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After Jack gets back to his team from the ice shelf crack at the beginning of the movie, the overhead shot shows a tiny rift when there was a chasm and the snow crawler is nowhere to be seen.
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When the people are illegally entering Mexico by cutting away the fence there is a freight train in the background with caboose on the end of it, but in fact U.S. railroads replaced cabooses with "FRED" (flashing rear end device) back in the mid 1980s.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

After the Global Warming Conference when Prof. Rapson is hailing the cab, he removes his fingers from his mouth before the whistle is finished. That type of whistle requires fingers to remain in the mouth.

Character error 

In a scene where a reporter is speaking of people going to Mexico to escape the storm, she says that people are fleeing "in the wake of the advancing storm". But "in the wake of" means following something, not preceding it.
American glaciologists in Antarctica are heard using US units of measurement during their work. The metric system is in use by glaciologists - even American ones - in all scientific contexts.
In the shot where Jack Hall is explaining why the air coming out of the cyclone is so cold, the computer model of the low pressure system is spinning clockwise, not counter clockwise, as it should be in the northern hemisphere. Also in the starlit picture when the weatherman says that the low pressure systems resembles a "tropical hurricane" is also spinning clockwise.
Quaid's character is looking at a satellite photo of a large storm over Scotland and mentions it looks like a hurricane. The female scientist then adds: "Except hurricanes don't form over land." Scotland is a narrow point of land on an island. With a storm of that size, the United Kingdom's islands would not nearly be enough land mass to stop it from forming.
During a meeting with his cabinet, the President stands and leaves, yet everyone seated at the table remains seated. White House protocol requires that when the President stands up, so does everyone else.
Scientists are watching a UK football match between Celtic Glasgow and Manchester United. The commentator states that Celtic are the 'home team' but the match is being played at Old Trafford - Manchester United's stadium.
When the scientist is watching the soccer game, he repeatedly exhorts his team to "kick it! kick it!". A soccer fan would never, ever say this. Kicking the ball is about the only thing an outfield soccer player can do, so is totally redundant. He would say either "pass it!", or "shoot!", or something similar.
Professor Rapson states the freezing point of aviation fuel in degrees Fahrenheit. As a trained scientist, he should use the SI units of degrees Celsius, Centigrade, or Kelvin.
A high school competitive team from Virginia is sent to New York without a chaperon.
During the typhoons in LA, the weatherman gets into his Porsche and tries to start the ignition with his right hand. He turned the key counter-clockwise which wouldn't start the car. It would go to accessories.


