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Better than "Gladiator" -- deeper, more thoughtful, more about human motivation and less about action.
Chicago Tribune
A gargantuan epic, a historical adventure-drama of overwhelming visual grandeur.
Charlotte Observer
Bloom finally comes into his own as a man here, somberly thoughtful and melancholic. The elfin archer of "The Lord of the Rings" and the trivial boy-toy of "Troy" have been forgotten.
Scott and company have gotten so accomplished at re-creating history that the results have a welcome offhanded quality, making them spectacular without seeming to be showing off.
The Hollywood Reporter
Fulfills the requirements of grand-scale moviemaking while serving as a timely reminder that in the conflict between Christianity and Islam it was the Christians who picked the first fight.
Odd as it is to say, Kingdom of Heaven loses its momentum the more Balian gets religion.
Screenwriter William Monahan has fashioned an intelligent and highly topical epic. Director Ridley Scott has brought it home with banners flying.
Entertainment Weekly
Scott, working from a script by William Monahan, is so busy balancing our sympathies, making sure no one gets offended, that he has made a pageant of war that would have gotten a thumbs-up from Eleanor Roosevelt.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's hard to say with assurance whether the flaw is in Bloom's performance or in Monahan's politically correct conception of Balian, precociously secular for a Crusader.
New York Daily News
For all its scale, grandeur, historical context and political brass, "Kingdom" is no more compelling a period drama than last year's "Alexander."
Dramatically, even a persuasive supporting cast gets Heaven only so far.
Wall Street Journal
While there's gore by the gallon, inventiveness is in short supply.

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