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Season 1

20 Sep. 2002
A man awakens on an island only to discover that he has no memory of who he is. Without knowing his identity, he travels to Seattle and finds out that not only is he an amnesiac but that he is a savant, that he knows literally everything. The colorblind genius soon becomes a police consultant, aiding in the most inexplicable of crimes, while, at the same time, beginning a journey to find out who he is.
27 Sep. 2002
Blood Lines
Karen is fired from her job at the bar by Digger. She talks John into taking her on as his assistant. Also, John helps the Seattle Police figure out the motive behind a series of attacks against an importers family.
4 Oct. 2002
Doe Re: Me
John helps Lt. Avery and Det. Hayes solve a series of gruesome murders involving twins who were put up for adoption decades ago. A doctor with unorthodox methods for memory recovery tries to help Doe.
18 Oct. 2002
Past Imperfect
A body found in an old wine barrel leads to 30 year-old pictures of the owner of the vineyard. The owner has a remarkable likeness to John Doe.
25 Oct. 2002
John Deux
Another man is found in Puget Sound. John's investigation into the man leads to trouble in the hospital, trouble with the police, trouble for anyone connected to the man, and danger for Doe.
1 Nov. 2002
Low Art
An expensive piece of art is stolen from the gallery and Karen is a suspect. John uses his talents to defend Karen in court and the police solve the mystery.
8 Nov. 2002
Mind Games
A woman shows up with a young boy, and claims this is his son. She was part of a project that John may have participated in. Several geniuses donated genetic material, any one of them including John may be the boy's father. Someone is killing the donors, the race is on to find the killer and the boy's father.
15 Nov. 2002
An abduction and a series of clues send John Doe to Idaho where he meets his apparent family. Anything that seems too good to be true.
6 Dec. 2002
Manifest Destiny
John Does decides to go on a trip to London. He's struggling to calm himself down due to the claustrophobia caused by being on a plane when a Reverend dies. John finds out he was murdered (poisoned).He has to find the killer, who is on the plane, with a help of some people and others trying to make his job harder.
13 Dec. 2002
The Mourner
A psychopathic serial killer called "The Mourner" has John trapped in a battle of wits. Failure by John means death for innocent people including his friends.
10 Jan. 2003
John D.O.A.
The battle between John and The Mourner reaches its climax. How high will the body count go?
17 Jan. 2003
Tone Dead
Rachel visits John in Seattle. New to relationships and dating, John seeks out advice from Frank. A popular deejay dies under peculiar circumstances. John and Rachel work with the police to figure out how it happened.
31 Jan. 2003
Family Man
It's all about families. Frank's soon to be ex-wife wants sole custody of their children and she wants to prevent him from seeing them at all. A teenage girl is kidnapped by a deranged man who wants to replace his family.
14 Feb. 2003
Ashes to Ashes
The Phoenix group kidnaps Karen to interrogate her about John and an artifact that they seek. John follows a trail of clues and a series of deaths that lead him back to Horseshoe Island. Will John and the police find Karen in time to save her?
7 Mar. 2003
Psychic Connection
The police work a tragic abduction and murder case of young women. John has some competition since the police have enlisted a self-proclaimed psychic in the search for a serial killer.
15 Mar. 2003
Illegal Alien
An astronaut who falls from the sky is shot by teen aged campers. The autopsy reveals that the astronaut would have died of asphyxiation if he wasn't shot. John, Frank, and Digger investigate the mysterious burned-out circle found near the shooting.
21 Mar. 2003
Doe or Die
The police station is invaded and taken over by an ex-cop who is holding a grudge against the department. Doe uses his wits and skills to stop the bad guys.
28 Mar. 2003
Save as... John Doe
John Doe unravels a mystery involving a super hot woman, a dead computer genius, several hit-men, and an amazing new invention.
4 Apr. 2003
Shock to the System
After being struck by lightning, everything changes for John Doe. He can see colors, but he no longer has his super intelligence. He makes financial mistakes. He is not as effective for the police. All of this makes him doubt himself.
18 Apr. 2003
Remote Control
The Seneca Institute has an interesting program involving "fallen geniuses," psychic abilities, and remote visions. John Doe and Digger stumble onto it while investigating an accident involving Digger's blood brother.
25 Apr. 2003
The Rising
John is having visions that cause him to black out. The visions lead him to the dead body of an unidentified man. Several clues on the body of the unidentified man lead Doe to the Phoenix Group. What he learns is mind blowing.

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