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Should be called "Foe or Foe"

Author: looker1010az from New York City
2 August 2006

The question-and-answer sessions were pretty interesting sometimes, and the final question-and-answer round was fun to watch. It was these question-and-answer sessions that really made the game anything interesting at all.

What ruined Friend or Foe was the Trust Box round. Both contestants in each Trust Box round can vote Friend or Foe. If both vote Friend, they split their pot equally. If both vote Foe, they both get nothing. But if one votes Friend and the other votes Foe, the Foe gets the entire pot and the friend gets nothing.

It happened a good 99% of the time, where both contestants in each Trust Box round would state syrupy cases on why they should both vote Friend, then stand there giving each other unbearably fake and cheesy smiles, and then Kennedy reveals their choice and they both voted Foe and go away with nothing. This was one game show where maybe 1% of the contestants actually won a single dime... even the winning two contestants because they both give ridiculously fake smiles and both vote Foe. Of the 1% where any Friend votes were given, it was 90% Friend - Foe and only 10% Friend - Friend. As Carmen-5 said, double Friend votes happened but they were so rare you could count them on one hand. Even Friend - Foe votes were uncommon as too many people were greedy.

This show had a short run because so precious few of its contestants ever took home any winnings whatsoever. The question-and-answer rounds made the game, but the Trust Box rounds broke it. Almost nobody wanted to share, and as a result, both got nothing... not even plane fare home. There was no element of luck here... it was all a matter of trust and greed. Trust was in short supply, greed was abundant. Friend or Foe was a reasonably good idea that was ruined by Aesop's fable of the dog with a steak that saw its reflection in the water. After too many dogs grabbed for the others' steak and ended up with no steak, all the other dogs got the message and walked away from the pond.

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The Most Contempably Biased Game SHow in HIstory - No Exceptions.

Author: theweaklingswither from Savannah GA USA
17 April 2003

Personal Secrets Placed on the airwaves for the entire world (poeentially ) to hear? to turn the unforgiving masses against you? Speaking for myself, to coin an old cliche, "Some things are better left unsaid." Anybody who has ever been on this attrocious joke of a game show must want money pretty bad.

0* (not worth rating) out of a possible *****

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A great new show!!

Author: AnimeOtaku101 from USA
5 August 2002

Kennedy the ex MTV V-J is back and is as good as ever in the new show "Friend or Foe" There are 3 people and 3 potential partners, they are all strangers to each other, and each has their own fatal flaw. They each start with $200 in their "Trust Fund" and answer question's in each round. The two teams that answer the most questions move on to the next round, but the other team must decide either to go Friend or Foe. If they both choose Friend they split the money 50-50. If they both choose Foe they each get nothing. But if one breaks trust by going foe and the other goes friend, foe gets everything.

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One of the worst game shows I have ever seen

Author: edmundmuskie from America
27 February 2003

I watched this show one time and I hated it almost instantly. Friend or Foe is about the dumbest most mean spirited game show I have seen in years. Kennedy is the host of the show. It was very obvious she has little in the area of career opportunities so she signed on to this show. What happened Kennedy? I knew that you were washed up after MTV but you are not that desperate.

And of course Kennedy, having a pink Republican elephant tattoo she probably fits in well with this mean spirited game show. The plot is simple: Three teams pick each other before the show and then compete with each other to get to the top of three rounds. After one round the lowest scoring team is eliminated. The two go to the trust box. At the trust box they have the option to vote friend or foe. If they both vote friend then they split the money they win. In one person votes friend and the other foe then the person that votes foe gets the money. If both vote foe then neither person gets the money.

At the end of the first two round both teams have to do this as does the final team that plays a fast money round. What is amazing about this show is you can walk away from this game with absolutely nothing. This is supposedly reality television but it is fantasy pure and simple. The set is so dark and foreboding and you have to ask yourself why is this show so dark?

Why is it that this show is so dark while other much more successful game shows like the Match Game and the Price is Right are not so dark and funny and generally very light? Those are great game shows this is sheer crap and the Game Show Network will not take it off why not? Every time this show comes on my television refuses to operate. The show is that bad.

And Kennedy always has her sly little comments she makes about the contestants. She thinks she is so funny. She is about as witty as my fingernail. All I will say is there is plenty of top quality television on the Game Show Network. This is not one of them. Leave this show alone do not touch it and let Kennedy wither away into the same void every other MTV VJ washed up in.

