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Nice, funny and emotional story of the life of a genius.

Author: The_Duke_of_Dunstable from Stockholm, Sweden
4 July 2002

The story of Douglas, told in a light, humorous way and with nice animations in a Pythonesque manner. Interviews with collegues, friends and family and archive footage of his various lectures at universities all over the world, and some photos from his appearance with Pink Floyd om October 28, 1994. It is a fine piece of documentary, very emotional to the hard core, die hard Douglas Adams fan.

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A great documentary that will give every Douglas Adams fan a feel for what it may have been like to know Douglas.

Author: vannathemoongoddess from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
4 September 2002

When I learned of Douglas Adams' untimely death, I remember thinking 'why is the news of the death of someone I never met such a jolt to me?'.

After watching this documentary and listening to the reminiscings of those who did know and love Douglas, I feel my question has finally been answered. Here you will find his family and friends reliving some of their experiences with Douglas by telling their stories and sharing a bit of the joy it must have been to have known him personally. It becomes obvious that what I had always just assumed to be a unique writing style was actually his exuberance shining through. Thanks to this documentary I now feel as though I understand what it would have been like to be in the fringes of his life.

This production does an excellent job of chronicling Douglas' works, but more importantly gives you a feel for the man himself. Even long time fans will find a few surprises about Douglas here.

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An eccentric portrait of an eccentric artistic genius

Author: Shava Nerad from Portland, Oregon, USA
23 July 2002

This documentary traces Douglas Adams' career as a renaissance man though radio, television, books, software, online, music that will long outlive him.

The "cast" is amazing, the environment of the film is intimate and entraining, and I was giggling during half of it, and got a couple good belly laughs.

It's amazing to see just how much Adams did, and how many people he touched in his life. He warped our world of ideas a bit, even for folks who might not realize it.

Fans of SF/fantasy, humor, and biography may want to check this piece out.

More fun than Crumb -- more comfy, too.

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Only one negative thing

Author: nigelburton from New Zealand
10 June 2004

As others have said, this is a real treat, especially for DNA fans. However, the one thing I found really annoying about this production was the use of subtitling 'translations' of some English words - presumably to appease the American market - made even worse by the fact that some of them were completely incorrect. One that immediately springs to mind is where the interviewee used the word 'chuffed' (meaning 'pleased'), and the subtitle showed 'chafed', with the translation 'irritated'. Notwithstanding that issue, the film is delightful, although all too short for fans. I think that the impact of the film is strengthened by the Tech TV interview with Douglas, full of life, yet recorded only a few days before his death.

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No atheism..?

Author: paultagonist from United States
6 August 2009

I love Douglas Adams, and Hitchhiker's of course; and being narrated by Neil Gaiman, who also wrote "Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Companion," was a splendid bonus, in this documentary that went through all aspects of Douglas's life, from his love for technology, to his books, to his environmental passion.. except for one: his atheism.

To anyone educated in Adams, they'll know he called himself a "radical atheist," and had very strong beliefs on the matter. This important aspect of his life, surely something that helped shaped his outlook on, and joy of, being alive, is all too noticeably absent in this otherwise smooth and funny documentary. It's like watching a movie about Lou Reed that doesn't mention heroin, because it may be controversial. Despite this glaring, blinding hole though, the film trotted along at just the right pace, briefly examining all other aspects of his life, in a somewhat light-hearted manner. I can only guess the filmmakers thought mentioning Douglas's (non)religious views would make the film too heavy.

I almost dropped my rating a star, due to the negligence, but I just don't have the heart. 8/10 from me.

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This film won best documentary at the Garden State Film Festival!

Author: BrianClopp from New Jersey
28 June 2003

I saw this film at the Garden State Film Festival, and to tell the truth I really never liked documentaries much-- but this was awesome. It was more than just a documentary... it was entertaining, it was educational, it was an extremely well-made film. And it was touching, too. Anyone who has an interest in writing (as the film is about the writer Douglas Adams), an interest in film, an interest in creativity, an interest in life and the enjoyment of it... should watch this film. It's no surprise that this film won best documentary at the Garden State Film Festival this past year. It was amazing. Watch it! -- Brian

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