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A hero named Link is one day mystically transported to the land of Labrynna. There, he meets a beautiful, blue-haired singer named Nayru, who is secretly the Oracle of Ages. As the Oracle, Nayru possesses the power to travel through time and keep the flows of time in order. But a dark shadow appears and takes the form of a woman who calls herself Veran, Sorceress of Shadows. She possesses Nayru and uses her powers to travel to the past and change the present. Soon, the world is in chaos! In the past, "Nayru" makes an endless day for the ruler of the world, Queen Ambi. This is an evil plot to create a tower of darkness that Veran intends to climb and use to totally destroy all of Labrynna! However, Link is coming to the rescue. Guided by the Maku Tree in a quest to discover the eight Essences of Time to defeat Veran and aided by the Harp of Ages, a harp that allows one to travel through time, Link is coming to save the day!

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