The bus driver who died when New York was hit by the waves of water appears alive and well in the library later on in the movie.
In the briefing scene with the President, Jack dramatically draws an evacuation line across the map of the United States. The line has been clearly redrawn. For the close up shots over Jack's shoulder.
When Jack and his team finely reach NYC, one of his team falls through a glass skylight roof covering a mall. When Jack look down to his fallen team member he is lying over the hole looking down and in one scene the glass is supporting Jack with a iron support beam. In the next shot the beam is missing.
The wolves can be heard dying just outside the library door during the super-freeze, but they are nowhere to be seen when Jack approaches the door at the end of the film.
The suggested evacuation line on the map changes in the meeting with the president.
When Jack jumps across the gap at the beginning all he his holding is the sample tubes, when he falls however he suddenly has an ice pick.
When the cleaner looks under the door, the very bright light shining from under the bottom of the door lights up the wall behind him casting a strong silhouette shadow of him on the wall, But it doesn't light him up as bright. Then the shadow raises it's arms before the cleaner does revealing it's not his real shadow.
In the scene where Sam is on the phone, Laura is standing in the water also. The water level keeps getting higher, but at times it appears Laura is not in the water. When Sam finally emerges from the water, it looks like Laura is sitting on a step surrounded by water. When they go to leave, Sam is soaked and Laura is not wet at all.
When Frank is hanging from the roof of the supermarket, you can see that Jason's hand is bleeding. In subsequent shots, there is no blood and no bandage.
During the plane sequence the Stewardess closes the curtains, and the left half doesn't touch the wall, but in the next shot just before the trolley hits, it is touching the wall
The position of the partially sunken ships near the Statue of Liberty changes between shots.
In scene 27, Sam is running from the wolves in the ship. He closes the door and a wolf runs into it leaving blood on the window. In another shot, the blood is gone.
When the cleaner looks under the door, there is a very bright light shining through, but in the external shot, we see it is very dark and the sun is shining on the other side of the building.
When the first group of people are leaving the library, the homeless man is standing on a balcony watching them leave. In the next shot, Sam is trying to convince them not to leave while the homeless man sits near him.
When Frank is hanging in the mall, and we see Jason supporting him on the glass, it appears that there is nothing other than the main roof supports holding him up. But in the close-up, there is a cross member holding up his weight.
Gomez's tie clip changes position between the meeting with the President, walking Prof. Hall to the elevator and returning to the meeting. It goes from straight, to 45 degrees and straight again.
In the closing scene as the rescued students are flying in the helicopter above Manhattan and see the other survivors coming to the rooftops, J.D. is on Brian's left when Laura looks out the window. When you see them again, J.D. is on Brian's right.
When we see the last scene with the helicopters flying over we cannot see the ship that had drifted into the city. Even though we can see the snow has gotten deeper the ship's superstructure would still be tall enough to extend above the snow
When Sams' group reaches the library, you can see that Sam has a duffel bag over his left shoulder. In the next shot, as they are about to pass between a couple of cars, the bag is gone.
When the homeless man is standing by the front door to J.D.'s penthouse, in the background the taxi cab sitting behind the blue Chevrolet Impala has a police-style push bumper. In the immediate shot afterward where the Impala pulls forward slightly to reveal water gushing from the manhole, the push bumper is gone, and yet it is the same taxi cab.
When the super cooled air hits the American flag, it immediately freezes in place, sticking straight out, but it is supposed to be no wind, so the flag would hang down - not sticking out.
The line Jack Hall draws on the map when he explains to President Blake that everybody below that line needs to be evacuated changes shape between camera angles.
In the first scene when the shelf breaks off. When Hall runs out the mini building, in the wide shot you see his foot hit the ground, but in the close up he is still coming down the stairs.
When the Capitol Records building is first shown in closeup, there is a tornado striking the building and tearing parts of the building away. The next long shot of the building has the tornado several blocks away and no damage to the building. The next closeup again shows the tornado destroying the building.

Crew or equipment visible 

The Cameraman's reflection can be seen in the right-hand side of the Porsche during the tornado sequence
When the cleaner is walking towards the brightly lit door, you can see the shadow of the boom operator behind him.

Errors in geography 

During the "sky TV" report about snow in the British Isles, the cars are on the right hand side of the road, and a yellow American style crossing signal is seen.
In frozen Manhattan we can see the AT&T building (611 W. 6th Street) of Los Angeles.
During the Mexican US Embassy scene we see a building with several fixed satellite dishes. The angle of the dishes is far too low for a tropical (or almost tropical) location, they'd be pointing much higher in the sky.
The view shown from the ISS of the earth covers a far larger area than what can actually be seen from it as the ISS is in a very low orbit.
There is no way a cargo ship could fit down 5th Avenue by the Library. The buildings there don't have enough space between them to allow it through.
When the wave hits New York, it comes at it from the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park. When we see it approach the library, it should be coming up Fifth Avenue, from Battery Park, but it comes from 41st St.
During the hail scene in Japan, the one guy on the cell phone is hit by a hailstone. When the phone lands on the ground, it has Rogers and AT&T along the bottom of the phone. Rogers is a Canadian company and AT&T is American, both are not Japanese. Considering he's talking to someone about "going home from work" it is safe to assume he's Japanese and not Canadian or American.
It doesn't make sense for the group leaving the library to make their way to Staten Island via Brooklyn. (They could have just crossed the frozen harbor, for example).
In at least two scenes, people in NYC are watching TV - WTTG, Channel 5 in DC.
At the end of the movie, the Vice-President is moved to the US Embassy in Mexico, which is actually in Mexico City in one of the busiest and most important avenues (Avenida Reforma). The US Embassy in the movie does not even closely resemble Mexico City, as it shows a hilly landscape with small poor houses around it. Later in the movie, the Vice President says he is addressing the nation from a foreign consulate (which is not the same thing as an Embassy).
When the tsunami hits Manhattan, there is no sign of Brooklyn in the representation of New York harbor. In reality, the tsunami would be unlikely to reach Manhattan without striking Long Island first. Also, the shot of water flooding the avenues means the water turned 90 degrees after it first hit Manhattan.
As well placed as the Hawaiian Airlines ad was, Hawaiian does not fly anywhere east of Phoenix.
Relative position and distance between the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Island.
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Factual errors 

