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Season 1

26 Sep. 2002
Jake Silver is a TV producer who's considering taking over a Miami based morning news show. But when he sees how terrible it is, he considers rejecting the job. But when he meets Dylan, the show's hair stylist, he decides to stay. But when he learns she's already seeing the anchorman, he thinks of leaving.
3 Oct. 2002
Power Failure
Jake sets out to change the show but his power to delegate is tested after Frank gets "a Lotto set" instead of "a lot of set" for the show.
10 Oct. 2002
The Way to Dylan's Heart
Dylan and Gavin go on a double date with Dylan's best friend Cindy and Jake, while Frank, Penny and Lucia are asked to create a PSA for the deaf.
17 Oct. 2002
Swan Jake
After getting stuck spending some time with Gavin, they both realize they have things in common, meanwhile the ladies engage in some "Girl Talk," but Frank misinterprets Penny's sarcasm.
24 Oct. 2002
The Heart Is a Lonely Apartment Hunter
Jake is cramping Grandma Claire's style so she gives him until the end of the week to find his own apartment, Dylan offers her vacant apartment since she is moving in with Gavin but Jake is reluctant.
31 Oct. 2002
Kiss of the Spider Man
Dylan accidentally kisses Jake at a costume party after Jake and Gavin are both disguised as The Flash, Sister Brenda pranks Lucia, and Frank's gayness is permanently down for maintenance.
7 Nov. 2002
It Didn't Happen One Night
To get a date with Dylan, Jake first sets up a dating segment to get Gavin a date, but Gavin proposes to Dylan instead during the show. Frank encourages Claire to see her old friend in the hospital.
14 Nov. 2002
Penny Wise, Jake Foolish
On Jake's birthday tensions are high between Dylan and Penny, Sister Brenda and Frank attend their uncle Leon's funeral then fight over a pocket watch.
12 Dec. 2002
I'm with Stupid
Jake offends Dylan after he says spirituality is for idiots, Gavin wants Claire to take over Lucia's job, Sister Brenda delivers her final report.
2 Jan. 2003
Hi, My Name Is Jake
After meeting Gavin, Dylan's mom prefers Jake, and before leaving, Lucia convinces Frank to get his dignity back after he has an unfortunate incident with the copy machine.
9 Jan. 2003
Jake's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire
The crew exchange secret Santa gifts, Jake scrambles after his personalized inscription to Dylan ends up with Gavin, Frank acts like a little kid after helping with Claire's gift for Jake.
16 Jan. 2003
Mee So Torny
Gavin starts a rumor to keep Dylan and Jake apart, Claire figures out that Penny likes Jake, Frank is employee of the month so he needs a haircut, Jake kisses Penny just as Dylan finally has a realization.
23 Jan. 2003
Take a Penny, Leave a Penny
After Jake kisses Penny, he doesn't know what it means because of his feelings for Dylan. Penny offers a friends with benefits relationship with Jake. Jake is not sure of he should do it. And Dylan who saw them kissing is obsessing about which makes Gavin uncomfortable.
27 Feb. 2003
Mutt and Jake
Dylan and Gavin can't agree on which dog to adopt that symbolizes their commitment, and Jake and Penny can't have a relationship at Dylan's apartment.
6 Mar. 2003
The Big Leap
Some of the crew go skydiving after Gavin accidentally eats Frank's special pear, Claire is using Dylan's picture for her online dating profile, Jake thinks he should probably be with Penny.
20 Mar. 2003
About a Ploy
Penny and Claire have a fender bender then Frank takes the blame in front of the police officer, Gavin's contact is up and Jake sees it as the perfect opportunity to break up Gavin and Dylan.
13 Mar. 2003
Fear and Loathing in Miami
Gavin loses his dignity on Fear Factor after he signs with a new talent agent Roberta, Frank reveals to Penny that he doesn't actually do anything at the station except look busy.
27 Mar. 2003
Three Weeks Notice
Dylan and Gavin break up, Frank is having body image issues, Jake has to hold off before making a move when Dylan wants to move back into her apartment.
3 Apr. 2003
Someone to Watch Over Gavin
Gavin can't snap out of it for the sake of the show, so Jake pays Penny to babysit Gavin while he goes out with Dylan. Claire's exploits end up in the tabloids thanks to Frank, Gavin ends up faking it.
10 Apr. 2003
The Slow and the Furious
To get a date with Dylan, Jake first sets up a dating segment to get Gavin a date, but Gavin proposes to Dylan instead during the show. Frank encourages Claire to see her old friend in the hospital.
17 Apr. 2003
One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest
Dylan needs time to think over Gavin's proposal, Claire and Frank can't keep it together during their appearance on a PSA for the influenza shot.

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