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Excellent Prime Time Series
Sideem19 October 2003
Half & Half has definitely improved over the first season. It's a worthy show that never fails to bring out the funny. Rachel True is an excellent actress and next to Valarie Pettiford is one of my favorites on the show. I for one happen to like her 'eclectic' look. Remember the phrase...'We are not a monolith'. In other words, not every black person thinks and acts the same. If we all did that, life would be boring and I suppose some of you wouldn't have anything to b!tch about! I'm very happy it's made it to a second season. They did have a potential 'jump the shark' moment introducing a pregnancy but so far it's been handled very well.

I look forward to many more laughs from the entire cast, who clearly have great chemistry together.
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Confounding expectations
budikavlan21 October 2002
This is the story of two half-sisters establishing a friendship for the first time in their lives. Mona, the older sister, grew up resenting DeeDee because their father had left her mother, remarried, become wealthy and raised DeeDee in a much more affluent lifestyle than Mona's. It really surprised me, watching the first few episodes then, when none of the characters turned out to be what I expected. The virtuous, hardworking Mona turned out to be judgmental and aloof, while the spoiled DeeDee was sweetly eager-to-please and savvy. The cast is excellent (both mothers are hilarious) and I like the developing friendship so far. It's not important, but I also love the opening theme. My only complaint is that the ratio of genuine laughs is fairly low; that's usually easier to fix than other potential problems.
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The most watchable UPN sitcom
Patrick (boston2143)28 April 2003
"Half & Half" is not groundbreaking, built on a standard sit-com foundation of "mismatched partners", but considering its initial lack of promise, it does a good job of staying afloat, even offering the occasional bit of unexpected hilarity. Rachel True ("CB4"), who plays lead character Mona, is a refreshing switch from the women of "Girlfriends", the show's whiny lead-in. Another noteworthy surprise is Mona's gay receptionist, partially because his brand of flamboyance is much more sympathetic than the usual snooty fops that sit-com writers like to parade around to incorporate a few played-out one-liners, but also because his delivery is on-point, and he serves as a good diversion from just how conventional this show can be at times. Chico Benymon, as the thus-far platonic buddy Spencer, is also talented and amiable, although I believe he is not as integral a player now as he may become if this show can endure its sophomore season. On the plot front, the show has been hesitant to address anything that will last longer than 22 minutes, but we have watched Mona land an A&R job (her star artist, in-the-closet R&B teen idol Dante, continues to be mentioned in dialog although the actor who played him, Merlin Santana, was tragically murdered shortly after appearing in just one episode), and most recently, we've learned that Spencer is looking at Mona in a new light, probably as a result of being picked up for another season. All in all, only time will tell if this show can tweak all the right things and stay put, or if it will dive into UPN oblivion, but here's hoping the writers stray from convention a little more often.

(Note from the future: The show did dive into oblivion, right along with UPN, as it was not picked up for the transition to the CW network. -Patrick, Oct. 2, 2006)
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The Mature Version of Sister,Sister
raysond31 December 2002
When I first starting watching this series,I thought that it was going to be another of those over the wall sitcoms where mostly the unexpected always occurs,but I dead wrong about this show in the least! First off,it is a mixture of Sister,Sister,mixed in with various point of other shows just for good measure. Here you have two girls who are half-sisters who for the first time develop a good friendship with each other,even though they come from two different families. Mona is the opposite of her sister DeeDee who is spoiled,rich and gets anything she wants while both girls have the same father(who is never around,but cheats anyway)while on the same frame have two different mothers from mixed marriages. First off,this is a great show with some heavy-hitters here for added support like actors Essence Atkins(of Sister,Sister,and The Smart Guy),Telma Hopkins(of Tony Orlando & Dawn, Gimme A Break!, and Family Matters)Obba Wutannde,and also Valerie Pettiford. I don't know about actress Rachel True,but she is a good actress,but looks like a hippie chic,part Spice Girl,and part Freddie Brooks from A Different World,and lets hope that they give her a makeover.........please????

