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Plot Keywords

vampire love
warrior blood
death werewolf
first part pass out from blood loss
strong female lead passing out from blood loss
camera focus on female butt female gunfighter
pregnant vampire death of expectant mother
death of pregnant woman execution of a pregnant woman
urban gothic shuriken
subjective camera evil man
breaking through a wall explosion
grenade father murders daughter
whipping hybrid
traitor kidnapping
memory ambush
shot through a wall shot through a door
character says i love you punched in the face
woman punching a man skin torn off
talking to one's self in a mirror chased by a dog
target practice face slap
climbing over a fence cigarette smoking
underwater scene held at gunpoint
car crash blade
party kicking in a door
stabbed in the shoulder shot in the neck
thrown through a wall falling through the floor
lifted by the throat medical intern
hospital regeneration
flashback tomb
looking at one's self in a mirror awakening
eyes different color throwing star
ultraviolet light bare chested male
foot chase slow motion scene
bitten in the neck rain
voice over narration first of series
open ended man punching a woman
head cut in half murder of a pregnant woman
vampire versus werewolf blood splatter
neck breaking female vampire
vampire human love underground
supernatural power star crossed lovers
nocturnal medical student
feud battle
vampire driving car budapest hungary
cult film ancient vampire
vampire slayer action heroine
latex latex catsuit
shot in the chest hypodermic needle
female warrior dark heroine
rivalry transformation
werewolf bite vampire bite
train train depot
fangs syringe
sword subway
subway train subway station
subway chase silver nitrate
shotgun rifle
photography night
needle murder
mansion machine gun
laptop computer ladder
knife jumping through a window
full moon downtown
coven hit by a car
camera apartment building
arsenal gothic
shot in the shoulder dismemberment
betrayal beaten to death
whip torso cut in half
stabbed in the arm slave
shot in the arm healing
gore falling from height
exploding body broken leg
stabbed in the leg shot to death
shot in the back gash in the face
corpse burned alive
broken arm shot in the forehead
mutation immortality
forbidden love deception
decapitation silver bullet
ripped neck lycanthropy
impalement pistol
surprise ending

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