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disappointing and overplayed ghost sex drama
paul david8 November 2010
A very poor movie indeed with little if any drama and certainly no sex if you are expecting it from a movie so entitled.

the story is tedious and uninteresting and you watch the movie to its conclusion only in expectation that things will get better - they definitely do not.

Unlike 'all our friends are wedding singers' which dealt with a similar theme, this movie does not get off the ground in any shape or form and you need a strong heart to persevere until the end.

Not giving much away in this review but good luck to you if you find something rewarding in this movie, I found it extremely lacking for drama and entertainment.
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Complicated, confusing, but eventually mildly satisfying
Jay Libove26 August 2011
"The Brothel" is a confusing film, a taste of which we get in the very first scene. I had trouble choosing a rating for the film, just as I had trouble sticking it out to watch through the whole length of it. I'm glad that I did stick it out in the end, even though I find the overall work only mildly satisfying.

Approach "The Brothel" in expectation of beautiful period costumes and sets, characters who are intriguing even if perhaps needlessly opaque for much of the film, yes some beautiful bodies (of both genders) and a bit of sex. Ultimately the film reaches a resolution which does make some sense and does provide a sense of closure to the viewer and for the characters. Suspend your disbelief while on the ride. Enjoy its individual pieces as it passes over and maybe a little bit through you.

Many viewers will feel that the payoff is insufficient to the cost of viewing through the whole film. I'm - just barely - not one of them, and did enjoy the film, having reached the end. If you turn this film off in the middle, then your time will have been wasted. If you reach the end, then I hope that you will be satisfied, just enough, as I was.
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Amazing Film - Red Shoe Diaries meets Ghosts
NEWYORK7520 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I recently saw this film and was blown away, not only does it look amazing but the talent in the film is dead on and the acting is perfect. You really feel their pain and love, great cast and directing.

I will admit the women in the film are beautiful and I did not mind the many sex scenes and nudity. I can't believe this film is not cable TV or something late at night.

But again, this is a film worth checking out as it has it all - acting, name talent, directing, sex, nudity, ghosts, thrills, drama, you name it this film has it.

You must go out and get this film, rent, buy it - do it however you want but is a good interesting film.
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Over indulgent sex ghost story
artpf25 September 2013
Phony British accents abound.

Pretentious lines delivered in phony British accents.

Disjointed direction makes the movie confusing.

Slow-mo for no reason makes it boring.

The sets are all vivid colors like neon green and neon red.

I guess the bad director thought that connotes brothel? It's annoying.

The entire movie is a train wreck.

This director is dismal and should not be allowed to make movies.

She has no idea how to set up scenes and not even rudimentary sense of how to tell a story.
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