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Fun game show

Author: Grace Zeh ( from Chantilly, Virginia, USA
29 August 2008

First off, I must say that this was a fun game show. Also, I haven't seen every episode. However, I do know the show very well. Every time I watched it, I had a lot of fun playing along and watching. This made me long to be a contestant. The thing I liked most about it are the questions. Despite the fact that I didn't know that many answers, I still had fun playing along. I hope some network brings it back so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, if this show comes back on the air again, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.

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One of the worst game shows in history.

Author: Zarbon from United States
18 August 2002

First of all. Nearly every contestant is pretty much a half step from being a prison inmate. The show actually seeks out and finds people that are unethical or criminal in nature. One of the contests was introduced as a guy that stole his mother's car. Another won $2,000 by stealing raffle tickets. I only wish I was joking about this. There is no one that you wish to win, you hope they all lose. They are all some of the biggest lowlifes in the country.

As if this weren't bad enough, they get yet another chance to prove what lowlifes they are at the "Trust Box". The money that each team wins is somewhat up for grabs. Each member of a team stands on the side of the trust box to play a sort of twisted rock, paper, scissors type game. Each of the two people from the team chooses either "Friend" or "Foe". Here's how this works...

If they both think they trust each other they would both choose "Friend". They would then split the team money and each of them would take half home.

If neither thinks they can trust the other they would both choose "Foe". When this happens, they both screw each other and no one gets anything.

Now comes the worst. If they both appear to trust each other and one of them chooses "Friend" and the other chooses "Foe" then the person who voted "Friend" gets nothing. Nada, zilch, zippo. The person who voted "Foe" goes home with the entire wad of cash.

Sound bad? It's a lot worse watching it.

Trust me there's no redeeming quality to this piece of crap excuse for a show. Avoid it at all costs.

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GSN dumped Password Plus, Super Password, and Tattletales for this?!

Author: BobinAtlantiCity from Atlantic City, NJ
3 August 2002

The people in charge of Game Show Network must be almost as dumb as those in charge at CBS when "Match Game '79" was canceled. What were they thinking? This show is horrible! First, the hostess...who told this girl that she was capable of hosting a game show? She comes across as a cold, uncomfortable emcee. Her "funny" comments seemed forced and rehearsed. Plus, who could ever trust a Republican with the name KENNEDY?!

Now, for the show itself...worse than Kennedy! The questions are bad, and the answers are questionable. The concept is original, but still uninteresting. Any contestant who knows anything about competition would vote "Foe" all the way. There is no chance whatsoever for your "friend" to win a dime.

Save your time and watch a decent show. This isn't worth 30 minutes.

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It's actually pretty Good

Author: Shelby from Burlington, NC
31 July 2002

I think it's kind of entertaining. This show is pretty original,these guys don't know what they're saying. What I like most about the show is when they have to pick "friend or foe", you can see the anger or relief on their faces.

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Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Author: Nick (youngmensch) from Philadelphia
1 July 2002

When, Game Show Network unveiled it's late night line up, it brought in two semi-decent shows (Whammy! or Russian Roulette). However, in the middle of those two shows they stuck in a piece of trash, "Friend or Foe?".

The show starts with people picking partners based on how less-embarrassing something they did in the past is. The partners then answer simple question within a very generous time limit (yet some pairs STILL manage to mess up). The lowest ranking team at the end of each round goes to "trust box" where they either vote friend or foe. This is the most irrelevant part of the game, because it is not about trust, as they could have had "pick a number 1 or 2". Anyway, if both people "vote" friend then they split their petty winnings evenly. If they both "vote" foe then they each leave with nothing. If one goes "friend" and one goes "foe" then they split the money 50-50.

Anyway, when the final group is decided, they go play "Right or Wrong" (very creative name) where they get simple questions to build up their bank (known as trust fund). They head to the trust box where they divide up their money.

While all of this is bad, what makes the show terrible is the host Kennedy. Kennedy is extremely obnoxious and annoying. She seems to think she is funny, even though the "jokes" she says are terrible. Overall, I find myself tuning into "Whammy!" at 10:00 then doing something else for a half hour when "Friend or Foe" comes on then tuning back in at 11 for "Russian Roulette".

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World's dumbest people on display!

Author: Beeracuda from Maryland
28 June 2003

I'm not going to say much about this show, since most of the others on here have already said what needed to be said about it. I will add this though: The questions on this show are probably the easiest questions ever asked on a game show. Only an uneducated moron would continually get these questions wrong - which is exactly the type of characters they have as contestants. Boring and irritating to watch. Skip it!

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