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The Hollywood Reporter
Despite the clunky bits, "Tomorrow" still manages to deliver the blockbuster goods.
Chicago Sun-Times
Yes, the movie is profoundly silly. What surprised me is that it's also very scary. The special effects are on such an awesome scale that the movie works despite its cornball plotting.
San Francisco Chronicle
The spectacle, which is colossal and at times staggering to behold, begins within two minutes of the fade-in and keeps coming until the finish. I thought I'd seen it all. I hadn't.
Better than his previous films, The Day After Tomorrow plays to Emmerich's strengths, making for a thrill ride that rarely disappoints when it matters.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Never mind the cool, convincing effects (and they are cool), The Day After Tomorrow teems with illogical action, improbable coincidences. It's pure escapist fare, a popcorn gobbler.
Chicago Tribune
This often entertaining movie mixes grand, epic effects and amazing visualizations of catastrophe with a sappy family-in-crisis plot that would look hackneyed in a '60s Disney TV movie.
Entertainment Weekly
A decent disaster pic comes down to the handful of colorful individuals who will live (or, depending on the prominence of their billing, die), as it has since the days of chewy disaster meatballs like ''The Towering Inferno'' and ''Earthquake.'' And the heaviest lifting in Emmerich's production falls to Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Packed with digs at Bush-Cheney that even Democrats could find heavy-handed, the movie's lumbering approach reminds us that, OK, Emmerich did "Independence Day" -- but also 1998's "Godzilla," which began sinking back into the sea in week two.
New York Daily News
Really bad movies can be fun, and the dialogue here often attains a level of joyful inanity.
The story is too silly, too woefully underwritten, to stake a claim on seriousness.
Wall Street Journal
Seldom has grandeur struggled so mightily, and fruitlessly, with rampant goofiness.
Don't ask whether or not you should take The Day After Tomorrow seriously. Don't take it at all.

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