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Season 4

19 Sep. 2005
The Big Gen: Why Me? Episode
Mona's insecurities get in the way of her relationship with the new tenant, Lorenzo. Dee Dee passes her time doing frivolous things because she fears job rejection.
26 Sep. 2005
The Big Dollars & Sense Episode
Phyllis teaches Dee Dee how to live on a budget. Spencer goes behind Mona's back to sign a high profile celebrity that can't sing.
3 Oct. 2005
The Big Frozen Assets Episode
Dee Dee helps her NBA player friend with his contract negotiations. Mona's birthday turns bad when her mother buys her an inappropriate gift.
10 Oct. 2005
The Big Training Day Episode
Dee Dee begins work at GMG, a sports agency, but clashes with a cocky co-worker. Mona and Spencer decide to try online dating.
17 Oct. 2005
The Big Young & the Restless Episode
Phyllis tries to hook Mona up with a handsome young fireman, but he ends up falling for Phyllis.
24 Oct. 2005
The Big Off Pitch Episode
Dee Dee asks Mona to listen to a talented pitcher sing so she can dash his dreams of music stardom and focus on his baseball career instead. Big Dee Dee's dog, Coco, chases Phyllis' cat, Fred, under a moving car.
7 Nov. 2005
The Big State of the Reunion Episode
Dee Dee talks a reluctant Mona into going to her high school reunion. Spencer goes on a date with someone he met online and it turns out to be someone he already knows.
14 Nov. 2005
The Big How to Do & Undo It Episode
Wanting to avoid the task himself, Spencer asks Dee Dee to break up with his girlfriend (Taraji P. Henson) for him.
28 Nov. 2005
The Big Sexism in the City Episode
Charles and Spencer confront Brett after Dee Dee complains about Brett's sexist treatment of her. With encouragement from Mona, Big Dee Dee, and Phyllis, Dee Dee sets out to prove herself by trying to land a successful athlete who has refuse to sign with any agent.
12 Dec. 2005
The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode
Mona realizes that she needs to slow down her relationship with Chase. Dee Dee helps plan a party for Big Dee Dee but is disppointed when the stars she reaches out to won't come.
16 Jan. 2006
The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode
After throwing together a baby shower for Neil and Janet, Dee Dee becomes concerned by the fact that she is the only person in attendance who is not attached.
6 Feb. 2006
The Big Diva Down Episode
Dee Dee is ecstatic to be a guest on a sports show, but is mortified when she trips and falls on camera and becomes the "clip of the week." Mona and Spencer have trouble keeping their new artist, Dallas, in line.
20 Feb. 2006
The Big Take Me as I Am Episode
Spencer becomes romantically involved with Naomi Dawson, Mona's rival. Dee Dee must fire Melba Barnes from GMG.
27 Feb. 2006
The Big Reality Bites Episode
Dee Dee's new actor boyfriend asks her to participate in his new reality show. Spencer finds out the reason Naomi has been so hot and cold in the romance area.
27 Mar. 2006
The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode
Mona follows Dee Dee's advice and asks Chase to give Lorenzo a job. Big Dee Dee and Charles cater to Phyllis' needs after she falls down the stairs in Charles' building.
17 Apr. 2006
The Big 'What Have We Done?' Episode
Dee Dee tries to butter Brett up with a dinner invitation when she learns that he is writing her performance review. The two of them are left trying to recall what happened when they drink too much and wake up together in Dee Dee's apartment.
24 Apr. 2006
The Big Nervous Breakup Episode
Adam asks Big Dee Dee for help getting ready for his debut as a comedian. Mona and Chase break up when he feels there is something between her and Lorenzo.
1 May 2006
The Big Mother's What?! Episode
Mona lashes out at her co-workers after her break-up with Chase. Dee Dee thinks her client is using her to help him cheat on his wife.
15 May 2006
The Big Hide & Sneak Episode
Mona starts seeing a therapist to help deal with the stresses of her life. She then finds out her family and friend is still seeing her ex behind her back. Brett is overworking everyone at the office and Dee Dee tries to warn him of the potential hostile situation he is creating.
15 May 2006
The Big Who You Gonna Call Episode
Under advice from her therapist, Mona decides to date Chase and Lorenzo at the same time. Dee Dee dates a man is obsessed with fitness.

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