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Promising Performance

Author: bbethel66 from Buffalo, NY
15 November 2002

Cedric the Entertainer Presents is another show that I didn't expect to like from the start. After seeing several synopses about the show, I decided to give it a chance several weeks after its debut. It's great! There are cool, funny sketches, most of which portray many real-life issues (race, politics, etc.) I can't believe how much of Cedric the Entertainer I've been missing over the years. Hopefully, this variety show can help me learn more about him.

The show is somewhat like Saturday Night Live. And it thankfully seems to be a major step above Nickelodeon's All That (good show gone bad) and The Amanda Show (potential talents squandered).

Maybe because I don't watch Mad TV, but this is something unlike the shows I usually see on FOX. FOX is notorious for churning out some great programs, then destroying most of them before giving them a chance to succeed (like with Family Guy, and now Futurama, both of which got sucky time-slots, and The PJ's, which somehow turned me away when it was moved to WB). Some of the only few good shows still on FOX (that hasn't been cancelled) includes The Simpsons (still as strong as ever) and King of the Hill (though not as good as it CAN be).

Back to the subject, Cedric Presents is a promising show, and is one of the few good shows airing on Wednesday nites. If it weren't for NBC stealing all of the glory in the Neilsen ratings on that nite (which is also keeping ABC from its well-deserved first-place spot on Wednesdays), it would be doing much better. It probably should be shown on Sundays or Fridays, that's if there's still a market for variety shows outside Saturdays, as it's already trying to prove. Cedric the Entertainer Presents will hopefully NOT fall victim to FOX's quasi-evil programming plans, because its comedic attempts are truly commendable.

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good variety show

Author: CTW-3
10 September 2003

I wonder why people think this show stinks. It's a great show. Some people say the jokes are old (well, maybe), but people don't care about how old it is as long as they're funny and keep you laughing. The drama is good, too. The dancers support the show, but actors/actresses made it great.

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Got old quick

Author: Kerrie ( from Maryland
22 January 2003

I was laughing real hard when I saw the season premiere, but it seemed to go downhill from there. My 2 favorite segments of the show was The Cafeteria Lady and Que Hora Es? Well, Que Hora Es? was only funny the first time. Each time after that it was the same thing at a different setting. Cafeteria lady is very similar. There are other segments which show every few weeks, but they just aren't that funny to me anymore. Yet many people will probably be able to watch this every week and get a good laugh.

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Wednesday night laugh riot on FOX

Author: raysond from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
10 November 2002

This show is a combination of several shows but it is pure fun and outrageously hilarious as well. Its part Carol Burnett,the hijinks of In Living Color and MAD TV,the wit of Saturday Night Live,and the stylish settings of Flip Wilson and Steve Harvey. Basically Cedric The Entertainer has brought the variety show format back to its prime which hasn't been seen like this in a long time. It is a Wednesday night laugh out loud riot especially the part where Cedric plays the food serving old woman who insults people and the part where actress Wendy Raquel Robinson plays a ghetto mama who does a hilarious court segment. Its a hilarious half-hour of fun.

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Been There, Seen That...

Author: pingufreak from Toronto, Canada
14 November 2002

I checked out "Cedric the Entertainer Presents" last night for the first time, at the behest of several co-workers of mine. Well, what can I say? Do the words "In Living Color" ring any bells? Except, "In Living Color" was more of an ensemble cast, whereas "Cedric the Entertainer Presents" merely serves as a self-indulgent ego stroke to an already obviously inflated ego- "Original Kings of Comedy"??? GET REAL!!! Not only is "Cedric the Entertainer Presents" not funny, it's not even entertaining! It's been done before, and done WAY better by the Brothers' Wayans.

Oh, and a note to Cedric...people who usually refer to themselves by what they "do" (i.e. Cedric the Entertainer), usually it means that they aren't very good at it and need to convince people that they actually are...some food for thought.

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Cedric at his best

Author: DunnDeeDaGreat from Woodbridge, VA
18 September 2002

Cedric the Entertainer Presents is a great show to follow The Bernice Mac Show since both fellas Kings Of Comedy. While Berine show is a situation comedy, Cedric's is a variety show in the form of Flip Wilson. The sketch where Cedric played the lunch lady put tears in my eyes. Check this one out.