The penicillin aboard ship was found in solution. If in solution it should have been found frozen and it is clearly liquid when picked up. Normally penicillin is stored as a powder and reconstituted (by adding water or sterile sodium chloride solution) just prior to use. Penicillin in solution is not clear, it is a milky white color.
It's stated that the temperature that froze the gas lines was -150 degrees F but when the pilot opens the door you can see his breath. At 90 degrees F below zero your breath will freeze and fall to the ground.
Hailstones are shown as plain clear chunks of ice. Because of the way that they form, hailstones are opaque balls of concentric layers of accumulated ice (like rings of a tree), or agglomerated lumps of smaller stones.
1:01:15 The scene shows the lobby of the library flooded with water - the water at the edge near the stairs is apparently starting to freeze. Since this is a sheltered spot, it would be the last spot to freeze since the ceiling would prevent radiative cooling, and the walls would slow down the convective (wind) cooling. The ice would freeze from the outside first.
Several times during the film, including the British helicopter crash, and the penicillin retrieval from the cargo ship, characters are seen touching frozen metal with bare hands, yet the hands do not stick.
When the super cooled air hits the American flag, it immediately freezes in place, sticking straight out. This would not happen, even at extremely cold temperatures, unless the flag contained a great deal of moisture. With that amount of moisture, the flag would be limp, and not flying straight to begin with.
During the typhoons in LA, the weatherman gets into his Porsche and tries to start the ignition with his right hand. All Porsches have their ignitions on the left side of the steering wheel.
Celtic Glasgow are shown wearing blue kits. Blue is the one color Celtic would never wear, as it is the home color of their arch-rivals Glasgow Rangers. This is corrected, in broadcasts on UK TV at least, although now they're solid green, rather than the traditional horizontal green and white stripes (the "hoops").
The Union Flag shown on the RAF helicopter crews flight suits is incorrect. The Union Flag is not symmetrical. The red cross of St Patrick's Saltire is offset on the flag compared to the white cross of St. Andrew.
We are led to believe that the only global surveys of the weather available are through manual observations from the International Space Station. In reality there are several dedicated meteorological satellites in orbit around the Earth.
When Sam is using the pay phone in the lobby, even though it draws its power from the phone line, it wont matter when the phone gets submerged as the circuitry will short and the phone will stop working.
In one scene in earth orbit, the space station appears to be tumbling out-of-control but the view from the observation portal the astronauts look through is steady. A space station would remain gyroscopically static in orbit unless acted upon by an outside force like gravity or a meteoric impact which was not depicted. The only other reason for a space station to spin would be to create artificial gravity, but the stations design does not indicate this would be the case.
The space station appears to be orbiting from east to west; in fact it orbits in the other direction.
During the sequence with the three UK helicopters, they are depicted with three colours in the roundel, red, white and blue. All current military front line aircraft do not contain white in the roundel, only red and blue, pale or dark depending on the paint scheme.
When Jack Hall show his computer model of the storms, they are displayed on a Mercator Projection map of the world. This type of projection distorts the landmass the closer you get to the poles. However, the display of the storms on the map shows them as being round. If they were accurately projected onto the map, they should also be distorted.
Commercial aircraft do not fly into thunderstorms. Approx. 16 minutes into the film the flight carrying the students to NYC is show flying into lightning illuminated c. nimbus clouds. Although these clouds can develop rather quickly, there were other routes available to that aircraft to take to maintain their rule of avoiding thunderstorms by at least 8 miles laterally. Rules in effect at the time the movie was made (and still do) virtually "require" separation from building Cumulonimbus Clouds by at least 10 nautical miles when below the altitude where water freezes (the Freezing Level) and 20 nautical miles separation when flying above the Freezing level.
At the end, the helicopters have to have come from the most southern states, as the others have been evacuated. However, none of the helicopters would have had sufficient range to fly to New York and back without refueling.
When Jack and Dash reach the library where Sam is taking refuge they initially can't find it. When they do discover Sam inside the fireplace is clearly lit. That means that smoke should have been visible from the outside. If the chimney was covered by snow, then smoke would have filled the room where the survivors are, yet there is none.
It is said that wide parts of earth are covered under a several feet deep layer of snow and ice. The view from the space station shows wide white areas but the oceans are still blue. Since everything in the affected areas was said to be covered by thick ice and snow the oceans and seas would be white also making it hard to see what is landmass and what is water.
During the British helicopter crash the survivor isn't wearing gloves which are required by military aviation laws also the style of helmet is not British military issue. Also the crew are wearing no cold weather clothing which is unusual as they were operating in snow over Scotland
The overfly of the Statue of Liberty shows the ice build up on the leeward (downwind) side. Ice crystals grow on the windward side of structures (they're wind-borne).
In the final shot the space station is moving across the screen with the Earth in the background. Midway through the camera pulls back dramatically and we see the Earth recede into the distance, while the station continues its journey across the screen, changing neither speed nor size. The inference is that the space station has instantaneously moved away from the Earth with a rate of acceleration that would allow it to achieve galactic escape velocity (speeds of over 1000 km/s). The space station should have receded along with the Earth into the distance.
After the decision to evacuate to the southern states, the President walks into the Oval Office to make a call. The American flag is on the right, it should be on the speaker's right, which is left as you're looking at it.
On the Trimble GPS Unit, the screen shown is the Satellite Screen, not the Map Screen, so every time the navigator was asked where they were, he could tell them how many satellites where being used, but not the location of the unit.
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The Marines on guard duty in the government building are wearing chevrons for the service dress blue uniform on their khakis.
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In LA after the tornado hits the building with the cleaner, the main power is turned off, yet the emergency lighting has not yet activated. The emergency lighting in that particular building, as clearly seen behind the cleaner, is a self-contained battery which would have immediately turned on once main power is lost.
The tail rotor on one helicopter is shown in close-up stopping while in flight. A second later, we see a wide shot and all three of the helicopters have their tail rotors turning. Additionally, the tail rotor is mechanically linked to the transmission, which is linked to the main rotor. The tail rotor will always turn when the main rotor is turning.
1:23:37 After Frank has fallen through the ceiling window, Jack wipes the snow from the window where he is and peers through it. He shouts to Frank but there is no fogging on the window even though he just wiped powder snow off it.


