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20 Jul. 2002
When Pants Attack
Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner vie against each other for Cindy's affections and Prof. Calamitous employs Cosmo and Wanda in his evil plans.
6 Sep. 2002
Normal Boy/Birth of a Salesman
Jimmy creates a machine that zaps his intelligence away in order to fit in, while his missing brains are needed to stop a meteor aimed at Retroville./ Jimmy builds a candy selling robot salesman who won't take no for an answer.
13 Sep. 2002
Brobot/The Big Pinch
Boredom causes Jimmy to create an overly energetic robot for a little brother/ After bringing Thomas Edison to the present, history rewrites itself by vanquishing all electrical machinery.
20 Sep. 2002
Granny Baby/Time Is Money
Jimmy turns his babysitting Grandma into a toddler to avoid her elderly rants and rambles/ Jimmy goes back in time to convince his dad to invest in a successful fast food chain, making the family rich in the present.
27 Sep. 2002
I Dream of Jimmy/Raise the Oozy Scab
Jimmy and his friends use a sub to find treasure hidden in an old, sunken ship somewhere on the ocean floor/Carl confronts his nightmares of the "terrible spooky thing" by allowing Jimmy to enter his dreams.
4 Oct. 2002
Jimmy on Ice/Battle of the Band
Jimmy attacks the earth's atmosphere with sun block to end Retroville's heatwave causing a second ice age instead. / Jimmy creates musical instruments that play based on thought waves to beat Cindy and Libby in a school talent show.
14 Oct. 2002
See Jimmy Run/Trading Faces
After consistently finishing last in his gym class races, Jimmy invents a pair of super fast running shoes until things get out of control/ Jimmy's new experiment goes horribly wrong causing him to switch bodies with Cindy.
30 Oct. 2002
The Phantom of Retroland/My Son the Hamster
A dare leads Jimmy and pals to stay over night at Retroland to prove once and fall all the existence of the park's phantom/ Not to dissimilar to 1958's 'The Fly', an accident rearranges the bodies and heads of Jimmy and Carl's pet hamster.
1 Nov. 2002
Hall Monster/Hypno Birthday to You
When the old tyrant of a hall monster leaves, Jimmy is picked as his replacement. /In order to get his new chemistry set right away, Jimmy hypnotizes his parents.
15 Nov. 2002
Krunch Time/Substitute Creature
Jimmy comes up with a snack that is even tastier than everyone's favorite./Miss Fowl swallows a seed from Jimmy's DNA-accelerated spinach plant turning her into a 50-foot plant creature.
30 Nov. 2002
Safety First/Crime Sheen Investigation
Jimmy creates an electronic bodyguard to protect him from a bully./Jimmy helps Sheen find his missing Ultra-Lord action figure.

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