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Big Fish really is a big delight.
Director Tim Burton finally hooks the one that got away: a script that challenges and deepens his visionary talent.
Has enough tasty bait to satisfy an array of moviegoers: Burton fans, Albert Finney fans, fans of tall tales well spun by experts and fans of movies that don't look like any other.
Chicago Tribune
A word of warning. Big Fish is so strange and so literary that audiences seeking conventional fare may get impatient with it. But it always takes effort to catch the big ones. This one is worth it.
New York Post
Even with Burton's imagination turning its trademark cartwheels, the film's big beating heart holds the whimsical offshoots steady.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie is a gently overstuffed cinematic piñata, crammed with tall tales -- with giants and circuses and fairy-tale woods, plus a huge squirmy catfish, all served up with a literal matter-of-fact fancy that is very pleasing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Burton's film is an American version of the Odyssey.
There's delight to be had from watching Burton conjure up one fantastical Edward-inspired scenario after another.
New York Daily News
But Burton and August have added ­anger to the mix, and it sours much of the otherwise wondrous tone.
Wall Street Journal
Simultaneously beguiling and frustrating -- the product of an imagist and dramatist uncomfortably conjoined.
The Hollywood Reporter
A misfire. The film that wants to be lighter than air instead crashes to earth with the swiftness of a concrete parachute.
A long-winded indulgence in tear-and-a-smile whimsy, elevated above the merely irritating and saccharine by compelling art direction.

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