In the shot establishing the upset animals in the zoo, the bear cage shot is clearly flipped as seen by the word "BEAR" being backwards on screen.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

After the reporter is hit by the flying billboard from the tornado, the billboard flips over and there isn't a body. In the special features on the DVD, an animatic is shown, showing the reporter was left on the road, as opposed to him being stuck on the billboard.
A scientist says that Australia has suffered its worst typhoon ever. Australians call them cyclones. However, the speaker is American.

Plot holes 

The Russian cargo ship that drifts into the street outside the library, appears to be completely undamaged and seaworthy. So why are there no crew on board? There is no obvious reason for them to have abandoned ship.

Revealing mistakes 

All over the movie, there is no steam coming out of people's mouths when they are in a cold environment.
When the wolves approach the iced-in ship, their shadows are inconsistent with their surroundings.
Onboard the ship, the pharmacy is locked from the inside, with a type of key in the door which means it could not have been locked from the outside.
When the students are flying through the thunderstorm you can hear typical rolling thunder. However, rolling thunder is an echo caused by surrounding storm cells. It would not be audible at the height of a plane flying.
In one scene, a character is in the back of a New York City bus looking at the incoming water. In those types of buses, there is no window in the back, so he wouldn't be able to actually see anything.
They needed the first-aid kit on the ship, yet there was a first-aid kit in the break room after shattering the glass of the vending machine.
During the destruction of Los Angeles, one of the buildings is apparently shaking violently yet the bottles on the shelf in the background are standing quite steadily.
When the man steps out of the house right after they showed the wind decorations blowing in the wind, you can see that his hair or robe is not moving, other than the movement he makes, and it was supposed to be very windy.

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