NOTE: The series premiered in September of 2002,and to make a long story short,the network UPN cancelled it in December of 2002,a day prior to New Year's Eve due to some very low ratings. Hopefully,this series will show up somewhere along the lines on a different timeslot since it wasn't a bad series anyway.
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dwillis1720 January 2009
This was an excellent series. The characters are all delightful.The writing of Yvette Lee Bowser is outstanding , just as it was on Living Single. Essence Atkins(Dee Dee) and Rachel True(Mona) were excellent choices for the parts they play. You can easily fall in love with any of the cast. Spencer played by Chico Benymon is funny as hell.Valarie Pettiford who plays Big Dee Dee is one of a kind.The writing is clever and witty. The thing I love about the show is that its not corny and silly. Its just good. I routinely laugh out loud when watching this show. You will love her.Another great thing about the show is all the fresh faces. They did a good job having new guest stars pop in and out. Thelma Hopkins(Phyliss, Mona's Mom) was also a good character. You may remember here from Give Me a Break. The give and take between her and Pettiford produced some of the best one liners you will ever hear on TV. I'm still enjoying this show on syndication.
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I Loved It!
naila_j16 September 2006
I relate to Mona's character I am going through similar things in my life and it seems I too I have run some of the good men away and keep the one I should have ran away. I know people who really act like big DeeDee full of the drama and think you crazy when you stare too long at them because they go too far sometimes. If we will be honest with ourselves we can see a little of Lil DeeDee in people we know and even love always in somebody else's business and chances are if you don't know someone you are the one. I just hate they didn't take the time to at least finish the show and then cancel it. Like in life everything doesn't end like it suppose to or how you think it is suppose to, but i thank God for Jesus who gives me a better chance of end my story not on a cliff hanger but with an happy ending.
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A show growing into prominence . . .
tlb-online0714 November 2007
Two half sisters begin to experience the beauty of sisterhood and friendship after growing up in separate households in their early years. Both women begin to evolve and heal old family wounds by building new bridges and revelations through each other. Fresh, smart, relateable and naturally funny. It's amazing how sitcoms like this disappear. In every city there's a Mona and a Dee Dee, in every country there's an Adam or a Spencer. Half and Half has all the qualities of a classic long running sitcom and it was becoming a huge platform in the community. And since it's stopped airing urban comedy hasn't been the same. People are still waiting to know what's up next for these characters and with enough prayer and petitioning, maybe CW can right the wrong and return Half and Half to prominence better than ever.
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What An Excellent Show !!!!
Adam Zied23 September 2007
This is a a great show, Rachel True and Essence Atkins are beautiful and the rest of the cast is great too, the shows intro is lovely and well I wish it was still running with fresh seasons and not just re-runs, I really like the chemistry the cast shares with each other, and Like i mentioned before how lovely is the song they play for the opening intro it just makes wish you had a DVR (Which I DO!) so you can rewind it a couple times till you know the song by heart, that is what I did anyway. It's a shame that show was canceled after only 4 seasons, what a big disappointment. Let us all pray that some how , some way this show makes a return with some fresh new episodes and brings that smile to all of our faces as it once did.
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A good show!
catherine_vincent2713 November 2002
I just love the theme music for this show! The show could be a little better but this is the first season, it'll happen. Telma Hopkins on the show is a real plus. Also, they should show more of that Asian guy that always wants a hug. He is hilarious!
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Valarie Pettiford
jackstone728 August 2009
Valarie Pettiford is funny as hell. She should have her own TV show. When i watch half&half i am always waiting for her spot. She is one of the best comedic actresses around. You can always tell who is good when they are the one you watch in a scene full of actors. She is a beautiful funny woman who commands the stage as well as anyone. I would like to see more of her on television. It is a shame this series is gone.A spin off would have been nice. Maybe the Big Dee Dee show. I think she took that character made it shine. Telma Hopkins was a perfect foe. I think the two of them should have their own show. I would watch it. Those two verbally sparring for thirty minutes would be hilarious. Come on, give us more Valarie Pettiford...please!!
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Half and Half is funny to me
bearhands423 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I do find the humor in Half and Half. I see a little of both sisters in me. In the last few years of my life I have actually went from living like Mona to shopping and living like Dee Dee. I wish everyone could live in both sets of shoes for awhile. It makes the show funnier if you can relate. I love every character. I think they are perfectly placed and make me laugh. The mothers are crazy, the dad stays out of it as much as possible, he is just the money man. The sisters are soo different and you end up liking something different about both of them. I love how Mona is up and down in emotions and Dee Dee cant ever keep up with the changes. I love how Dee Dee has high class taste and Mona doesn't, but they both look great and stylish all the time.I appreciate this show being aired still. I wish it didn't come on at 1 am but I will continue waiting up for it until they decide to change it to an earlier time. As long as they keep creating I don't care what time it airs.I will be watching!
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Wonderful Sitcom , Very Funny
midingle325 September 2006
I am really sad to see this sitcom get drop from the new 2006 fall lineup. I think it was very funny, entertaining, something different, and fresh faces. It seems like the networks cancel all the decent sitcom to put on Reality TV, or the Supernatural. Whatever happen to being able to watch Friends, Different World, New York Undercover, Roseann etc. They all had that one person that just made the show so much fun and exciting to watch.

