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Season 2

28 Sep. 2003
And Promises to Keep
Meg begins to question her feelings for Sam as he defends a friend who is being bullied because of his race. Michael Brooks announces that he is leaving New American Bandstand 1965 (1952). Helen explores surgery for Will.
5 Oct. 2003
Jack has banned Meg from New American Bandstand 1965 (1952) after she helps Sam. Meg also struggles with her feelings for Sam. J.J. continues his boot camp training as Helen continues to explore surgery for Will.
12 Oct. 2003
Another Saturday Night
Helen heads to New York with Nancy, Pete's new girlfriend, and gets a new view on womanhood. Patty learns a harsh lesson on her first day of high school. Meg goes to her first college party as Sam discovers what Nathan does to earn money.
19 Oct. 2003
Crossing the Line
Helen realises the pressure of being a working mother at the travel agency. Beth visits J.J. at Camp Lejeune with interesting results. Meg does a book report on a banned book.
26 Oct. 2003
Life's Illusions
Meg attends a free speech rally with Drew at college. J.J. is tempted to cheat as Roxanne's relationship with Lenny is tested. Sam and his family face life without his mother, who dies of cancer.
2 Nov. 2003
Rescue Me
Lenny wants to take his relationship with Roxanne to another level. J.J. discovers his mystery woman, Diane, is the wife of one of his superiors. Jack wants Helen to quit her job when Will's surgery is paid through the March of Dimes.
16 Nov. 2003
Ticket to Ride
Roxanne reveals that she is leaving school to join Lenny on his tour. Meg and Drew's first date ends in failure. J.J. reveals to the family where he is stationed for the next six months. Henry seeks the money that is still due to his late wife.
23 Nov. 2003
Change a Comin'
Meg and Drew go on a double date to Lenny's concert as J.J. deals with Beth and Vietnam. Pete's drinking is pushing Nancy away. Sam takes an interest in Malcolm X.
30 Nov. 2003
The Long Goodbye
J.J. and Beth celebrate their engagement as their mothers fight about everything. JJ tells Meg what he really thinks about her relationship with Drew. Roxanne is starting to lose interest in the tour but not Lenny.
4 Jan. 2004
The 7-10 Split
Jack and Henry discover the store has been robbed. Sam fights with the choice between Yale and Howard University. J.J. meets Jimmy Riley, Meg's former dance partner on New American Bandstand 1965 (1952), in the hospital in Vietnam.
11 Jan. 2004
Beyond the Wire
When Drew comes over for dinner, Jack hates him. J.J. has his first gun fight in Vietnam and Patty seeks her first bra.
18 Jan. 2004
J.J. befriends a Vietnamese family whose village was destroyed. The Pryors make a care package for J.J. along with an audio reel. Meg exposes Drew's secrets about cheating on her and breaks up with him. Henry is encouraged by Muslims to open his own store.
15 Feb. 2004
To Tell the Truth
New American Bandstand 1965 (1952) has a father-daughter dance and Meg has to ask Jack to attend. Patty's crush on Luke ends when she sees Roxanne and Luke kissing.
22 Feb. 2004
Old Enough to Fight
J.J. gets to see Nancy Sinatra perform in Vietnam to help deal with the death of an enemy soldier. Will gets a paper route. Henry's quest for a business hits a snag.
7 Mar. 2004
Shoot the Moon
Meg is upset to discover Roxanne and Luke are dating each other. Pete gets cold feet at his wedding. Sam and Angela dislike Henry's new girlfriend Annie.
14 Mar. 2004
Can't Hold On
Meg joins the WFIL newsroom and dislikes what she sees of the Vietnam War. Henry and Jack are at odds as equal partners of the store.
21 Mar. 2004
Chasing the Past
J.J. learns the fate of one of his friend Danny's brother as Patty crashes the family car. Beth reveals her pregnancy to her parents.
28 Mar. 2004
Stewart's Charge
Nathan is drafted and Sam seeks Meg's help in getting Drew to talk to him. Jack considers his political future. Beth decides her and her baby's future.
4 Apr. 2004
No Way Out
Sam and Meg get caught up in the anti-war movement and take a stand that changes their futures. J.J. and his squad get caught in a crossfire without backup.

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