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Cedric is a renaissance man, but this call-back to the variety series feels stale and lacks laughs

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
17 March 2005

Network: Fox; Genre: Variety, Sketch Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG (for language and scatological humor); Available: DVD; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Complete Series (2 seasons)

The tombstone was built on the head of "Cedric the Entertainer Presents" the minute Cedric the Entertainer uttered the words "variety show". Many have tried to resurrect the long-dead prime-time variety show and all have failed, notably Dana Carvey in a short-lived 1998 sketch series.

There are moments in "Presents", such as an opening dance number where the comic emerges from a troop of scantly-clad dancers, "The Sensations", when the show briefly hearkens back to the days of Donnie and Marie Osmond but gives it a new millennial twist. The host on stage, in front of a visible audience, doing whatever he wanted for the half hour. There is something admirable in the attempt. Much of the time however, "Presents" is more "Mad TV" with silly, grotesquely unfunny sketches filled with 4th wall breaking musical numbers.

Second only to a daytime talk show (Wayne Brady knows that), nothing is quite as stifling to talent or lowering in dignity as a variety series. And the pressure to fill 22 minutes worth of slam-bang, all different, quality sketches or risk the audience changing the channel is enough to drive anyone insane. Coming off of his "Kings of Comedy Tour" movie, the blisteringly funny Cedric the Entertainer seems like a strange fit for a variety show. The guy , in fact, a renaissance man. He sings, he dances, and he does more than a lot of both in this show. Probably more than contemporary audiences want to see.

Like his "Kings" co-star Bernie Mac, he is neutered to broadcast network television standards here, forced to mellow out and appeal to demographics while paired with a troop of ensemble players whom he has little chemistry with. Of the group J. B. Smoove is the funniest - often upstaging Cedric.

The problem (and I hate to use that cliché) is that the Entertainer just doesn't make this show his own. He doesn't use the platform to bring us his vision, through his voice. The show was going to be canceled anyway, people just don't watch variety shows each week the way they did decades ago, he should have said "to hell with it" and shaped the show into whatever outrageous thing he wanted - this sure doesn't seem like it - and gone down with the ship. Instead, we've got him running through the same annoying character sketches, such as a regularly appearing Cafeteria lunch lady and a musical therapist Dr. Love.

Many have tried and all have failed, so the prime-time sketch comedy series still remains an archaic genre. (Well, as of this writing Dave Chappelle has done it and done it in spades, but transporting back to when this show was running in 2002, "Chappelle's Show" has yet to take off). "Presents" is almost cringe-worthy and not worth the time except for those who want to see Cedric the Entertainer embarrassing himself and hear tire racial stereotype jokes. Zero laughs.

* / 4

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In Living Color

Author: CSW-1
11 March 2003

This show is truly a "In Living Color" wannabe. I was not entertained nor did I laugh once while watching this show. Cedric is a funny guy, but I think he should stick to stand up. If Fox wants to entertain us or make us REALLY laugh, maybe they should show reruns of "In Living Color".

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Maybe it deserved to be canceled

Author: E.J. Rupert from Milwaukee, WI
4 August 2003

Not as funny as Dave Chappelle's show but a lot better than Wayne Brady's, Cedric's show made me chuckle a few times, but he and his ensemble can't carry a whole half-hour show. Characters like the Cafeteria Lady got old before the sketch ended. However, it was good for Jerry Minor to get work again after getting fired from SNL. Still, the Flip Wilson days have come and gone, you know what I mean?

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Gimme a Break!!!

Author: ckad79 from Glen Allen, VA
13 November 2002

I remember reading a magazine article this summer about Fall programming on FOX, and it mentioned something about "big changes for the better". What changes? Or should I say "What changes for the better?".

From "Temptation Island" to "Who Wants to Marry a Man in Prision" comes one more lame program... "Cedric the Enterainer Presents....".

What Fox needs to "present" him with... is a map to the door.

This show stinks! The jokes are old, the acting is poor and the respect flys out the window after the first five seconds. The show has about as much "class" as Steve Harvey's show.

People watch anything... don't they???

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