Adam and Big Dee Dee makes this show hilarious to watch. I really hope the CW picks up Half and Half it couldn't been to bad of a show it lasted for 4 seasons, that got to mean something. Please Bring It Back.
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It needs time to mature
unitedbro12 June 2003
Like every TV series it takes a year or two for a show to hit it's stride like Girlfriends did. I admit that in the beginning this series was a little choppy but, anytime you get to see Rachel True and Essence Atkins on TV it is a treat. I think they play Rachel a little too clownish and her Frankenstein boots every episode are too much. Hopefully this show will get another year to mature because it has a good premise, it just needs a little time to mature.
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Good Cast, but where are the writers?
KaterinaNV28 October 2002
When will american sitcoms finally get decent writers or invest a little more talent into their productions? I caught this show purely by accident and thought that the set up was a good one for a comedy and liked both Rachel True and Essence Atkins in it as the two half sisters. What I didn't find as appealing is the fact there are so many opportunities for real comedy here and both girls are so available and open for it, and yet where are the writers? Constantly the laughs are not there because they're not writing them in! It is the most confounding thing and the most irritating to to watch a comedy that has the potential to go places, only to see them go nowhere. Must we wait 10 years each time for the next Cosby Show, Cheers or Friends? Are there really that few writers out there that can actually put pen to paper and make something funny come out of it? I hope for the sake of the show and the cast (who deserve better material) that the producers come to their senses and start whipping the storylines into something a little more witty.
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Good show
rick_suber21 November 2008
Good show. Funny. Not full of buffoonery and overall, shows black folks in a positive light. I think it should still be on TV (with new episodes) and its a shame it does not come on anymore. Unfortunately, I do not like the fact that the only black male on the cast is the "typical" player-type. And the sister (Mona?) with the curly hair was dating a white guy (at least the episodes that I saw). Interracial relationships are cool, but the disproportionate portrayal of black males as either buffoons or players is crazy. So all in all, good show. Hopefully we can have more like it, with more positive black males casted.
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Not Quite Sure How Long It'll Last
BoutdatDough13 November 2002
I'm not quite sure how long this sitcom will last; however, I do tune in every Monday night. I find the characters to be mediocre; I guess, the show's plot is a little weak, though, and I believe that the writer will soon run out of ideas. For now, though, it's a cute little sitcom that passes the time by on a Monday night. Mona's character is cool, but the hippie look is kind of played out-I know she's supposed to be this funky bi-racial chic, but they could spice up her wardrobe a bit.

The other sister, Dee Dee is a bit annoying, however, they do dress her up nice on the show. I think that her looks are a bit overrated according to the show-I guess she's supposed to be the "prettier" sister, however, I think Mona is prettier, it's just her wardrobe that downplays her character.

Dee Dee's mother, Big Dee Dee, is overly theatrical and her "poshness" is a little overbearing. Overall, like I said, it's good to pass the time. I'm just curious as to how long it'll be on the air.
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Not Really Half Funny
hillari24 April 2003
A mediocre sitcom who's only saving grace are the actresses who play the moms of the half-sisters. They liven up the show whenever they appear on screen with their catty remarks towards each other. Their father seems to be an interesting character, but he only appears every once in awhile. The male friend of Mona is bland and predictable. If the show goes on any longer, they'll probably make him a love interest of Mona. I like that one of the half-sisters is bi-racial, and they are not typical finger-poppin', jive-talking, sassy, neck-rolling Sapphires like some African-American female characters on other TV shows. However, the show is not that funny.
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Get new writers and get rid of the actress who plays Mona
redcatbiker7 August 2003
This show needs new writers. It just ain't funny!

The actress who plays Mona, the older sister, is a horrible actor. She needs lessons, or the producers should cast someone else to play her role. She is just terrible. She has no comedic sense, which should be easy to achieve with this show, given that the writers have no sense of comedic writing!

This show needs to get better, or be put out of its misery.

The other three actresses (the women who play the mothers, and the younger sister, Dee Dee) are very talented. (The male lead is rather dull, but he isn't as bad an actor as the woman who plays Mona.) Their talent is being wasted here.
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This show stinks!
kayzee4 November 2002
This how stinks. It seems as if it is written by a group of mildly intelligent 15 year olds. The plot devices are tired and the genuine laughs are non existent. Watch girlfriends or Bernie Mac instead. I will admit that the premise is at least somewhat fresh. Oh yeah the acting stinks too. Poor Telma Hopkins.
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