a general assembly at De Witte, as her and Fred's failure to service debt to him allow him to claim 5/9 of the dairy firm's shares. Yakov replaces Floor as CEO by Daan, but orders him to kill her as proof of loyalty, and he chooses Cas. Lindner betrays Yakov kidnapped Fred aboard his ship, captured while his goons eliminated Boudewijn. Roy is ordered to leave the region, so he sends Hugo and Paula on a world tour.

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