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Good and all but still like the original
SonicStuart3 August 2004
This is an updated version of The Critic where after a long absence Jay Sherman has his show come back on the internet after having his show being on ABC and then FOX, Comedy Central, then becoming Regis Philbin's sidekick and then being on the Discovery Channel and then he came back to his show Coming Attractions! We still have Jon Lovitz doing the voice of Jay Sherman and we still have Jay Sherman reviewing pathetic films and still says "It stinks". But also in this new series Jay has a new girlfriend named Jennifer and she is the make-up woman. In this series we also miss the absence of Jay's family, Marty Sherman, Duke Phillips and Jeremy Hawk. But we get to see Vlada in one of the episodes at least! These episodes didn't air on TV, they only aired on the internet and if you have The Critic on DVD these internet episodes are on the DVD. Also we still have Nick Jameson and Maurice LaMarche still doing the additional voices to this show as well as the 1994 series. Good but liked the original.
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Amusing, but not nearly as good as the original.
puregonzo25 November 2002
For those of you wondering about this updated version of the Critic, it was a special set of 10 4 minute shorts made by Sony for their Atom Films / Shockwave merger. The shorts do in fact have Jon Lovitz in them as well as some very similar animation, but it just doesn't have the same charm. They all involve Jay and a new girlfriend name Jennifer, and lack the often seen characters of Duke Philips, Doris, Jeremy, Jay's family, and many more. Vlada makes an appearance in one short though.

Like I said in the summary, it's amusing but it isn't anywhere near the quality of the original show.
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